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  1. Definitely people should be knowledgeable about their investments... There are platforms that help beginners get into crypto... That's a good thing...
  2. Using Tether USDT as a hedge of sorts against a dip...
  3. Never too late to learn... Instead of trying to learn by yourself, you should join a Bitcoin investing program that helps beginners...
  4. If you Tether during a bump like today, why?
  5. Very true... This is definitely a great entry point for those that are wondering... More money in crypto? Good news in my opinion...
  6. Bitcoin's price jumped after London's Financial News reported that BlackRock has formed a team of experts to investigate cryptocurrencies and blockchain. NOW is the time to invest in Bitcoin. Are you a crypto beginner or still have questions? No worries, millions are interested in crypto and have questions. Learn more: https://shouldyouinvestinbitcoin.com
  7. Exactly. And use a Bitcoin investment platform to help you securely grow your BTC... Good info... You can also use a Bitcoin investment platform... Diversify your crypto portfolio and have some BTC in steady returns...
  8. I think that people want to accumulate Bitcoin... Especially at these prices... Definitely look into other stable and solid platforms though... A Bitcoin investing platform could be the best way to go!
  9. Should you invest in Bitcoin? Maybe you think that you missed the opportunity... This is a great time to invest in BTC and alts... https://shouldyouinvestinbitcoin.com
  10. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    I will... Thank you...
  11. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    I am an admin for BGB... Very legit... Feel free to to check us out on Telegram and ask questions... Can also check out the website... We have videos and White paper... Awesome paltform, that just flawlessly works...
  12. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    I am not the original poster of this thread... I'm not sure how I edit some else's post... For up to date and accurate information, visit the website... www.bitcoingrowthbot.io
  13. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    ICO's are the absolute highest risk investment out there... I wouldn't even classify an ICO as an investment, its a gamble... BGB is one of the 5% of ICO's from 2017 that are still active... 95% are gone now... Invest in something real...
  14. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    All of that info is old... The platform was completely restructured late December/early January... Check out www.botcoingrowthbot.io and get the new info... Can also join in Telegram...
  15. Lukc22

    Nucleus Coin (NCL) - ICO & Free Token

    Hello! 👍 Yes, very much! BGB grows and adds to the platform constantly... As we begin to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto investing, BGB will be one of a kind market leader... The info in this original post has all changed... That was back in 2017 and the entire strucutre, platform and whitepaper are all different... There is no MLM... The investment terms are 28 days... You can early withdraw for any reason, so not locked in...