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  1. I used to play 9 numbers only on old keno but new keno is just way too different
  2. My fave movie of all time is The Passion of the Etude.
  3. The person giving the rain should have this after their name : 🍆💦 and the ones receiving should have 👅
  4. Every time i've hit 1000x on plinko it's always through manual betting. NEVER on auto betting. ever.
  5. There should be a wild joker card.
  6. I haven't hit 1kX in plinko since obama was president of the USa
  7. Nah I think Bitcoins gonna die out like dubstep did. nah mean
  8. Strat Z; Use a Bible as a mousepad and PRAY dearly while betting that you don't bust because you're gonna need it. After that Pray harder. I call it - PLUG AND PRAY
  9. I'm dislexic and colorblind but I can distinguish the shapes and shit on Dp
  10. strategic breaks are like trying to stop pissing mid stream. LOTS of willpower to do it
  11. I ask for rakeback atleast 6 times a day. Ask any support member. They really hate me.
  12. If I hit 1000x on plinko, I'd buy jakubb an english teacher caused "hitted' is really bothering me