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  1. NanoGames is a new Crypto-based, social gambling site with the following game modes: Crash, BlackJack, NonceDice & HashDice. You can play with: BTC, ETH, NANO, and CUB Sign up here: https://i.nanogames.io/vip Some key features include: - Chat Rains - Collect Medals for your achievements and receive bonuses - Where is the PANDA?: Every 6 hours, a PANDA will appear randomly for the next 10 minutes and exist for one minute. Click on the PANDA will get reward. - ROLL point game: Players can get the opportunity to be rewarded based on top 10 ROLL points - Referral system: Share revenue's of up to 40% with the 3 level agent system. Not only will you have commission for recommending players, players directly recommended by your players will also get an extra commission. Check it out here: https://i.nanogames.io/vip NON-referral link for those who don't want me to get credit: https://nanogames.io
  2. PLINKO: 2,972,693,537 placed by ChrizzBeatz on 14/02/2019 Wagered 0.67108864 Multiplier 50x Profit 32.88334336
  3. awesomeaf

    [Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

    @77kdub wow lucky me, I accept fo sho because you so nice
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    i love slots
  5. There is also this extension: EtherAddressLookup which adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer. It also tries to protect you from being phished by checking a domain blacklist that is constantly being updated. EAL will also show you a popup container (non-intrusive) detailing the ETH balance of an address, the number of transactions going OUT, and if the address is a smart contract. You can also add labels to addresses which will show in the popup container. You can find it easily by searching "EtherAddressLookup" on google, or in the google play store.
  6. awesomeaf

    25 USDT to sign up on U.S. based Huobi Exchange

    My verification was approved within 24 hours of submitting my ID. I haven't withdrawn yet, but I am about to try and i'll post how that goes. Also remember you don't have to deposit anything for the 2nd promo, so as soon as your verification is complete proceed to step 4 and redeem the 20 USDT (as long as you are 1 of the first 500, but you should be fine as I completed this a only a few hours before posting and it was credited to my account almost instantly)
  7. Huobi Global is branching out with a new digital asset market place offered to residents of the United States! The site is licensed and operated by HBUS Holdco Inc., a US company based in San Francisco. If you are a resident of the U.S. and you sign up with my referral link and deposit $100, we will each get 25 USDT! Pretty good deal if you ask me, not to mention an awesome Exchange to trade on! There is also another promo going on currently, so if you are quick you can score another 20 USDT for a total reward of 45 USDT! Here are the steps for both promo's: 1. Register an HBUS account using my ref link: https://www.huobi.com/invite/inviteRank?invite_code=78h23 2. Pass Level 1 and Level 2 Verifications via the “Account & Security” tab 3. Deposit 100 USDT or equivalent value (This step is necessary to receive the 25 USDT reward, but not required for the 2nd promotion, and you can just withdraw it once you've got your reward if you want.) 4. Click “Open a USD wallet” via the “Balances” page and accept the terms to receive your 20 USDT reward. (This is limited to the first 500 users and runs through the 19th of February) This campaign is open to US residents with a valid, verifiable US address. Rewards will be calculated daily and deposited into your account within approximately 5 business days, although I received mine right away. Here is the link to the site without the referral bonus: https://www.huobi.com/ Here is my referral link that will get you the bonus: https://www.huobi.com/invite/inviteRank?invite_code=78h23
  8. hey watchin the stream now! good luck man!
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    Affiliate war

    affiliate competitions are always fun, i think its a good idea man 👍
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    Claim Free BCH Code [Giveaway]

    Awesome giveaway man, thanks for this!
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    5$ Giveaway Monday (Read Steps)

    cool giveaway man, nice youtube channel also
  12. good luck man! stake: chrizzbeatz
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    NY's fun and games :)

    Matt Damon
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    Discord Giveaways

    Chrizz Beatz#0166
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    🏆 [1 BTC] 2 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    where can you see what # bet we are on?