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  1. Honestly who cares ? Why care if someone else is wasting their balance on someone else by rain or tip . it has no affect on me nor do i really care and neither should u .
  2. rebol

    Holy Kaboom!

    Im sure theres already a thread with this topic . tryna juice the forum shame on u ROFL
  3. I have 2fa yes and i yes i just changed my password the other day this same thing happened .i asked but they just didnt seem to care . just told me basically its my fault after i took all precautions. Idk i was just hoping that they held themselves to higher standards and would actually help for once
  4. So for the third time stake stole my balance . i was playing plinko just now and was doing the plinko challenge once i realized i hit the 260x i stopped . then went to hilo tried to make a bet and it said i dont have enough balance to do that. I dont get it because my account holds .19. And i was just trying to make a bet of .001 so i contact support and said hey whys this happening and their like o you bet it all on blackjack and i didnt . i had 2fa enabled and everything they just said their sorry . wtf sorry isnt doing shit so basically my balance just magically dissapeared . this is the 3rd time this has happened . a few days ago it happened. I didnt have 2fa but now i do . i took all necessary precautions and still . Not sure what to do but it is very depressing . so hopefully someone in charge of stake.com reads this and can help stop this all together and hopefully give back my balance or at the very least my last deposit .05 thanks goodluck and be very careful. Thnks again Im out
  5. PLINKO: 3,553,246,239 placed by Rebol on 08/03/2019 Wagered 0.00050920 Multiplier 260x Profit 0.13188280
  6. New site i just randomly found . has dice roulett and a couple slots . faucet with btc bch dash xlm and more check it out. Please use my link thanks. Enjoy Much love stakefam https://luckyfish.io/?c=xpnee https://luckyfish.io
  7. Twitter account: @StephCarolyn
  8. Rebol. Good luck to all . Happy halloween
  9. Nobrainer Save the children!
  10. dam thats alot of losses not sure what your bets are like though . if you go against the grain everytime then im not really suprised but if not then idk . but i feel you bro trust me i feel ya .