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  1. I quit the telegram challenges long time ago because it was overcrowded, full of spam and alts good idea to have it vip-only, this could actually be applied to any challenge like weekly forum challenges as well
  2. I don't really know and don't understand how does this actually matter? One better concentrate on his own game performance, I assume.
  3. Coupons are tied to big events. So I guess the next one will the either 10 billionth bet or the launch of Slots.
  4. I probably would but the actual bankroll would be just a small portion of it. That way I won't loose too much and have lots of capital to carry on if I meet a long red streak.
  5. I always stand for more winners. Stake has become too much competetive lately with the number of players increased dramatically. That discourages many from taking active part in the races.
  6. I'm in profit at Stake, but i'm in red at Primedice. Overall negative but I'm not worrying too much, as the loss isn't that big. Hopefully I will recover soon.
  7. Nice, buddy, congratulations. I only have 250 posts so far.
  8. Surely experience is important. But there are plenty of experienced but still losing players. So you must have other attributes for success like self-discipline, money management, strategy etc.
  9. I agree, would be more informative to track your percentage progress. Hope the team will introduce this little but important detail.
  10. Yes, I usually have a target where I stop. If I feel lucky I may set up another target and go for it. So it is not a hard target and I may eventually end up losing. Guess I need to review this aspect of my gaming.
  11. I got bronze easily but moving to silver seems to me taking forever. It's been like 2 months since I got bronze but I haven't reached half-way to silver yet. The higher the star the harder is to obtain it.
  12. I have an excel spreadsheet where I calculate on-loss percentages for various X's. And yes, any from of Martingale is risky and eventually leads to a loss. The ony way to apply this strategy is with stop-loss.
  13. There is no thing like a good multiplier. Some prefer high X's some lower. When I started playing dice I used to play 2x and nowadays I even play lower X's. Whatever multiplier you use alwasy apply stop on win and stop on loss. And try to start with a small initial bet.
  14. I rarely hunt high multipliers in these games but I think someone can give a reasonable answer only after testing them over a statistically large number of bets. Otherwise the opinions are very much subjective.