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  1. The raffle winners are chosen weekly on the streams stake does, They use googles random number generator to pick the winners.
  2. Kpt1999 Magenta, never heard of this color before but it looks goooood. Good call to whoever choose it lol
  3. i have a 15+ losing streak right now on stake original blackjack, maybe 7/8 of the loses are dealer getting 21 so no not even close to having it last... probably down 400-500 this week on this shit blackjack
  4. kpt1999 color never helps me but worth a try lol, red!
  5. kpt1999, back from a few month break so gl to everybody! Banan
  6. kpt1999 I heard olive is supposed to be a lucky color 👀
  7. kpt1999 ivory... many mods and high rollers in this page so hopefully that helps lol oh and Mirela & Dusan you know who to pick 🙂
  8. 1rst bet: casino:39992299928 2snt bet: casino:39992405693 3rd bet: casino:39992455286 4rth bet: casino:39992558572 5th bet: casino:39992602567 6th bet: casino:39992634718
  9. Will give this a try when i get the weekly, thanks
  10. Stake Username: kpt1999 ESPN Username: kpt1999 Bracket Name: kpt1999
  11. A fuck ton haha, that's alot of wager
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