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  1. I usually visit two or three times a day.
  2. No tiles have an increased chance to win mate they all have the same.
  3. I prefer Marvel because they actually have a storyline to there movies, i don't like dc because Justice League was sooo bad and it completely ruined it for them, wonder woman was a very good film but in my opinion thats the only good film they've made
  4. jxAlpQWEnA

    My First x130

    Congratulations! Nice hit man! If you want to show the bet you can past the bet in the box where you post, highlight it and click the end button. This will show your bet on the forums. Other than that, congratulations.
  5. I try not to set limits because personally for myself I am very greedy, so when i get to my limit I will make it higher and higher, I only withdraw when i feel like it really... 75% of the time i bust without withdrawing, because i am dumb hehe
  6. I don't usually tip because its my money that I won.