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  1. badluck

    The plan.

    how do you play or gamble? thats a good question right? do you start your day on stake. and play without any plan? or goal? i always play stake with a plan and goal, first i will clear my mind, avoid stress and pressure and play, i star playing dice with a good balnce, more than 50k, i play low base bet and do martingale , and if i profit more more than 3k i play it with chartbet, and getting just 1k profit, i play like 3 round of it and that will double my 3k, then i have 6k., 6k i play on roulette, roll it and martingale +1 , if i profit and make it 10k i go back to dice and repeat everything, that is how i plan on winning, daily goal just 230k to get 200k on my wallet, that like daily salary everyday, if lucky, but my name is badluck remember? hahah
  2. badluck

    Strategy Baccarat

    read books that share tips on how to win baccarat, theres a lot, if you master it then your god of bacarrat, i think that what humber is!,
  3. badluck

    low bet hi win, or vice versa

    i bet dice 50% and doing martingale, then if i profit some i play it on chartbet, then if win roll on roullete, thats how i win some
  4. i played aloton dice, usually busted but im playing it backward in order to recover all my lost, risking balance to profit, i lost .016 before but now i recover just .006 of it, thru dice but diffrent style, you guys? have you experience losing? and did you recover?
  5. badluck

    1satoshi to million satoshi

    what is double 7 times? and is this .01 from 1sat possible? i really cant understand and what game would be possible?
  6. badluck

    Bad experience ?

    getting paid on hunt right now, then bust it all, bcoz of being greedy, haha
  7. badluck

    Black jack

    definetlyy stake bj is better, i will still bj on stake
  8. badluck

    Streaming BTC Giveaways - Ideas?

    i think dart game is better, everyone need to post number 1-21 one per person only, then throw pin! all people who choose the winning number will get prize, good?
  9. badluck

    No target - bust.

    i litteraly bust agter i paly more than what i aim for the day, i have 80k i said ill stop @80k, then what i did is i still play, andit bust , its super badluck
  10. Mines:651,241,139 placed by badluck Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00040310
  11. badluck

    kfc, mcdo or jolibee?

    i want KFC too, we dont usually eat on jolibee ithink it for other country in asia, but we love KFC here aswell as my older sisters, we love eating on KFC,
  12. badluck

    Dark mode on forum available?

    i agree, its too white! hahah , maybe make it lil bit darker, or gray, 50 shades, haha
  13. Dice:641,120,372 placed by badluck Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 202.04x Profit: 0.00020104 Dice:641,127,510 placed by badluck Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 202.04x Profit: 0.00020104
  14. badluck

    hi dice new strategy

    ok im sorry if i claim that its mine, i just want to share it to other so that they win aswell as i do
  15. badluck

    hi dice new strategy

    i i do manual betting