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  1. Best site no other site do that much of giveaway 🥰
  2. Happy birthday stake my most memorable day was when I hit 1000x on plinko I was trying from 6 months but can't hit it. But when I bet the plinko with 0 bet then I hit it Happy birthday 🥳
  3. Challenge complete KENO: 7,630,311,617 placed by gametreckers on 03/08/2019 Wagered 0.00004800 Multiplier 17x Profit 0.00076800
  4. Tomorrow how many are gonna be excited for Eddie stream of 5000$ race I am very excited to see him🥰 His username on Twitch is PrimeEdd guys let's join his stream tomorrow
  5. England Valtteri Manchester United Liverpool
  6. I hate limbo i lose it all the time in limbo I will try your strategy
  7. gametreckers


    Ok mistake I will add you my name will be de avi
  8. Username gametreckers Crash: 7372422162 I can't link this bet it's showing anonymous but I checked the settings twice but it is not linking the bet kindly check it
  9. I ever wondered Can we add our PayPal balance to stake and then exchange it It into Cryptocurrency bcoz it's hard to find a trusted seller if bitcoin with low percentage of trading rate Please add that function so that we can add our PayPal balance