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  1. username: alexandrea [N/A] Video Poker [1] Hi/Lo [3] Baccarat [N/A] Casino War [9] Three Card Poker [N/A] Punto Banco [N/A] No-flop Pineapple [8] Casino Hol'em [6] Joker Poker [7] Wild Texas [N/A] Sicbo [N/A] Pai Gol [5] Red Dog Poker [N/A] Two Cards High [N/A] Zero [4] Blackjack [2] Blackjack (Double Exposure) [N/A] Pontoon [N/A] Card Crap username: alexandrea
  2. Team name: 4 buttholes of Gary Team Members: @alexandrea @David Jones @SadBitcoin @hammad234 Wager: 1050 Chain: Plinko:15,023,492 Mines:15,088,176 Hilo:15,114,602 Roulette:15,326,698 Keno:15,375,554 Baccarat:22,762,882 Dice:23,675,535 Plinko:23,690,972
  3. sinasabi ko na sayo eh. hayyyy d kasi nakikinig
  4. i got 8 warning points. then that means i'm not eligible to the 1000 post challenge? did i spam or something? i think not
  5. is this still available ? haha
  6. plinko has a magnet on 0.2x