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  1. wngo123

    The "Ignore user" function in Stake chat

    I used it only once for the person who come to me and wanted me to "borrow" money. The account looked like alt and all of that looked so fake.
  2. I had the feeling that everybody is winning big and the only person that is busting is me. Maybe it's because people who bust usually don't yell about it around in the chat. But I don't feel bad for people who bust and I don't feel jealous for people who win big. It's their own responsibility. I can't feel bad or good for other people choices. Choices that I have no control over it.
  3. wngo123

    Stake Cafe Anyone?

    I would come to stake cafe in r/t only if I win big here on the website
  4. wngo123

    What mode on stake do you like or use?

    I always use dark mode. When you play for long time the day mode can really hurt my eyes. No problem with dark mode.
  5. Yes one time giveaway link simply didn't work. It didn't show up any message after I click it. It just landed me on stake website. I contacted support and they send me the giveaway manually.
  6. wngo123

    Finding Bugs.. What Would You Do?

    I would report it immediately and hope to get some extra cash for finding dangerous bug. Using this bug for advantage would not be my choice because I am not that kind of person and the bug would eventually will be found out by staff anyway after they see that you won a lot of money over time. that would get you in trouble anyway.
  7. wngo123

    Bitcoin to $2500 or Jan 2019

    I hope btc will go up not down
  8. wngo123

    Did Stake steal you from Primedice?

    yea, I don't go on primedice anymore. reason is that there is only one game so it's kinda boring and even if I want to play dice which I don't do that ery often I would play dice on stake
  9. I would still come and play. People come and play other currencies here which are worth much much less. So it doesn't matter how much btc is worth. I would play even if it was worth 1 cent. You just get more btc to start with and that's about it. Do you think that when btc is worth $3000 or $6000 then it's easier to win because you don't need to do so many rolls? In my opinion it doesn't matter at all. If that was true then more people would win when btc is worth more and less when it costs less. When it costs less then you just bet higher for single bet, when it costs more do the opposite and the result is the same. Price of the specific cryptocurrency completely doesn't matter in my opinion.
  10. What would you do if you win 100k dollars in bitcoin? And I'm not asking what would you buy for it. Everybody have their own needs or dreams. I'm asking what would you do with such large amount in bitcoin. Would you sell it immediately? Would you keep it in your wallet? Would you invest in btc? Would you spend somewhere paying in btc? Would you need to pay tax in your country when selling btc? This is my concern for a while. If I will over 100k dollars thats a lot of money and I wonder what's the best approach to this situation. I have some things that I need to buy immediately, I guess I would need to spend at least 20k for that. But I'm not really sure what would I do with the rest of bitcoins. I know what I would do with dollars, but not sure If I want to sell such huge amount. Now bitcoin is going down so it's even more relevant question. Thank God I won't need to worry about it because I know I will never win such big amount
  11. To be honest - every time I bust I think about quitting stake for good. Since I don't gamble at all in other places that would mean I would leave gambling. But when I bust big money I always bust the money I won so it doesn't hurt my wallet, thats why I continue. I just feel bad about time wasted. My biggest bust was after playing 7 hours without brake! (yes I was winning all that time, going up winning small amounts) And then busted all in 20 minutes instead of just chill. Since then I don't play that long and not often.
  12. wngo123

    How many times you got muted ?

    I was't muted on the chat on stake, but I got one week suspension from the forum (I could read , but not post). The reason? I posted in the news section and pasted the part of the article in the post in quotes and everything. But it turns out you need to describe the article in your own words.
  13. wngo123


    Could be good idea, but I have bad feeling about this. People will cry even more that the game is rigged I think my previous proposition is better: battleship game. It would be easy to implement since it's almost like mines but opposite
  14. wngo123

    How many alternative accounts do you have?

    this account and bank account which I don't use anymore. I had one more alt though because I wanted to test if I get better luck with new account but it didn't work out lol so I don't use it anymore.
  15. wngo123

    How stake affect your emotional aspects

    When I loose I really feel depressed for the rest of the day and I'm angry at myself that I didn't withdraw when I had a chance.