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  1. liza431

    [Exchange] Stake ↔ Primedice Transfer

    gr8 service. atleast we dont have to wait such a long time to exchange or transfer. grats carol
  2. liza431

    Go big or go home

    well when greedy comes cant control it. hmmm
  3. liza431

    Dice 1.5x Strategy

    well i use 1.5x too butmy problem is on loss i put 300% hahaha so lose them all. mostly low balance
  4. liza431

    Keno 8 tiles strat

    well i think its good strat. and i never tried keno yet so gonna try it then.
  5. liza431

    Kuleguten Stream #61! Giveaways!

    hey GL Username: liza431
  6. liza431

    Mines Tips

    thanks for the tip but for me 5 boombs is good. only for me.
  7. liza431

    Great Strategy to make ez profit on MINES

    oh yeah thats exactly what im doing was trying on faucet from 1.2k eth to 100k but get greedy and lost them. then i depo 100k then make them to 1 mil. well i like mines very well honestly.
  8. liza431

    Mine Game Multiple Your Bet 33.3X

    eh i cant even click more than 5 diamonds on mines but gonna try that then.
  9. liza431

    What do you guys do with the faucet?

    i do on mines from 1.2k eth to 100k then bust but was fun tho. good start and practice.