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  1. https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5dcaa0d3c845450918bf033f Done mate.. Trust pilot: PJ Alina Username:PJAlina
  2. https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/5dcaa0d3c845450918bf033f Done edward
  3. Seed is the other word of luck. You change seed hoping to get lucky in that seed.. Or Unless you have patience to calculate every bet you make just to make sure there's no manipulation is happening.. Again in every bet you calculate to ensure probably fair
  4. England Daniel Ricciardo Draw Draw
  5. @Steve have you heard the game "Satoshi's Treasure" check it out. Its all about finding hunting.. It would be awesome if you make "Stake's Treasure" haha
  6. I dont think im addicted to gambling.. more like addicted to winning... I guess hehe.. since this is my source of income.. i need to control myself before everything is gone hehe
  7. Try to change browser, google chrome or Mozilla.. zooming is safari's problem not stake.. hehe And adding to stake mobile.. I hate the design of the new version.. because they put 2x button besides bet button .. so i always accidentally pressing 2x instead of bet button.. And they dont have auto pick and clear in keno .. manual picking and manual clearing, kinda hassle
  8. Congrats Stake! You rock! - PJAlina