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  1. Sorry man, giveaway is over.
  2. Thanks! The giveaway is over! Thank you all for your participation. Wait for new giveaways very soon!
  3. Done! Sorry men, only 40k, it's maximum)
  4. 40k it's a max sum that we can give you. It's not replenishable.
  5. Sorry, max that we can give is 40k. Please check your balance.
  6. of course men, check up your balance!
  7. Done! Guys! today is the last day of giveaway! You can ask 2nd-3rd-4th time for a 10k:)
  8. Yes, it's binary options. Done!
  9. Hi there! Now we can give you second 10k satoshi:)
  10. We have replenished you a bonus of 10,000 satoshi one more time. Good luck!
  11. Not bad!) We have just replenished you 10k satoshi. Good luck!