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    Demarkus89 got a reaction from KiXxnTRiXx in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I would have invested Xrp and Eos because I think it grows well in future
  2. Bitcoin
    Demarkus89 got a reaction from Lillyflow in Real Life Pictures   
    HBD Stake!!!
  3. Wow
    Demarkus89 reacted to Mirela in Real Life Pictures   
    Hey all!
    Since the old topic with real life pictures got deleted (due to an earlier forum issue), I've decided to create a new one
    Hopefully, you won't be shy and we'll get to see your pretty faces as well!  
    For starters, here's 2 team pictures (since we don't have one where we're all together yet ) we'll break the ice!  

    Oh, and yeah, happy birthday, Stake! 🍰💙
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