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  1. how do you normal bet? low bet hi profit? hi bet low profit? im trying to observe my bet, i love doing high bet low profite but low risk of losing , but when i lose i lose high amount of satoshi, i also try low bet high win but lots of bust before hitting the win, i usually do this on hunts, and i enjoy it, but in the end,always end up busted, coz im just having fun, not trying to make money here, what about you? share your thoughts,
  2. mikasa13

    1satoshi to million satoshi

    ow unbelievable, makes me get my calculator and compute, and its true, need 20win to get 1million only with 1 sat? good guide ,,
  3. mikasa13

    Bad experience ?

    winning 700k on dice,form 50k. and losing it again on dice, haha.
  4. mikasa13

    Boomerang Or Fly-Fishing .. BeggarsTechnique

    i would like to try this one, both style on fishing tips!haha
  5. mikasa13

    new way of giveaway in forum

    i think all of us will be aiming for 100k,haha., who want to get 10k for a hunt? waited for 1week then get only 10k? haha
  6. mikasa13

    Problem gambling

    lots of addicts here on stake, hope thispost help other,
  7. mikasa13

    Black jack

    stake blackjack is better, win real cash,
  8. mikasa13

    How i play plinko

    ok ill try now., hope im lucky like you
  9. mikasa13

    How long do you wait till you cash your forum?

    i think bcoz me being excited , ill try with first 2k i get, then after that, ill try to make 200k or more before next withdrawal, i think its ez to make 200k here than in stake.com, haha
  10. no luck no win! ahahha 3 day joined no win
  11. ive play on this site before, is this site legit and paying? coz im being confused on all the game it has, does it really pay?>
  12. Mines:650,975,285 placed by mikasa13 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 166.40x Profit: 0.00016540
  13. mikasa13

    Devastating stake birthday outcome...

    10aug is bday of stake? this is great but is there any party on that day? i missed it, now i need to wait for another 1 more year, thx tho
  14. Plinko:640,969,496 placed by mikasa13 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 420.00x Profit: 0.00041900
  15. mikasa13

    Will you tip when you win big

    ofcourse i will, why be so greeed when other is happy getting just little amount, if i win i definitely share my happiness by giving some who really need it, i know some players who is so generous and give other and dont expect any in return. why not share if you know the youll bust it in the long run, atleast you profit a friend? right? best thing you could win in life is a friend,