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  1. PLINKO: 12,588,799,313 placed by 77kdub on 11/12/2019 Wagered 5.00000000 Multiplier 420x Profit 2095.00000000
  2. okie dokie Eddie all done! Trustpilot username: Jennifer Galland / 77kdub@gmail.com (signed in with google) stake username: 77kdub Cheers! 😁
  3. SLOTS: 10,636,033,475 placed by 77kdub on 26/10/2019 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 74.0999984741211x Profit 0.01096500
  4. Well I'm sorry to here about your relationship it's unfortunate it turned out that way. Gambling can be more addicting then any drug & can take over your life if you let it. I know people who have lost everything to gambling. Sometimes you need to step away from gambling all together if you can't control it or things will just get worse until you are left with nothing & I surely would hate for that to happen. As far as relationships go you just need to ask yourself what is more important a healthy relationship or gambling & go from there I guess. Good luck to you I hope everything works out.
  5. I think diamond poker is the worst game ever to be honest. The only time you will see me playing it is because I have to for a challenge like the daily tele challenge or a forum challenge. You will never catch me playing it by choice it's like a really boring slot game with crappy payouts that you will never make any profit unless you are super lucky.
  6. I didn't deposit either, I only had my vip coupon, Eddie's rain I caught a few times & a few tips from friends to race with. I tried so hard to finish in the top 50 & any other race I would have probably finished in at least the top 20 no problem but today's race had some tough competition. In the end I placed 59th which was so bad but I was pretty disappointed I wasn't able to make the top 50. It was still fun I guess & I'm glad I didn't deposit because I'm sure I would have just ended up busting that as well lol.
  7. Congratz on you're winnings, I know a lot of players were quick to complain because they didn't win anything but not everyone can win in an event like that. I think it's awesome that Eddie took the time to do the stream & giveaway so many prizes you don't really see that at any other online gambling establishment. Congratz again on being one of the lucky winners hope you win more! cheers 🐡
  8. Wow the most memorable moment from the past year.......I've actually had several I couldn't possibly choose just one so with said I'll just say It's been an awesome 2 years Stake i can't believe how fast time fly's especially when you're having fun!! Happy Birthday!! πŸ₯³
  9. Oh of course that happens all the time regardless of whether the high roller is a good or bad person, beggars & leeches don't really care about any of that all they see is an opportunity to possibly get a tip. Some are so pathetic to point that say for instance the said high roller had made a derogatory racial comment aimed or directed at the said beggar at some point in the past which created some animosity, oh but now the the same guy who bashed the beggars race or whatever is a high roller so all animosity has somehow now vanished & the beggar is kissing the high rollers ass trying to be his best friend because they see the possible opportunity to maybe score a crappy 10k sat tip. It never fails whenever you enter chat with a flame instantly you start getting friend requests some from players you've never even seen or heard of before & actually you don't even have to chat, you can just be playing along minding your own business & if you're wagering a slightly larger amount it never fails, you'll always receive at least one friend request from some player you don't even know. Some people have no shame I guess, I myself can't rap my head around a beggars mentality to be honest. You can always spot the phony fake friends because the only time they notice or talk to you is when you have money. Anyways when you're in that kind of an environment you're always going to see that kind of behavior no matter where you go.
  10. yes I know that vicious cycle all to well. I can start out with 100k sats for example & I might get a decent hit of say 1M sats profit, now most players would say "omg stop withdraw don't keep going" and I suppose they are right but we all have different goals I believe. It would be pointless for me to just withdraw that 1M sats I just made because then what would I have to play with, nothing that's my mind set anyways. I don't ever rage bet I don't let it upset me to that point when I'm losing. Greed, well maybe I have my goal set a bit to high I one might call that greed but it's the chance I'm willing to take. I've come to the realization that losing is a big part of gambling & for the most part you are probably going to lose a lot more then you win but I accept that. Losing does suck don't get me wrong but I don't gamble with money that I can't afford to lose, that makes a big difference I think too.