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  1. Wow its been awhile Stakers! Hope all is well out here! Best with your betting!
  2. CryptoAnt

    A Pizza Poll.

    hahaha! Thank you! Such kind words to hearrr We need to send more people here to this post! Get some more YES's!
  3. braaapppp braappp. Motorcylce? or a car with a huge exhaust?
  4. Welcome to the Stake forum! Best of luck out there on the casino floor! 🍀 Don't be a stranger 😁
  5. Can't wait for dark mode on the forums. My eyes hurt looking at this bright screen too haha. Dark mode for the win! 😎
  6. If I get 6 reactions or more, I will show my face, but for NOW... I shall stay semi-anonymous haha. Nice to "meet" you all ❤️😀 This is my 100th post yay! BOOM: Face reveal. haha Thanks for the love/reactions!
  7. hahaha nice to meet you man! welcome welcome! 🍀
  8. CryptoAnt


    Dominican Republic
  9. I like to pull ETH from the faucet for fun haha. But I play a lot more seriously with BTC. ❤️ 🍀