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  1. 77kdub

    How many times you got muted ?

    Well the only mutecoins I've won were playing that damn russian roulette game that @maverick528 loves so much but I guess he's got to get his fix somehow XD
  2. 77kdub

    Whose the hose-iest Fireman in Stake?

    well although I haven't had the pleasure of using the RainBot to rain yet, I'm blaming that one on Plinko. There was one night I did rain a total of .05 btc/5M sats that was a fun night I wish I could have done more but there again you can thank plinko for that. lol
  3. 77kdub

    Vault now live!

    I think it's a nice addition, although I've never been one to have a "bank" account like a lot of players do but I think this will be handy to have & much more convenient anyways.
  4. 77kdub

    "Are you sure you want to X?" Discussion

    yes I totally agree I'm not sure why those features haven't been added yet, seems as though the max bet warning feature has been on the "to do list" for quite some time if I'm not mistaken.
  5. good luck today Oleg!
  6. 77kdub

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #4]

    stake user: 77kdub Thanks so much! 💖
  7. 77kdub

    wauwau's Latenight Stream for the lulz

    cool looks like I made it just in time!
  8. Good luck today Oleg!
  9. 77kdub

    Is it a good time to trade now?

    well this is just my opinion but I would say it's a good time to buy now while it's still pretty low because I'm almost certain it will eventually go way back up, the only question is when that I'm for certain.
  10. a bank account really wouldn't be anymore effective for me because as soon as I bust I'd be taking right back out of my bank now that I think of it I think if I had a bank account it would always be broke lol
  11. I know a lot of people use social media to recruit referrals such as facebook & twitter but Ive never really had much luck with those. I use Stake for my signature on my bitcointalk account that seems to work better then anything else for me anyways but I still don't have many referrals
  12. 77kdub

    Do you use winning streaks to your advantage?

    well it's been my observation that some people just are blessed with better luck then others and those people seem to have lucky streaks on a regular basis. I think I'm one of those not so blessed with luck people when I do have a lucky streak it's always very short lived and I'm never smart enough to stop when I'm ahead knowing good and well the streak has ended I guess that's what they call "in denial" among other things. So I guess the answer for me would have to be no I don't take advantage of it lol