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  1. ieatkdubsass

    Edward's Stream Giveaway Thread

  2. ieatkdubsass

    🏆 Stake Stream Giveaway

  3. ieatkdubsass

    Another School that will offer online course on crypto

    That's pretty innovative
  4. ieatkdubsass

    Your plinko biggest payouts!

    128k eth lol.
  5. Lol catholic crypto currency?
  6. ieatkdubsass

    Will btc go to a price of $5k anytime soon?

    hopefully it goes back to 20k
  7. ieatkdubsass

    How did you get your first BTC ?

    When i was ordering drugs on the silk road. Cough I meant when I was ordering stuff on amazon. Met some dude IRL. Super Sketch
  8. I usually just go to the roulette table super smashed blacked out drunk, throw a buncha money on roulette and pretend to know what I'm doing to impress the ladies. (yet to impress anyone)
  9. ieatkdubsass

    Nvidia frowns upon miners

    What cards are you running? I'm too poor to upgrade my GPU because the're so damn expensive :(. I currently am running an older GTX 960. Hoping to upgrade to a 1060 soon. Maybe an AMD vega card
  10. ieatkdubsass

    Nvidia frowns upon miners

    I say let them have the AMD cards lol. AMD gpu's need all the help they can get anyways XD. #TeamGreen.
  11. ieatkdubsass

    Nvidia frowns upon miners

    That is great that they are banning miners from using the consumer grade cards to mine with the upcoming release of the Volta architecture. What do you guys think? Was this a good move on their part? Making the miners fork up extra cash to buy the more expensive cards to mine? I surely don't like paying a premium for a 2 year old card just because a buncha miners bought up the cards and inflated the price. Kudos to Nvidia
  12. ieatkdubsass

    'Wheel' game mode improvement notes

    Tbh it was a huge let dowen for thre hype it built. The hypetrian derailed harder than AMD's hype-train
  13. ieatkdubsass

    Plinko 1000x

    Good job man. I've yet to hit it this month
  14. ieatkdubsass