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  1. True indeed that's why walking into gambling without some game plan makes all go crazy We all are guilty of it Most important is that we recognise it and try to correct it some what.
  2. amarcrypto

    Taking a new look on Martingale

    Odds are pretty good but doing it is not at all recommended, you will make more claiming faucets than running this whole day. Martingale will work but the results are not worth wasting time for. If you just set the minimum as the base bet and double on every loss you will only make 0.00000001*60*60*24=0.00086400 DOGE in a Day. Or 0.31536 DOGE in a year. There are definitely other good ways to work out but setting it up just to avoid long losing streaks is waste of time.
  3. amarcrypto

    Mines Multiplier Calculator

    Try this https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/p/mines.html
  4. Yes its popular due to its simplicity either you make profit or bust simple logic. The main flaw still is that this system was built with the chasing losses mentality from the start. True if we have stop limits martingale still work very good but most using martingale rarely have stop limits in place. Its not only you we all fall into all from time to time
  5. We all are trying our best not to chase losses but its hard to do in the moment. Indeed a lot of patience is needed in gambling Do not play too safe that when you take a blow you are not able to cope with that or bet such that you get no results after playing for too long. Its easy to make 5-10% profit within an hour of gambling. Limits are very important as there is no ceiling while gambling it only ends most of the time when you have nothing left to gamble. Game plan while gambling is totally possible. Its unpredictable game but having some game plan helps you in better placing your bets, better handling the uncertainty and most importantly it helps you to stop at the right moment. A simple game plan will be like If i do not hit a green with flat betting within 30 attempts I cut my losses there or if I hit 2 green on roulette I stop. A game plan is simple things which we must follow while gambling like how we are going to bet, when to take profit or cut losses and walk away/stop. Its not that hard to come up with one no matter how unpredictable the game is. Trading is unpredictable too, traders too rely on proper risk management we too can rely on proper risk management too. Best of luck in improving on all those
  6. Welcome, hope you try your best not to chase losses and lose your patience while gambling next time. Best of luck.
  7. True chasing losses is never the right game plan to start with yet sadly martingale is still popular.
  8. We all very much know that winning and losing happens quite often in gambling. Also we all know its important to not chase losses, be patient, emotionally disciplined, set limits and have a game plan for winning. Here are some of the things we know we should not do yet we still do it: 1) Chasing loses only leads to more losses. We still chase losses. 2) We should not let our emotions ( fear, greed, etc) control us. Yet we still let our emotions control us. 3) Patience is important yet most of us are impatient. 4) Limits are very important but we rarely set limits while gambling. 5) Without having some game plan we know we will never win. Yet we still start betting without any plan. Which one do you do most often that you know it leads to loss yet you still do it? For me I am still working on improving my patience. Most of my losses is mainly because I get impatient sometimes.
  9. amarcrypto

    How do you set up your auto bets?

    100% increase on loss is high for 2.2x try 90% on loss. If you set up the bet to handle around 21 losses in a row you will be fine most of the time. Have some stop loss, if you have more than 25 losses in a row on 3x stop your bets and start again. Stick with 55% on loss 60% is a somewhat high.
  10. amarcrypto

    Gambling a job or a hobby

    Taking up gambling as a hobby is not at all recommended as its highly addicting. If you are going to make it a hobby some serious will power will definitely be needed when you decide to quit as gambling can easily become one's habit. The best option is to take it up professionally so that you can at least get some benefits from like pay some bills or get some extra money to your bank account. Also the plus point is that when you do it professionally its not that hard to quit as you will definitely have much better control over your emotions and you won't be gambling just because you want to. Making it a job I won't recommend at all. Gambling is only good if you do it less, too much gambling no matter how good you are will only lead to loss.
  11. amarcrypto

    Gambling Addiction

    Gambling addiction is real. Would have been addicted to gambling but having something to accomplish or goal helps you avoid the addiction. For me was learning everything in general about gambling - the psychology, gambling responsibly, how to make some consistent profits and all that. Now when I want to make profits its just numbers nothing else and when I want to have fun I forget the numbers and focus on the fun part only. Setting a time limit is important too, the max time I gamble in a day is 1 hour. Its easy to spend your entire day gambling neglecting everything, without a clear game plan or goal getting involved in gambling is an open invitation to getting addicted to it.
  12. amarcrypto

    How do you set up your auto bets?

    Good, try switching with the second one sometimes and see how it goes too Mines is definitely a great game to play its hard to say no to those high multipliers. Nice win. Manual bets are best for winning. Auto is mostly for repetitive betting which is necessary most of the time for specially for those high multipliers.
  13. amarcrypto

    How do you set up your auto bets?

    Yes balance, patience and time are equally important too. Its all about finding which one suits you the best. Definitely but no one is patient enough to do that. Too conservative is also not good as 10-20% loss is pretty common in gambling no matter how safely its set up, making less than 5-10% profit in a day is not recommended at all. Just say If someone makes 1% daily for 10 days straight and all of a sudden 10-20% loss hits, he/she will most likely do some risky bets and lose even more. Best of luck Its always good to test out new strategies every now and then.
  14. Here are some of the common ways in which auto bets can be set up: 1) Very Low Risk Mode: Use minimum base bet and minimum increase on loss. Highly unlikely outcomes taken into consideration like over 50 reds on 2X Multiplier. It can also be called as the mining mode. Having a good balance is do recommended if you are going to try this one out. 2) Low Risk or Safe Mode: Somewhere in the middle between the very low and medium risk mode. An example will be, setting up auto bets such that it can handle about 25-30 reds in a row on the 2X Multiplier. 3) Medium Risk Mode: Set up done such that it can handle slightly more ( like extra 5 bets more ) than the most likely streak of loss. 4) High Risk Mode: Set up such that its just enough to handle only the most likely streak of loss for any multiplier. Of course whatever auto bet mode you are running on its important to have some limits so you do not end up losing all your balance. Which one is your favourite mode of running auto bets? What's the longest auto bet session you have run so far? Personally I stick with the medium risk mode. Longest session so far was 10 hours straight. Here is a quick guide to properly set up auto bets: https://www.smartgamblingedge.com/2018/07/how-to-properly-set-up-auto-bets.html
  15. amarcrypto

    Laughing all the way!

    For me its both have some fun and if I do win some good amounts hit withdraw. Its very easy to get stuck in a recovery game when you win a good amount and lose it. So I do myself a favour and hit withdraw. Fun and profit is both equally important. If you aim only for profit it will get boring fast and if you play only for fun you will always need to deposit. A right balance is important between the two.