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  1. I love stake 2.0, I love the new game modes , it’s amazing, only fix bugs and stake will be #1 crypto site!!!!!!!! So happy for stake and it’s amazing future
  2. Yes indeed very weird, I also think sometimes it’s rigged because I’m so unlucky but I trust stake that it’s legit !!!
  3. I always lose 2 bets then all in , I’m so stupid hahaha don’t think there is any special way, only luck
  4. I would fucking jizz lmao, cashout and never comeback hahahaha
  5. I never play keno, it’s the worst game mode in the site lol, I love dice and crash tho
  6. Any reason why your bot is better than other bot? Why would I use yours instead hmmmm
  7. Rantly

    9800x is impossible?

    I once hit 9800x on another site, with only 2000 bets so I can confirm it’s possible was epic haha, and I hit 1000x maybe 4 times
  8. Rantly

    Provably UNFAIR?

    Interesting indeed, don’t think it’s rigged or anything, has to be a bug, maybe also contact live support so they can refund you hopefully
  9. Rantly

    2x betting formula

    Very smart, I thought of that before but I don’t know never worked, will be trying again thanks !
  10. good luck guys! this looks fun (
  11. I love csgo, i play it on a daily bases but the battle royale well isnt my taste would rather grind Faceit instead, untill they add comp ranks for it im not playing it much
  12. Rantly

    Discord Giveaways

    Rantly#0300 , i invited 1 person will invite more soon!
  13. Rantly

    Give up with PLINKO?

    Plinko is a very addicting game, i can agree , i hunted once the 1000x, did 10k rolls hit nothing not even a 130x, the next day first roll with 1/6 on my bet it hits 130x, so yeah lol
  14. i choose btc, since if bitcoin rises all the alt coin rise aswell, its very good for the economy !