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  1. @Lillyflow That brings tears to my eyes and still a simple smile on my face. Thank you girl. Thank you.
  2. If I'm on chrome it constantly refreshes making it impossible and that's on my crapbook (chromebook). But on my cell in Safari I have no issues. If using Chrome try different browser.
  3. As I whine and pout over a crappy day gambling or get downright depressed over it all, I find myself so angry I ever got into all this to begin with as it seems, like all to consume your whole life... But as I think how things would be different, I think of the fact that I wouldn't of met some of my now closest friends. People that I can count on if I'm in a real life jam and they help without a second thought. People I talk to about things I don't share with anyone else. That help me feel better about myself and lift me up when I know i don't deserve it. And who are time and time again reminding me that there are still truly awesome people in the world. Even when I finally do leave all this and move on to another toxic consumption... lol. These people will forever be remembered and many I will not ever lose touch with I hope. I love you guys more than you know.... @Lillyflow @badger @Furlicious
  4. Wow Lori... Wow. That post almost brought me to tears. Girl you are one of the most... i don't even have a word for your kindness, your heart, your strength, your beauty inside and out is phenomenal to me. I hope you never ever let things like this world change that. People like you are rare and beautiful and fragile, I hope you realize that and keep that heart woman, you have warmed my heart and saddened it here. I hate to see anyone struggle but when people as incredible as you do and can still care about others petty problems and put yourself last no matter how much you are going thru, to see you struggle saddens me so deeply. I can't take away the pain, grief, or the world. But, I can tell you that you touch lives with who you are. You have forever touched mine. Love you @Lillyflow
  5. Will this ever be fixed? I feel like such a jerk when i have been tipped but I'm out of tab and can't see who it was to thank them. I know how irritated it makes me when someone just doesn't acknowledge acts of kindness. But with log broken this is impossible! Please help us stop being jerks Stake! I know @Lillyflow and @badger certainly agree!
  6. @Shaniqua I've won like 3 times I think but in my opinion with all the alts mostly winning it's really not worth it to try and do the whole 10 minute one. I haven't won even once on it anyway.
  7. Realized I hadn't posted yet! Nothin fancy, thought Id take a quick selfie on the way to work... Dont worry wasnt moving lol
  8. Vinny you ever think about gettin a tat? Hehhehe
  9. Ughhh I wish people would get a job and quit devoting all their energy to being royal scum!
  10. Mines:655,560,131 placed by Christy Wagered: 0.00000128 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00051597
  11. it seems I've noticed lately that there are days whenever the game is just not waiting for anybody that goes with any game, it's like each game has a designated day to give lol. but then I can just be paranoid as we all tend to be in superstitious LOL. What do you guys think?