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  1. rebol

    Quick Q?

    Hey everyone so iv been trying to obtain vip for quite some time now and i just wanted to know if anybody out there had a little bit of advice . obviously wager but does chat and activity or amything else help ? Please let me know peace
  2. Mad props to whomever is able to complete this insane challenge.
  3. rebol

    What's the best age ?

    Shouldnt this be in the sex topic section of forum?
  4. I dont really see the need to add more because of the exchange that can be used to swap.
  5. Hi guys i want to reshare this with you guys because it was removed for whatever reason . so i found this new casino and its on the ethereum blck . pretty cool proof of gamble . they pay to play for the early birds so join now. Its basic slot casino . its in the early phase so more to come still and according to site they release new game every week. Please use my link i really appreciate it https://moonrock.casino/register?ref=bAtCVHDVmU https://moonrock.casino
  6. Damn it they kept on denying my application. Finally i sent it .
  7. Not too sure but i have deposited and withdrawn from there no problem. I just enjoy playing there because of the faucet lol. The more you chat the bigger the faucet. But yes i agree the support and mods there are shit . its kinda hard making something off of stakes 1sat faucet lol .
  8. rebol

    How to win big (legit)

    Wtf is this ? Its simple deposit. Make big bets win Big .. Everything else is just in your head. Deuces
  9. Quit bitching about free tokens you didnt recieve . sound like a begger . he said hell send it and if he doesnt o well ask a friend how it is or read the reviews on here before you deposit .
  10. Hey whats up . i just wanted to know if its just me or what . but as the price of bitcoin rises i find it alot harder to win while betting with bitcoin . does anyone else notice this or is it just me would love to hear your thoughts . much love peace
  11. rebol

    Never Pee Before Sex

    I dont get it . doesnt make any sense
  12. rebol

    Is it ok?

    So just a quick question is it ok to be obsessed with eating ass? I know he like it but godam he wants to suck the shit right out of my ass lol . has to be right out of shower nd a nice clean shaven ? ¿ so ya just lemme kno what you guys think in the comments . Peace😋😋
  13. I lovem all . gotta go with the throwback torylane😉