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  1. England Valtteri  Manchester United Liverpool
  2. First I couldn't even understand what you mean to say. If I understand you correctly, you are having fun because you have won your month's salary very quickly through gambling. Well, that's good news and congrats! But, keep in mind, it is gambling, and just as you can win a month's salary instantly, you can lose your life savings instantly too. So, gamble responsibly. all the best! but oh wells
  3. Rantly

    Its in ur blood

    I seem to be the only one in my family that enjoys gambling, although it is definitely more of a hobby than anything else. I would rather sit in a casino with my friends and gamble than spend money at a bar just listening to music, even tho i lose alot of money and get mad alot of the times, but oh well addiction got me already
  4. First gambling gamemode i saw was maybe crash and coinflips, and my brother got me into gambling and i regret it SOOOO much and i wished i never got into it, im addicted more than ever now but oh well it is what is .....
  5. thats a very cool design, i think you should keep working on it who knows how far you can get it, it looks good now but i feel it needs more work to it and that you can do a better job, cheers mate, what do you guys think of this design ?
  6. I Believe the same that our IPS should stay hidden, its to bad sites automatically get our IPS, who knows what they will do with them...
  7. I would also assume it is money laundering, especially if the person had some way of knowing specifically who the fee would go to. I would love to know more about this when the investigation is complete.
  8. I think stake needs to add if anyone says bad words in ANY language should be banned, no one should talk in bad language it can be offensive to some people so yeah, what do you think guys?
  9. You are betting pennies so its fine but i understand what you mean, thats friken crazy but expected after 2days of auto betting so oh well, but yeah, ill try this my self today, what about you guys? ever anything crazy like this happened to you?
  10. what he has done is insane, and its just stupid, if he had everything why risk it all? i would never do such a thing but its intresting to listen to storys about such insane people, would you guys do this or no?
  11. I know right! this new update is annoying but i understand why they added it so im fine with it but oh well, what are your thoughts guys?
  12. 1st winner : Team O'ez 2nd winner : Stake Star 3rd winner : BLA 4th winner : Bright Falcon 5th winner : White Walkers Good luck all players
  13. I love stake 2.0, I love the new game modes , it’s amazing, only fix bugs and stake will be #1 crypto site!!!!!!!! So happy for stake and it’s amazing future