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  1. Deposit: bitcoin Withhdraw: bitcoin But when I', broke I play with other coins, but I always prefer to play with bitcoin. i know some people claim it's easier with other coins, but I don't find any difference and I get excitement only playing btc because of the rate
  2. wngo123

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    yes I was so lucky yesterday on hilo and everything was great, If I continue maybe I would begin to think about withdrawing, but I decided to go on plinko and do 100k bets to hunt for 5000x and I'm back on being broke again. But I had to try it because I didn't play plinko for a very long time and I hoped to get this surprise maximum multiplier sometimes it happens to me when I come back to plinko after long break, but not this time. lol
  3. wngo123

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    I would love to do it, but I'm too poor to ever appear on high rollers
  4. wngo123

    The feeling when you don't qualify for a promo code

    I don't feel anything because recently I don't even receive any emails from stake about promotions. I thought there are no promotions anymore? Well.. so I guess that passes as 'I don't qualify' how do I feel about it? It sucks.
  5. Never, ever. Absolutely. Every time I withdraw money from the forum I loose everything very fast. Doesn't matter if I play very careful or not. I had better chance with faucet or money from giveaways. But forum money is cursed.
  6. Nothing works. I didn't win anything in months. Doesn't matter what technique I try I always loose. In the past at least I was able to get to some high winnings and then loose, now I can't even reach higher winnings. But I do play Hi-Lo and thats where the most profit I make.
  7. wngo123

    Most irritating thing about stake?

    The most irritating thing is Rainbot. Instead of rainbot the higher faucet should come back.
  8. wngo123


    Terrible idea. It will be worthless like the wheel. Many people expected the wheel to be the next big thing on stake. It turned out is just takes money and no fun at all. With slots it will be even worse because there is no fun at all in this.
  9. I never did and never will be. I just know that I will never win big, so it's not worth to sell anything to buy currency in order to gamble.II play just for recreational purposes. I like the idea of playing, I don't focus on the winnings.
  10. wngo123

    Losing at Plinko - What feeling does it give you?

    I usually play hilo and when I win big then I go on plinko and loose all. And then I'm going back to hilo building my balance up. I'm telling myself not to do that again, not to repeat my mistakes, but I can't stop. When I see big balance then I need to go on plinko and try my luck. And even when know that soon I will bust I still stay on plinko hoping for that one big shot. Sometimes it comes just before you bust, sometimes it doesn't come.
  11. it can't be calculate like that. They didn't saved $132 daily because they were not giving away money that you can instantly withdraw but gambling money. We would need to know how many % of people who won turned their giveaway into winnings that they were able to withdraw. Only then the stake would loose money. So by giving away $132 they didn't loose that money because you have no guarantee that the people who won would deposit instead. I think the main reason they changed their discord timings is that some regular users didn't deposit as much as before.
  12. Now you need to wait 180 minutes instead of 60 minutes for discord giveaway on tier 1 and 6 hours on tier 2! How does it make you feel? Do you plan to stay on discord or resign? I'm thinking about giving up, but not sure yet. It's really a lot of waiting now and the chance to win is even lower. I consider myself lucky because usually I won at least once every 10 days approximately. Recently I didn't win anything in two weeks after winning two times in two days. I have seen some people were winning two times in a row and one time I even seen a guy winning three times in a row. But recently I noticed that many new people are winning and did't see many old names. Weird. I don't complain, after all it's free money. I love stake for doing discord giveaways, forum giveaways etc. Just want to know your opinion and I wonder why they change the time? Too many people were turning their giveaways into large jackpots? If that's the reason then it a good thing about stake because it proves that stake is not rigged (I don't believe it's rigged otherwise I wouldn't spend my time here) Or maybe the other reason is that regulars who stay on discord stopped making deposits or didn't deposit that much as before?
  13. Not bad, but If I was him I would buy much more than just $700. Sounds kinda cheap. Geez he should buy for at least $10 000 , wouldn't even feel it.
  14. wngo123

    Fantasy Trader, do you miss it too?

    Very interesting, I never heard of it, guess I missed it or wasn't around at that time. Maybe there should be something like that again, it's good way to learn trading, and for the people who guess the most accurate there could be a small gifts. Or maybe something like fantasy trader could be added to the weekly challenge and then the person who guesses the closest exchange rate could get the prize.
  15. wngo123

    The butterfly effect

    i have the feeling that when you hit big then the game wants to take away everything you got Doesn't matter if you win 2000 satoshis from 50 satoshis or 1 million from 50 000 satoshis. The game wants to take it back quickly. so usually when I win big I do break to cool down, but it's hard not to come back ASAP