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  1. Could you explain how we could use law of large numbers to our advantage here on stake? How many rolls it would require and do you think that this is possible here? I'm not really sure how to do it and I have doubts this could work. I would need more details.
  2. wngo123

    Pre Roll Hit

    update: now I got 790x and 200x & 120x on pre-roll. Dam Last time I said that I won't do prerolls on Limbo, but lost a lot of bets and this time I wanted to try preroll and here we go again instead of betting with money I did zero bets prerolls today and lost opportunity
  3. Unfortunately that never happened to me but hey there is always first time for everything. I do hope to get that quick hit and from time to time I go on dice just to do a few bets hoping that this will be the 'hit day'
  4. My biggest win on Roullete was over 100k sats when betting on 0. I tried to repeat this during the same session, I lost some money but after a while I completely recovered by winning again then I won again short after then I made mistake and continue to play. I ended up with the same balance when I started to play and decided to stop at this moment.
  5. Ha! I remember I participated in that sports challenge but forgot about it. Looks like you are right, nobody predicted the correct answers. It was really hard to do , I hope this will be taken into consideration by stake stuff not to do such difficult challenges in the future
  6. How often do you change pattern when playing on autobet? Of course most of it depends on your balance and bet amount, but do you stick to one pattern and hope that this will be the winning one or you change it from time to time if yes how often? Let's assume the number of bombs are relatively large so it's harder to hit and you will need to bet a lot.
  7. Welcome to stake and good luck
  8. I think about those who gambled all their life away and for sure I don't want to be that person that's why I have very strict deposit policy on how much I deposit per specific period of time and I was able to keep this since I joined stake. I hope heaven, but realistically nothing except wasted time. I doubt that I will ever win big, but at the same time I will never allow gambling to turn my life to hell.
  9. No, during my time on stake I have never been able to make profits that I would be happy with and wanted to withdraw. I did win of course sometimes even a few hundreds but then failed to withdraw and busted. Generally during my time on stake I never made any profit that I sent to my wallet.
  10. I agree. More balance then much more easier to win at least relatively small sums comparing to 1 btc depo , so I would expect to win a few hundred bucks or a thousand very easy. I see a lot of people wouldn't do it because they deposit small amounts and lose them
  11. I'm more exited before telegram challenges For some reason I like to participate more in them than in the races. Probably because I'm always broke and in tele you don't need money to participate
  12. ok one week is good enough for me. I'm glad that even silver VIPs can get the boost since silver is my next level I will get after bronze, hopefully soon. Boost can really make difference, I love to test different strategies on different coins using boost like I did for that 3 days promotion. Would love to do it for one week though
  13. Or playing with 0 bet then you don't need to worry about the possible profit lmao. but then there is no point to do 50 cards.... however maybe we could have a telegram challenge like that then I wonder how fast it would take for first person to open 50 cards without skipping.
  14. Yea I agree that the idea is good, but maybe I don't know if I would want to see my luck percentage because it is probably very very low I believe I'm the one of the unluckiest people on stake