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  1. good luck username : bobwood
  2. bobwood

    skywallkee's 15th stream live!

    goodluck Stake: bobwood
  3. bobwood

    What do you do when you have zero balance?

    Speaking of which, does anyone do loans anymore? I need one coin for a very safe strat i have been working on for a VERY long time. Would obviously prefer 1 BTC but realistically LTC or BTCH. Can provide logs for 1 million+ bets
  4. Hi skywallkee, do you still give loans?

    1. skywallkee


      Hey, sorry but I do not give loans anymore :D

    2. bobwood


      ok thanks bro😁

  5. bobwood

    Discord Giveaways

  6. bobwood

    🎄 [1.5 BTC] Advent Calendar Challenge!

    Awesome thanks!
  7. bobwood

    [Prize Every Hour]

    Thank you @DarkBlood069, you are a real legend on Stake.
  8. bobwood

    RasterZai stream #1

    Good luck bro! Stake username: bobwood
  9. bobwood

    0.0001 ETH for just entering a discord!

    DC: bobwood Stake: bobwood
  10. bobwood

    Most cards revealed on blackjack?

    i think i have hit 7 cards too with 3 aces
  11. bobwood

    Borderline scam?

    Have my doubts on blackjack to be honest, dealer gets far to many 10,s first card
  12. bobwood

    Dogecoin gonna release soon

    cant wait!!!
  13. bobwood

    Player Vs Player Game

    great idea. how about RPS?
  14. bobwood

    Sad day, sad life

    wish mods would ban or block them quicker without trying to reason with them
  15. cant really tell if i havent met them in person tbh