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  1. Please stop abusing forum services, thanks!
  2. Yes this is needed, most other sites use it except this one +1
  3. I only used to play on PC sorry.
  4. Maybe stop posting useless topics and actually read up about it, you're only doing this for the forum posts and satoshis you're not clearly reading things.
  5. For me its the fun and enjoyment you get out of it The more intense the better
  6. Everytime i get a 21 its so satisfying aahaha
  7. I usually visit two or three times a day.
  8. Well some people believe ghosts are real... Its facts that there isn't lucky tiles.
  9. jxAlpQWEnA

    Hilo Sick's

    I preffer not to play hilo especially high multipliers on it on low chance.
  10. Still haven't got it... Feels bad man
  11. No tiles have an increased chance to win mate they all have the same.
  12. There is no "Lucky" tile, you could get lucky by picking the correct tiles first time but that would be statistically 1/5,000,000
  13. What other companies have crossed this line?
  14. Maybe try zooming out in your browser, its probably there but not showing because you're too zoomed in
  15. I think that he is crazy.
  16. Wow thanks fucking insane eugene, nice!