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  1. PJAlina

    Your best game here and Strategy!

    I used to like hilo but now i love plinko.. i love the feeling when you hit a highmultiplier.. instant rish!
  2. PJAlina

    What would you do If u get 100 Btc ?

    If ever that will happen to me.. i would cashout 90btc and play 10btc. 5 btc for plinko and 5 for dice.. 2x base bet .1 .. haha
  3. PJAlina

    [Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

    @amicaaa because she is the best girlfriend and the best mother of our children ❤️ happy valentines
  4. PJAlina

    Visual Bug?

    Sorry i didnt known that there is a thread like this.. I just wanna share this malfunctioning happened to me way back before stake update there site.. So im playing charbet at that time... when i want to click the cashout.. nothing is happening.. so i panic, contact the support(u can see it there).. support told me maybe its technical problem..so support said i need to refresh it.. after refreshing.. support told me to send her the last bet i made.. but when i check my last bet.. that malfunctioned bet didn’t record.. so i cannnot prove it, then i told her i can send her a video, she said she cannot view a video.. so yea.. i hope this will not happen again.. cause Its a real money... kinda feel unfair for me.. kinda.. hehe
  5. PJAlina

    Earn $75 creating a Stake.com ad

    I kinda change the position of the coin and card.. hehe the card is kinda too small.. so here’s my idea.. i hope it can help you.. hehe
  6. PJAlina

    [Closed] 5000x Plinko?!

    PLINKO: 2,792,960,873 placed by PJAlina on 07/02/2019 Wagered 0.00029360 Multiplier 10x Profit 0.00264240
  7. PJAlina

    Earn $75 creating a Stake.com ad

    I choose the 2nd picture jakubb.. the 3rd one is kinda off because of the little stakie, wrong position i think.. andbhis white color dont blend on the picture.. unless you will put him on the side of the switch.. like his opening the light position.. or make another circle and put him inside and put it after .com hehe
  8. PJAlina

    Discord Giveaways

  9. (True story) Hey dude, remember when we talked about “home casino(cause if there is home school, its possible to have home casino)” idea. Dude, me and my girlfriend discovered something similar to our idea of home casino, since we are lazy ass people, the kind of people that loves to gamble and sleep. We stumbled upon a crypto games casino. Dude, btc is not just btc that we know that only trading and marketing shit. Suprisingly you can use it in online gambling. We all know that bitcoin is a booming online crypto currency. Then we watched several videos about crypto games casino in youtube. Damn dude there’s a big possibility that we can make more money, and not just more and faster than a normal gambling casino. Upon checking the videos dude, we always see stake.com in several videos about crypto casino. Then we check that gambling site. Well at first it looks legit until we won large amout that i never experience in real casino. So its really legit site, cause we always see on the comment section that there is a lot of scam gambling sites. Well for us stake is the most active site in online gamblony. This is perfect for us(me and my girlfriend) cause we dont need to go to any casinos and leave our kids to grandparents(wait, we are responsible parents btw) one of the best thing here is while playing in stake, we can also look for our kids and earn money at the same time. All you need is to chill bet and boom! As of now dude stake the only site that i can say its fun and not hard to understand the mechanics of the game and depo/wdwal.
  10. PJAlina

    Submit your giveaway ideas!

    Giveaway Idea. Run a hashtag contest Creating a hashtag for your social media giveaway allows you to link your entries and more accurately measure your engagement. Pairing this strategy with a photo contest allows you to use an app to grab all photos with a specific campaign hashtag and automatically upload them to an entry gallery. When creating your hashtag, use something unique to your campaign - don’t use something generic like “#friends”, or you’ll get a ton of unintentional entries.
  11. PJAlina

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    Twitter: PJAlina30
  12. PJAlina

    How i play plinko

    i must try this strategy, or maybe this wont work on me, cause different seed??