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  1. braaapppp braappp. Motorcylce? or a car with a huge exhaust?
  2. If I get 6 reactions or more, I will show my face, but for NOW... I shall stay semi-anonymous haha. Nice to "meet" you all ❤️😀 This is my 100th post yay! BOOM: Face reveal. haha Thanks for the love/reactions!
  3. CryptoAnt


    Dominican Republic
  4. Did you find it @Bojana ?! Did you find the hidden message?! haha
  5. Not spam, its a secret message only cool people can read Captain... Look for it. Also you are a potato
  6. I think the wheel is probably the most disliked game. Not because it is brand new, but because the highest probability of winning at best is 50%. With that being said a 4 segment wheel with a low difficulty gives you 50% winning chance. The multiplier for this would only be 1.98x if I am not mistaken. You might as well go to the dice and guess there haha. Personally its a game I played a lot when it first came out and it was definitely fun, but I can see why its not the most favorite of games haha. Let me know what you guys think! Good luck out there Stakers! 🍀😀
  7. Hey @Brais I am looking for some graphic design opportunities! I hope its not too late to join as a creative! I can shoot my portfolio and email in a private message! Let me know! I would love to help out Stake! 👍 Cheers mate!