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  1. Stake username: abamatinde Bet ID: Blackjack:93,624,334
  2. Stake username: abamatinde Bet ID: Roulette:92,203,802
  3. im not lucky at that hi/lo game..BTW ur awsome man! hehehe Congratz!
  4. heheheh yea its for small fish hehehe welcome guys
  5. i always use this strategy on PD and now here.. -Payout -3.77X -Bet ammount -50sats -->ok roll it! X2 it when u get red -->change side when its green or win -->2hours is enough for this strategy you can try it guys! hope u get it! thanks! i just want to share my strategy
  6. i played it many time..i x2 it evry loss and so far its good!:D
  7. Thats not happened to me the black jack is no issue for me.. its a good game. but hope it will be fix by admin/dev
  8. Thats why they say if you already doubled or trippled your balance think to stop betting..because it will get bust
  9. me dice (sphere) diamond poker plinko and blackjask. you knnow why? icant get it i dont know how to win there..
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