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  1. note that is says "all you have to do is place and post a photo in the comments" nothing about the hashtag.
  2. About a year ago i needed to have penis reduction surgery because all the weight from my penis was giving me back problems. It was a very expensive surgery due to the amount of reduction that was needed and i just didn't have the money. Then I thought "hey... maybe I could win the money on stake to downsize my enormous penis" So I deposited all the money I had left and lost it all. Then as I was sitting there stalking the high rollers tab to see who was winning I thought to myself..."hey...i said good luck to that guy right before he won..and that guy too....." It was then that I realized i was entitled to a portion of their winnings. I started dm'ing everyone and explaining my predickament, but I didn't ask for any money because im not a beggar. I just told them all of my problems and added lots of frowny faces with tears and reminded them that I rained on them like a year ago once. After about a week of that I had the money I needed to go through with my penis reduction surgery.
  3. SLOTS: 10,458,079,258 placed by ChrizzBeatz on 22/10/2019 Wagered 0.01250000 Multiplier 117.05000305175781x Profit 1.45062500 i love stake!
  4. i've been saved by rake back multiple times, and by that i mean i was able to exceed my initial deposit i had lost, not every time but enough times to give me hope whenever i do bust. loosing sucks. having a second chance to redeem yourself is amazing. don't get that anywhere else really.