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  1. rebol

    [Closed] Halloween Costume Contest

    Rebol. Good luck to all . Happy halloween
  2. rebol

    Choose a Charity Poll #2

    Nobrainer Save the children!
  3. rebol

    [Closed] Stake $2,000 Twitter Giveaway

    Upload a pic and it should work.
  4. rebol

    Stake House Behavior over time

    i second that
  5. rebol

    Borderline scam?

    dam thats alot of losses not sure what your bets are like though . if you go against the grain everytime then im not really suprised but if not then idk . but i feel you bro trust me i feel ya .
  6. rebol

    [Closed] Draw Gary & Win!

  7. Im not much of a chatter but I love the rainbot . No need to change anything. Public or private doesnt matter to me . haters gonna hate .Keep spreading the love..
  8. Hilo:653,395,940 placed by Rebol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 34.04x Profit: 0.00003304
  9. Keno:624,864,636 placed by Rebol Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00003500
  10. did you just copy paste it from google? smh
  11. rebol

    Who is the best player?

    keep it 💯
  12. rebol


    its real bug before it was updated
  13. rebol

    Who is the best player?

    YOE77 Kills it in plink no doubt by far the best . ive seen a few people hit that 5mil mines already so idk
  14. rebol

    Im solid!!!!!

    what up solid likarock!