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  1. I once hit 30 free spins and 15 of them didn't hit. lol
  2. sell drugs on the darkweb to the rest of india make bank $$$
  3. i'd remove all 100 of my friends and start fresh cus half of them are banned anyways
  4. My fave movie of all time is The Passion of the Etude.
  5. Strat Z; Use a Bible as a mousepad and PRAY dearly while betting that you don't bust because you're gonna need it. After that Pray harder. I call it - PLUG AND PRAY
  6. I usually just go to the roulette table super smashed blacked out drunk, throw a buncha money on roulette and pretend to know what I'm doing to impress the ladies. (yet to impress anyone)
  7. 0 Referalls because 0 friends ;(
  8. I'd buy a pink lamborghini and drive my homegirl @wilbur around.
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