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  1. Gold Bits Coin’s presence around the world!! Gold Bits Coin (asset symbol GBC) is a Cryptocurrency that can be used in the real world. It can be traded and transferred across the globe like any other currency. Gold Bits Coin runs on an Ethereum Blockchain with a total supply of 1 Billion coins. GBC can be traded on the DDEX and IDAX exchanges.
  2. CEO Ali Mohammed Interview with the press... Some words of the future of Blockchain and a few words about the GBC Revolution...! Stay tuned to find out more!! #GBC #Press #Interview #Blockchain #Crypto
  3. What an amazing event!! Pioneers of technology from all over the world under one roof at Centara Grand Mirage in Pattaya, Thailand. CoinAdvice is the world’s largest gathering of coin owners, attracting more than 100 global journalists and 250+ speakers where they all come under one roof for the first time. Ali Mohammed, CEO and Co-founder of Gold Bits Coin was invited to speak on this platform about Blockchain Implementation In Major Industries alongside other speakers Including the presidential advisor of Liberland. Amazing information sharing and networking, discussing a
  4. South Korea is continuing to legitimize and embrace cryptocurrency through a careful and considered approach. The Korea Times has reported that the country’s regulators are indeed set to ease regulations regarding cryptocurrencies — as the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has revised its guidelines for cryptocurrency exchange operators. One official told the oldest English-language newspaper in South Korea: The FSC made revisions to its rules to apply strengthened policies in order to prevent or detect money laundering and illegal activities because the regulator isn’t oppose
  5. China has begun to start embracing Blockchain technology and has stepped up its efforts to support the creation of Blockchain ecosystem. The Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has said that the bank will focus on blockchain technology development, BiaNews reported September 1. Founded in 1984, the ICBC is reportedly the largest bank in China with over 5,000 corporate and 530 million personal customers. In 2017, the bank focused on the construction of “intelligent banking” and “accelerated deployment in the field of financial technologies. ” The ICBC C
  6. Gold Bits Coin , the Best Cryptocurrency of 2018 is here to provide you freedom of trade across the globe with more anonymity. The most reliable gold backed Cryptocurrency is a beautiful blend of conventional gold and new Cryptocurrencies. Investing in Cryptocurrency guarantees the safety of your base amounts and solid price hikes in the near future. GBC is the most promising Cryptocurrency that is going to beat every other Crypto coin in the market. The most interesting and trending platform for Cryptocurrencies “CoinMarketCap” now holds GBC as a valuable part of it, thus reflecting the si
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