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  1. The best way to quit smoking if you really struggle to quit cold turkey is to try e-cigs... They do not harm you and people around you like tobacco does, they're affordable to everyone. All my friends stopped thinking about common cigarettes after they tried e-cigs. For anyone who wants to quit tobacco but doesn't know how - there's a good site where to buy e-cigarettes https://www.mygadget.us/. Get yourself an e-cig and you'll see that quitting tobacco is very easy. You don't need patches and all that garbage.
  2. I faced this issue too, sometimes it switches into Italian but it's not really a problem for me as I study it in the [url=http://fda-sanremo.com/]Italian language school[/url] and quite fluent already
  3. That's why the tutor is the perfect solution here. You can easily find a perfect one and drastically improve your language skills in 3 months or even less. I found this site to be effective for me https://buki.org.pl/korepetycje/jezyk-angielski/.