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  1. Yes I'll play randomly soon I will try your. Stragety
  2. I'll made 0.0046 btc to 0.3 btc in just 3 hour by playing diamond poker I'm feeling like where my these days gone Idk let's. Me. Go to past
  3. Idk it's was a bug or. Not but it's freez even I can't click on any more it's fully freez @Dan check this
  4. Hello my name is Aaqibking welcome. To our forum
  5. Welcome to our lovely forum keep envoy
  6. Welcome to our sweet forum I hope you enjoy
  7. I would. Like to know how you get start here and who refreed you here Im glad to know and what your playing method you use
  8. Just check I see tip log. Is back wow
  9. Hey now christy is back woot woot
  10. HILO: 806,185,255 placed by Aaqibking on 16/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.53554x Profit 0.00000754
  11. Lol I'll like stake 1% edge better