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  1. mikasa13

    I won 6000 php

    yor lucky day badluck! hahaha, hope you hav a goodluck not a badluck, wahahha.,,,, its so confusing! grats! hop ewin more
  2. i depo again when i bust, hope wher enot harming ourself when we lose money, money will vanished after all, and its made to buy happiness, not to coz trouble to us, hope this advice make sense, help oneself to be better
  3. today ill be setting daily goal as i see on other post that they are sucessful when they have daily goal and limit, im getting 50k everyday, and i got my first 50k today, see yah!
  4. i would like to try this one, both style on fishing tips!haha
  5. lots of addicts here on stake, hope thispost help other,
  6. this is what i love the most, form 1 sat to 5 million? how longyou hunt for this sir? this is raelly awaesome
  7. wow faris its you again, you definitely is a legend here.