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  1. No, getting out of poverty by gambling is the most stupid thing that one can do because gambling will put you even into more poverty. In order to get out of poverty job is the best solution.
  2. There is just a lot of things going on at stake. You won't be able to find that on any other website, any other crypto casino. Games are excellent and there are many opportunities like challenges and giveaways.
  3. No I did not have a chance to participate in those give aways. Today here is $50 giveaway to three people for mega race, but I didn't participate in that one as well. lol Just missed it. Maybe next time.
  4. Same here, I wonder if there is any chance to get even more free spins and if there is any limit 😮
  5. My favourite game is HiLo. I have been playing hilo since I came to stake and it's always been my number one game to build my balance. Once I get into 100k - 200k then I try other games like Keno or Plinko.
  6. But maybe share with us how you did that , how you managed to get into 50. What game did you play, what bets did you make. Maga race is much harder than typical race that take place every day.
  7. Interesting and I already tried that and guess what? I lost. It doesn't matter what I do when I'm on losing streak everything is against me and even if I bet completely opposite to what I wanted to I still loose. Strange isn't it? It's like the stake doesn't let you win.
  8. Yes it teaches discipline however there are no results because gambling is based on luck and doesn't matter how hard you try , how disciplined you are, you will lose at the end and house will win. Sad, but true.
  9. I don't believe that it can change for most of the people. For most of the people gambling will have no effect at all. For some people it will have negative effect, and for very small amount of people positive.
  10. I did build my balance from 1k sats to 4.5 mil sats. And it actually happened at least 4 times but I reached 1 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil etc. So it didn't happened just once. One single win with single bet I ever had was 1k to 1 mil from 1000x plinko , it happened many times I don't even remember how many, at least more than six. I also made 900k from 2k on hilo
  11. Does your balance impact on how often you play on stake? For example when you have larger balance do you come more often and play longer? Because with me it's opposite. When I have smaller balance i come very often, almost every day because I try to make it larger. When i reach large balance my gambling sessions are shorter and I don't need to come every day. What about you?
  12. I wonder maybe they see the new reviews added as some unusual activity on their website coming from stake forum. Maybe they don't consider it legitimate and see this as some kind of spam?
  13. With release of new product there is always some kind of bonus given by stake. The amount depends on many factors, how much you wagered, how long you are a member, are you VIP or not etc. But everybody gets something. The bonus will be distributed on the day the new product is released.