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  1. Jjdjjdjms

    Where is this 5000x?

    Where tf is it gone. Man this place just loves doing the surprise updates.
  2. Jjdjjdjms

    LTC deposit to BTC address

    Well, hopefully they atleast thank you for your donation.
  3. Jjdjjdjms

    🎄 [Races] Christmas Season

    Yeah in all honesty why is sam allowed to participate. You guys disqualify people in other challenges for the smallest of errors. Literally for the smallllest of fuck ups. What a disgrace Sam has a poor reputation especially of defrauding other users in the past and you allow this? what a joke! its apparent mods are working with sam and will allow him to claim the over 1 btc prize. I expect my post to be censored or banned for pointing out the elephant in the room. because mods don't approve of me pointing it out but essentially approve of other users scamming other users for person gain. Not a good look.
  4. Jjdjjdjms

    Shakepay for North America

    Hey stake users. Recently it's been a little difficult for Canadians and Americans to buy bitcoin, with shakepay you have several options with two of them being instant. I've been using it on the regular for a couple weeks now without a hitch. Heres my referall link and once you buy 100 $ worth of btc you'll get a free 30 dollars worth. https://shakepay.me/r/QVPOPZY
  5. Can someone just post the bloody direct link. Yeesh.
  6. I'm with you snike. Most people play on mobile so what's the hold up? Make it so mobile can withdraw forum balance. i don't even know what mine is ive never withdrawn it let alone seen the balance.
  7. It's understandable that most of you don't know, but the word "provably" is not even an English word. It just happened that someone who was involved in early dice sites created the word and it makes sense to us dummies who believe the word is real along with the odds.
  8. Jjdjjdjms

    How much money did you bust in your gambling career?

    You guys are rookies. In my gambling career not only this site, but other sites and heading to casinos in real life I'm out over 500k cad easy.
  9. Personally I think you should all take your gambling money and move out on your own. If your old enough to gamble your old enough to rent. grow up everybody, you can't live under your parents roof forever you bunch of bums.
  10. I've had this occur also. .01 bets 3 mines. Once you reveal 6 or 7 diamonds it'll say profit on next tile and it's actually showing what your profit will be total after you click the tile.
  11. Jjdjjdjms

    Review Needed About Sam9597

    Computer you got a better chance investing in me on here then having him return btc. personslly I think sam has burned most bridges/gambled them away and is now pulling at strings.
  12. Yeah I'd love to know OPs reasoning. Who cares if someone finds your depo address. They can't access it anyways. Worst case they use it to depo crypto and you get free funds in your account. Whats the problem? this is is a classic case of someone whose uneducated on the system but still uses the system.
  13. Jjdjjdjms

    Come watch this video

  14. Jjdjjdjms

    Selling 2 Xbox live 12 month membership cards

    These are still availible if anybody is looking.