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  1. I'm currently on gold level and have 13% done. Long and rocky road before me. I'm not a high roller, but some weeks I play a lot, some less. It took me just around two weeks to go from silver to gold, it was so easy, but now it seems more difficult I wonder how long it took you to reach platinum from gold level. Just let me know the time and if you are highroller or normal player No need to share wager amounts or deposits.
  2. i agree with this. This option is actually possible on some bitcoin wallets. You can exchange your balance to USD and you can keep it without worry about changes of crypto price, but it's not currency exchange service so you can't withdraw your USD, you will eventually need to exchange it back to crypto to withdraw from the wallet. Here on stake it could work the same way, after some time you could exchange your USD to any crypto on stake. @Ali saher This is just my proposition. You won't find something like that on stake I just said what I would want to see.
  3. Should stake introduce investment option? Let’s assume you win $100 and deposit this amount to the special new investment vault which would work like saving account. Stake would pay you percentage, longer you keep that money in the vault, more money you will earn. It’s good for us and good for stake as well because I don’t think stake want us to withdraw every win right? So at least some people will decide to keep their winnings at stake. I think it’s very reasonable proposition which would benefit all of us and stake. Stake could have more money and we could get some percentage, benefit for all. People who like stake and want to help it, could invest in stake this way. What do you think? Of course there would be some limits on how much you can invest for example no less than X and no more than Y, in case some people would want to take advantage of this, so you couldn’t just deposit 30 btc and transfer that to the investment vault! You would need to wager certain amount and could transfer only the winnings, not your deposit amount. Of course this feature would be available only for VIPs, higher VIP levels, higher amounts you could invest and higher percentage you would get. Tell me what you think
  4. I busted $150 in February. At one point I actually turned $150 into $430 and had all of that in my wallet. But then I decided slowly to deposit back... and lost all of it. That is very stressful situation. How you get over it? Hmmm time heals you just need to accept it and don't think about it. There is no other way.
  5. Do you change your gambling habits when the price of bitcoin goes up? I always wonder does it change anything? Are you more careful and because of that you tend to risk less and don't win much anymore?
  6. very nice, always nice to see the interesting ways to look at our bet history, I don't do that often but sometimes I like to go back and find those amazing bets when I hit some big multipliers.
  7. Gambling does not work this way, You can't expect to win 1$ every day, it will never work this way otherwise gambling would be an excellent investment or even retirement plan lol. But it doesn't work this way
  8. I never loan money to gamble, that is the most stupid thing a person can do in gambling. Please don't do that guys because you will get yourself in trouble.
  9. Never got 5 scatters either, but just a few days I got 4 scatters for the second time since slots were intriduced, so I can imagine how hard it is to get 5 scatters , probably chance is once a year
  10. Thanks for sharing. I have been gambling for 2 years and recently no luck/no wins, nothing. I slowed down a bit and seriously considering leaving gambling for good as well.
  11. I'm trying to attack $1000 for the last two years and no success at all, however I was close a few times, so unfortunately I can't answer your question. However let me tell you this. If you don't want to get depressed don't relay on gambling in such cases. I hope you just want that money as extra insurance, not that you really need it to actually move out, otherwise you may never move out
  12. The name of the seed completely doesn't matter, so I wouldn't worry about it, I don't even put my own name on client seed. Who cares? I don't understand why people think it's important. Just change the seed. Who cares about the name?
  13. It is very easy to control actually. All gambling is about money, so you need to control the way you spend money on gambling. Once you get that under control you do have gambling under your control and the rules are simple: never spend more than you can afford, actually spend a bit less than you can afford, never take loans to gamble.
  14. yes I do feel depressed from gambling very often and it always happens when I lose big amount. But I try to fight this by focusing on something else, never on rebuilding my balance and chasing the loses because that is the worst thing we can do. I do something else , that has completely nothing to do with gambling, and then come back with the new plan.
  15. Usually my longest time without making any significant profit and losing all the time is one month. Basically at least once a month I'm getting my balance into higher number but then losing it all within 2 - 3 days anyway
  16. Today I lost 250k sats, yesterday I lost 200k sats, the day before 1,1 million satoshi... should I go on?
  17. I just realized they move Video Poker at the bottom , right after crash, another not very liked game here. I really have no idea why they destroyed video poker by removing autobet. It killed the game.
  18. I just give you advice: I do not recommend to spend more than you can afford and you will be fine.
  19. I prefer casino because I simply hate to wait for results of betting. In casino I know in seconds if I won or not.
  20. I noticed that after autobet was removed from Video Poker most people stop playing the game. Is it just my impression?It looks like the game is dying. I don't see people making any bets, I don't see any big winnings. What is going on? Do you still play Video Poker?
  21. It would be really great to have stake mobile app. For sure there would be many more options in that app than in mobile version of the website. Unfortunately because of regulations in android and ios stores the gamblin apps it's not going to happen
  22. I do not take any loans for gambling. I always play only with what I can afford. This way I have stress-free gambling experience and I don't need to worry about debts. I do not recommend taking loans for gambling.
  23. I would like to see some poker games on stake as well, but I don't think it is such a priority because I'm not a big fun of poker, however I know many people are and again it would be great move done by stake to attract even more people here.
  24. Today I have lost 200k , I got monthly bonus 75 xrp and made it to 80 xrp, but since I 'm not lucky with xrp I decided to exchange xrp to btc. I got 155k satoshis and begin to play hilo, got it to over 180k and then busted everything on plinko.
  25. I do not recommend introducing children to gambling and I'm glad that gambling for children is not allowed. Sure you can learn some skills in gambling, but children can learn the same skills on non-gambling games. No need to introduce them to gambling since it's addictive and will NOT teach them how to manage their money. Gambling is the worst thing when it comes to money management.
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