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  1. Well it's good to hear that because in most of the exchanges instead of using PayPal as a stable USD they used this coin because it was considered to be always 1$ so that they can buy the exact amount of a certain coin at the price of 1 USD. Hopefully the coin doesn't drop anymore.
  2. Neo-rock

    BCD price jump

    We need to see what will be the price during long term period.there are chances of increasing as it's performed good
  3. Stake is so amazing.it helps people to gain more giveaway😍😉
  4. I used to visit every day.but these days I hardly active due the busy schedule.but it's nice to chat with there people here.they are so friendly and help s to give All the informtion
  5. Block chain is for new generation.where they will invest their pocket money and gain money through it.they will try to double their pocket money by holding it for longer period.its also the safest as well as easiest.
  6. You can find video where it shows how to win the game.but only in my point of views it's upon luck
  7. This is mind blowing strategy.very much needed pattern in betting.It will help to increase possibility of winning.
  8. Till now I had got 12k tips only.i had never got above 15k
  9. This is amazing.there are chances of winning because 1050 winners per day.i will try and give a review about it soon
  10. I think that they are just having a huge update the site has been down for several hours so I guess new coins and new interface is being added or maybe more liked lag and bug fixes and faucet big fixes like that no need to worry about your money it is probably safe
  11. Yea most of the experts predicts as well.as per statics it's going good if it continues then it will reach smoothly
  12. JP Morgan is among the most influential person in world.not only him there are so many successful person says cryptocurrency is fraud.but I ask them if it's fraud then how come there are so many people investing in it?and he challenged among main leading cryptocurrency.need to wait and see what will happen
  13. As we all the there has been a fluctuations in bit coin price.the price is gaining it's value.the come back in price gives hopes to the people and more number of people have intrest in investing.when the cryptocurrency chart shows a positive curve in which the price is between 7200 to 7500. The fluctuations takes place.as per the the expert the price will soon hit 8k.but the number of invested has been decreased day by day.because there are so many other cryptocurrency available in market which is very less in price and people think that it will rise up.the main reason people buy other cryptocurrency because it's price is very less and affordable to common people.when the price goes up the more number profit they can gain from it.people will always look for more margin than gaining less profit for waiting longer period.as the progress in bit coin people have hope that it will hit a great price and people are excited to reach that tag value
  14. The world of cryptocurrency is evolving as rapidly as the considerable collection of confusing terminology that accompanies it,” said Imperial professor William Knottenbelt Day by day there is increase in crypto currency because the demand for it have not been faded away.even majority people tend to use electronic cash transfer where it's fast and time saving There are three criteria for adoption of crypto currency 1)Store of value: allowing individuals to make intemporal choices on when to spend their purchasing power 2)Medium of exchange: facilitating the exchange of goods and services by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with a barter economy 3)Unit of account: acting as a measure of value in the economic system According to the paper the meeting of last two criteria required bit coin and other progress on remain challenges such as scalability, design and regulation.” The first bit coin transection took 8years ago and now every one are familiar with the transaction.it was speed adoption did we think that after few years will hit hit the market