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  1. Looks like almost a ritual to me. I never put so much attention into this. It's just gambling. No need to concentrate that much, unless you are playing with really a lot of money and need to careful not to loose it. I don't prepare at all.
  2. Welcome to stake. Good luck
  3. In my opinion the reason behind this is to give some people chance to win. There will be always people who won't understand the instructions or will get only part of the instruction correctly or will make small mistake which will prevent them from winning. This way there is more chance for other people. Maybe from 5% to 25% of participants won't get the instruction right, so there is more chance for the rest of us. Do I feel sorry for them? No, because it's challenge and everyone can get this wrong, so it doesn't mean it's always the same people who get that wrong. Today it could be me tomorrow somebody else. Does it make challenges harder? Maybe a bit yes, we all got it for granted that the instructions for challenges are crystal clear, but what if the instruction is riddle itself and it's part of the game. Just more fun. Nothing wrong with that. On the chat however I see some people are frustrated when they don't understand the instructions.
  4. Sorry but that 2 million multiplier is completely pointless at Limbo. Nobody would hunt that... or would you actually do that?
  5. Depends now much I would win but my goal is at least $1000, so I would withdraw $800 for myself, spend $100 on continue gambling and giveaway $100 to stake community.
  6. 17 000 xrp is around $17 000. I wonder if I would be able to reach 17k xrp. It would be hard but done this million times with bitcoin starting with 100 - 500 satoshi... I may want to try that.
  7. Many people don't change seeds and are doing fine. Idon't do that very often. I heard they are others who almost never do this. Changing the seeds doesn't guarantee anything. I don't think new users will even understand what it is all about. So I don't think it's necessary.
  8. Happens all the time to me. I don't know how to fight it. I have another problem when I'm winning I have the felling that 'this is it'. Today I will continue winning. I look at the balance and see relatively good numbers and I begin to play more risky which makes me loose faster, but I don't care because I still have good balance, but this balance is melting really fast. Then when I realize that I'm loosing I begin to play even more desperate to get the balance back. Recently I won 200k , I wanted to get a bit more and I was able to make it to 240k then I began to loose and ended up with 35k, so I began to play more aggressively and it actually work I got back to 230k. Then I said to myself I just want to come back to 240k and then I call it a day. That was lie because probably I would try to go to 300k once I reached 240k but I wasn't able to get from 230k to 240k and that day I busted all. Stories like that repeat with me just balance number is changing lol
  9. No! I don't have feeling that I need to withdraw it, but I have urge to gamble it. Once I reach such amounts I want to continue gambling and that is the problem. The last thing I think of is withdraw lol
  10. That are some good numbers and done entirely on plinko. I didn't have such results in the last month. I feel that plinko doesn't like me anymore thats why now I don't play that often there. Everytime I go on plinko I bust. The last two weeks games resulted in busting.
  11. I'm rather convinced they develop the games themselves for security reasons. After all this is casino. Here games are so fantastic and unique even if it is known game like blackjack or wheel still it has that stake feeling everyone loves.
  12. I'm done with playing safe. I tried agressive approach a few times and I have better results. Even from a very low balance I was able to make nice profit. I think now playing safe is just waste of time. I spent hours of playing safe just to find myself busting at the end.
  13. The best part of this forum is when people share their INSANELY big winnings or some gambling stories when they started at $30 balance and ended up $20 000. For stories like that I visit the forum, normally I wouldn't be able to learn about all those amazing winnings unless I sit 24/7 on stake and look at the bets lol
  14. Of course 2x is the most safe one, but I try to go higher. I'm going to hunt for anythign over 20+, but usually I cashout at 4x -6x I think when it goes that high it is relatively safe to cashout. Still trying to get to know the game. I hope soon we will observe some crazy multipliers like 25000x or even more.
  15. Some people do anything for a few cents. I remember when faucet was 1500 or 1000 satoshi there were people creating alt accounts and claiming faucet and then sending tips to the main account. They didn't care that everyone saw on chat it including support. Back then all tips where public. They even got warning in the chat but they didn't even bother to read the chat because they were so busy with sending tips to their alts lol. Eventually they were banned one by one, but always someone new came up with this stupid idea of sending faucet as tip to main account. So annoying and stupid. I guess here people do the same, but at the same time you can only have one forum account and it's linked with your stake account. I don't think support allows alt accounts on the forum even if you have alt accounts on stake. I remember when I first signed up on the forum the first thing I got here was a ban because they thought I'm an alt account of someone lol I had to contact customer support for help and they fixed that problem and unbanned me so they are really strict about it.