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  1. Yeah but that would lower the transfer fees for everyone, even if it was to just convert coins for transfer. Not saying to build an exchange.
  2. It would be good then if you could exchange the btc balance for ltc then to reduce fees
  3. Not sure if chat got banned or what happened but it won't let me type anything in the chat box. It gives me "access not authorized". I hadn't been on stake for about 2 months and came back this was happening. If I did get banned I am not sure why, and am I sorry for whatever happened to receive the ban but I would like to somehow regain access if possible
  4. Wheel:541,477,236 placed by coinking8227 Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 6.90x Profit: 0.00003021
  5. Mines:541,252,191 placed by coinking8227 Wagered: 0.00001024 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00016912 Mines:541,288,345 placed by coinking8227 Wagered: 0.00002048 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00033824 Mines:541,299,880 placed by coinking8227 Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00008456 Mines:541,307,262 placed by coinking8227 Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00008456
  6. That is freaking great. Makes me want to come up with names just to see if I can get them to say them lol
  7. BItcointalk thread and been playing since! Win some lose some though
  8. I agree. Martingale will always win in the long run, once I hit big I switch games. But I do the same no matter what game I am playing.
  9. Gonna try this out and see. Seems like a good strat as you hit at least the minimum pretty easy in keno. Do you switch tiles when you win?
  10. I have just started testing it out. To put it simply 24 mines/1 diamond. Choose your diamond(I use auto) place starting bet then between 10-15 loses I Double my bet. If I get to 25-30 I double again. The highest I have gotten so far without hitting is 84. So start small so you can increase. The win is 24.75 so the payout is usually good.