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  1. braaapppp braappp. Motorcylce? or a car with a huge exhaust?
  2. If I get 6 reactions or more, I will show my face, but for NOW... I shall stay semi-anonymous haha. Nice to "meet" you all ❤️😀 This is my 100th post yay! BOOM: Face reveal. haha Thanks for the love/reactions!
  3. Did you find it @Bojana ?! Did you find the hidden message?! haha
  4. Not spam, its a secret message only cool people can read Captain... Look for it. Also you are a potato
  5. I think the wheel is probably the most disliked game. Not because it is brand new, but because the highest probability of winning at best is 50%. With that being said a 4 segment wheel with a low difficulty gives you 50% winning chance. The multiplier for this would only be 1.98x if I am not mistaken. You might as well go to the dice and guess there haha. Personally its a game I played a lot when it first came out and it was definitely fun, but I can see why its not the most favorite of games haha. Let me know what you guys think! Good luck out there Stakers! 🍀😀
  6. Did you know that potatoes.... grow from trees. Look it up on google. And Apples are born from the ground underneath us. You best believe that all potatoes are from the sky and that all apples are from the ground. They are the devil's fruits. MWAHHAHAHAHAHA
  7. I visit the forum 2-3 times a day. Check up on messages and reply to whoever I can. I sometimes hit my max so I have to wait and come back, but I do like to read post people put up during that time of waiting haha. When it comes to a gamble day maybe 3-5. ill try to make safe bets gain some traction in winnings, let that profit sit take a "mini-break" then, get back to some more games! 🍀👍
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