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  1. stokarino

    🏆 [1 BTC] 2 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    So we passed 2billionth bet... who won?
  2. stokarino

    Favourite movie of all time ?

    Bohemian Rhapsody & Interstellar
  3. stokarino

    Maximum thrill with 1 bomb

    I like to play with 2 mines, higher multiplier, more "thrilly" still ez
  4. stokarino

    What Is Your Longest Loss Streak For a Specific Chance?

    Dice x36, about 440 reds, roulette green hunt;375 reds,
  5. stokarino

    Plinko 1000x 2 times in 10min

    Gratz! 2bad it is only ltc
  6. stokarino

    What have you learned when gambling?

    It can. Easy come... Easy go...
  7. Works like charm, ty!
  8. stokarino

    Has any one hit 9900x two times in a row ?

    Lotto Jackpot is also impossible?
  9. stokarino

    Has any one hit 9900x two times in a row ?

    It is not impossible, but it is very unlikely
  10. I use app called Delta, its free and you can have more portfolios.
  11. stokarino

    Slot Strategies and Does Slots Fit in Stake?

    PVP coinflip could be also fun ^.^
  12. stokarino

    Is there a way to make dice faster?

    Or try PrimeDice, i think it is a bit faster
  13. stokarino

    Largest Slot machine wins

    Once I got 120 something € from a 50€ bonus on slots^^
  14. stokarino

    Movies to watch before u die, and WHY

    Interstellar, because it is just epic and mindblowing!