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  1. gametreckers Lucky color:- Indigo hope this time this page
  2. Gametreckers Lucky color :- Violet 💜💜 I know I ain't gonna get picked but its still worth a try
  3. HILO: 55,165,095,518 placed by gametreckers on 06/09/2021 Wagered 0.50000000 Multiplier 141.4268x Profit 70.21339939
  4. Gametreckers Lucky color:- Smaragdine Hope today I get picked 😓
  5. Steve is the best in picking weird colors let home do his job I learn new colors bcoz of him
  6. Gametreckers Color Razzmatazz Plz pic this time
  7. Gametreckers Milrive GL EVERYONE ❤❤❤ Hope today this page comes
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