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  1. rebol

    Never Pee Before Sex

    I dont get it . doesnt make any sense
  2. rebol

    Is it ok ?

    So just a quick question is it ok to be obsessed with eating ass? I know he like it but godam he wants to suck the shit right out of my ass lol . has to be right out of shower nd a nice clean shaven ? ¿ so ya just lemme kno what you guys think in the comments . Peace😋😋
  3. I lovem all . gotta go with the throwback torylane😉
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves
  5. Im well aware of cointiply and so is everybody else. Dont think we really need your updates but thanks anyways peace
  6. Is this real ? Seems a lil too good to be true . heres my trustdice address 3H31hiNuH24Ge1mv7xKVk4xiZkmiWUusYX
  7. Come on now can u make sure that its not already on the list here.
  8. HILO: 4,830,846,962 placed by Rebol on 26/04/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 4.289999961853027x Profit 0.00032900
  9. 1. Stake star 2. White walkers 3.Team O 4. Bright falcon 5.B L A Good luck to all
  10. 50 to 10 people seems great
  11. How many bombs annd diamonss on last one 12543x?
  12. Honestly who cares ? Why care if someone else is wasting their balance on someone else by rain or tip . it has no affect on me nor do i really care and neither should u .
  13. rebol

    Holy Kaboom!

    Im sure theres already a thread with this topic . tryna juice the forum shame on u ROFL
  14. I have 2fa yes and i yes i just changed my password the other day this same thing happened .i asked but they just didnt seem to care . just told me basically its my fault after i took all precautions. Idk i was just hoping that they held themselves to higher standards and would actually help for once