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  1. Hi Steve discord username: Demarcus89#5145
  2. Demarkus89

    5k dice :D

    Congrats man nice hit I no longer hunted for big payouts Good luck for future
  3. Great trivia rules thank you for sharing Katarina but sometimes people create Spam Trivia and have a lot of spammers
  4. I played several times but not once did the royal flush i hope to hit soon
  5. There are crypto poker casinos on several sites, we hope that the Stake will also acquire its Texas crypto poker
  6. In the Chrome settings, look there are options to change auto refreshing. If you can’t find it at all, google has everything
  7. This martingale method depends on the balance and I think the method works for about 30 minutes and then gives long reds streak
  8. Demarkus89

    Limbo. 1000x +

    Great hit man I never hit 1000x+ on limbo Every time I hunt and lose everything
  9. I tried this technique it works but it lag and stops others tabs when i play on autobet
  10. Demarkus89

    Plinko redesign

    LOL if there was such a designer then we all played it on plinko
  11. Of course if such options were added it would be very easy to play
  12. If plinko again be 5000x payouts it would be great
  13. Demarkus89


    Thank you Marphine28 Welcome to Stake mate Good luck
  14. Yes, I also have not played a good and interesting game for a long time. Thank you for reminding me a cool game.
  15. Welcome to Stake arethamorce Have a fun and good luck man