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  1. I can't open stake.com page. Anyone is having same issue?
  2. There is absolutely no chance I would ever take part of such race. There are days when I play a lot and wager much but I would have no chance to do it almost all the time, first I don't have such bankroll, second I have life beside stake to take care off even in time of coronavirus Third , it's so so hard to even reach first 100 place.
  3. I always make the same mistake with daily reload. Instead of accumulating all of them for 5 days and then play, I do play instantly every day and ALWAYS loose. So for the future note. It is much safer to get it every day and don't play with it.
  4. I'm currently on gold level and have 13% done. Long and rocky road before me. I'm not a high roller, but some weeks I play a lot, some less. It took me just around two weeks to go from silver to gold, it was so easy, but now it seems more difficult I wonder how long it took you to reach platinum from gold level. Just let me know the time and if you are highroller or normal player No need to share wager amounts or deposits.
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  6. If there was stable coin on stake I would probably not withdraw that often as I do. I would put my winnings in the stable coin and don't have to worry about it. I would really love to have stable coin here then I would make stake as my "wallet" lol
  7. This time raffle will be good for me, at least I hope so So far I was able to earn 7 raffle tickets. That is already more than I had during the previous raffle. How many tickets you get so far? Even if we don't win I hope that at least we will get some bonus for every ticket like last time. I would love to get some sweet bonus for my tickets, so I hope I will get as many tickets as possible.
  8. There is no single chain of these machines. In my country (Poland) we have two chains of these atm bitcoin and from what I heard they work very good, but I didn't use them since I prefer to buy/sell bitcoin online, it's easier. I assume around the world it is similar there are different chains that belong to different companies. So you need to ask about specific chain because I guess there are better and worse companies like with everything.
  9. No offence taken If you want to try the wallet I was taking about here it is https://samouraiwallet.com the only problem is that it works on android phones so far, but it has excellent reviews especially when it comes to privacy protection.
  10. Excuse me, why do you say such things? Why so much anger? Why you assume i buy it from some untrusted source? I want to mix bitcoins after I withdraw money from the stake I buy my bitcoin only on trusted well known platforms. What I don't want is to get my account banned on exchanges because I heard here on the forum that some people got banned when they tried to deposit funds from stake. Anyway thanks for info, I knew all of that. Today I got myself samurai wallet which is pretty good and offers mixing as well. I don't plan to use other mixing services elsewhere because I simply do not trust them. No, You can learn more about bitcoin mixing here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mixing_service Basically it offers extra privacy, so it is harder to spot where the transaction is coming from.
  11. Any trusted bitcoin mixing service you can recommend?
  12. i agree with this. This option is actually possible on some bitcoin wallets. You can exchange your balance to USD and you can keep it without worry about changes of crypto price, but it's not currency exchange service so you can't withdraw your USD, you will eventually need to exchange it back to crypto to withdraw from the wallet. Here on stake it could work the same way, after some time you could exchange your USD to any crypto on stake. @Ali saher This is just my proposition. You won't find something like that on stake I just said what I would want to see.
  13. It is always important when we reach higher amount not to forget how easy we can lose entire balance. Usually when we get big balance we had that sick feeling that it is impossible to bust anymore because how much money we have, but even $100 can be lost in minutes!
  14. I never turn off the chat because there is always something going on. Sometimes challenges, sometimes new drama I'm always afraid that I will miss something interesting
  15. Should stake introduce investment option? Let’s assume you win $100 and deposit this amount to the special new investment vault which would work like saving account. Stake would pay you percentage, longer you keep that money in the vault, more money you will earn. It’s good for us and good for stake as well because I don’t think stake want us to withdraw every win right? So at least some people will decide to keep their winnings at stake. I think it’s very reasonable proposition which would benefit all of us and stake. Stake could have more money and we could get some percentage, benefit for all. People who like stake and want to help it, could invest in stake this way. What do you think? Of course there would be some limits on how much you can invest for example no less than X and no more than Y, in case some people would want to take advantage of this, so you couldn’t just deposit 30 btc and transfer that to the investment vault! You would need to wager certain amount and could transfer only the winnings, not your deposit amount. Of course this feature would be available only for VIPs, higher VIP levels, higher amounts you could invest and higher percentage you would get. Tell me what you think
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  17. Gambling could be exciting however there are some golden rules that every gambler should remember: 1) never play with money you can't afford 2) never take loans 3) never chase loses 4) if you are losing, take a break, cool down, don't play especially when you are tired 5) don't spend all of your free time gambling
  18. I busted $150 in February. At one point I actually turned $150 into $430 and had all of that in my wallet. But then I decided slowly to deposit back... and lost all of it. That is very stressful situation. How you get over it? Hmmm time heals you just need to accept it and don't think about it. There is no other way.
  19. Yes there is a bot for hi-low. i used it for a while just to test it and it's pretty good, but I still like to play without bot and to be honest the biggest hits I had on hi-low were when I played it without bot
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    A dead game?

    The only time I play it us during telegram challenges and that's it. I never play it and most people don't play it as well from what I have seen. I don't say it's a bad game, but maybe it's just not good game for casino? Not all games are good for casinos.
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  22. thank you for this. I'm surprised that stake still didn't include calculators like that in the game, it would be really helpful and would save time for a lot of people.
  23. I wonder how long it took him to hit that and how much you had to spend. Do you guys think it is worth to hunt such big multipliers or is it just waste of time and money?