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  1. Any extra cash to play is welcomed by me, so I don't care where the giveaways are being posted. Can be here, on discord or telegram.
  2. The best thing that makes stake unique is the graphics. Maybe some people don't realize how the look is important. I have seen casinos that look more advanced than stake with a lot of fancy graphics, but here the design is clean and that makes the stake as a place you want to be and trust. Very important during the spending money and playing. If they website looks too good, too fancy like other casinos then it looks like too good to be true. On the other hand there are places where design is terrible and cheap. It doesn't help either. Here it's just right.
  3. When you set it to 'low' indeed it shows 1x. and doesn't matter how many pins you choose. All from 8 to 16 shows the same glitch - 1x. I'm surprised nobody noticed that until now. Maybe nobody is playing 'low; LOL. You should get the reward for finding this glitch. Seriously after all of the time the stake 2.0 was released NOBODY noticed that? WOW
  4. After they extended the time and now you need to wait for so long on discord giveaway I think it's too boring. There should be some changes. First let's go back to 60 minutes waiting time, but let people to qualify in order to let them join in the draw. For example they would need to do some little challenge on stake first. Not difficult one, but not too easy. That should spice things up.
  5. Your "instruction" is a typical receipt for disaster. This is the old trick people still think work in casino. For example if they loose, they think that if they double the bet then they gonna profit because you can't loose forever. It could work in short terms, but in the long run you will always loose because you eventually ran out of money because you can't double the bet indefinitely. If that was true, then in order to win all you would need to do set autobet as double bet on loose, press play and go sleep. After you wake up in the morning you should be a millionaire. You go to work, you come back and you will be a billionaire. Right? Doesn't work like that. You will wake up busted. Now what you propose is even more dangerous. Of you deposit 1 eth and play with 0.1 you will loose very fast. And it's very easy to check. You can play with 1 dodgecoin to test your strategy and you will see how fast you will loose.
  6. When I'm old and retired I guess all I'm going to do is gambling. What other pleasures there will be at that age anyway? Maybe having fun with grandchildren.
  7. I didn't notice any change. Looks like rewards on the forums stay the same. Prizes on discord as well.
  8. Ship Battle game of course would be the best thing to be added. Basically it works like Mines but in reverse. You need to hit the ship it's like in mine you would have to hit the mines. It's very nostalgic game for me because when I was a kid I played it with my dad. But I'm not sure how it would work in the casino, because I have never seen this game in the casino. There is a lot of 'missing shots' in this game until you hit the ship , and then when you hit the part of the ship it's easier to figure out where the rest of the ship is, so they would need to figure out the payout. Wouldn't want to loose a lot of money on missing shots, and then when you hit the ship it would be easy to figure out where to shoot and earn cash, so I guess maybe they would need to add more rules for example after you hit the ship it can move? Not sure how to solve this problem to make this game casino friendly.
  9. Again I missed the giveaway on Telegram. I download the app and installed it just for the giveaways, but I'm constantly missing them. Sometimes I get notice on discord that the giveaway on telegram is coming, but not anymore... I can't have my telegram up open all the time like discord, that is too much for me. I need my computer for work not on running ups in the background.
  10. You can't do anything about it. Just write on the forum and your reputation will come up. However I don't see any reason for this green reputation rank because it doesn't give you any advantage anyway, so it's just there to see who is on the forum for longer time and participate more in the discussion I guess.
  11. Basically, I'm thinking about leaving discord since it's getting really hard to win right now after they extended the hours between draw. I don't care if it's $1, $2 or $5 as long as I don't need to wait a few hours for a draw. Since they extended the hours I was only two times. It sucks completely.
  12. I would like more trivias about history or space, planets and stars or space race.Since these are the topics I like
  13. I do tip when I win big. Then I try to tip some of the people I know, but for sure not those who contact me on IM asking for loan or just to tip them when I never heard of them.
  14. Completely disagree with this and I think it should come back to the red color. Grey was always when you didn't loose but also didn't win anything like 0.00000000 so it was a neutral color. Loosing is not neutral. Loosing is loosing. Loosnig is red.