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  1. I've had this occur also. .01 bets 3 mines. Once you reveal 6 or 7 diamonds it'll say profit on next tile and it's actually showing what your profit will be total after you click the tile.
  2. Jjdjjdjms

    Review Needed About Sam9597

    Computer you got a better chance investing in me on here then having him return btc. personslly I think sam has burned most bridges/gambled them away and is now pulling at strings.
  3. Yeah I'd love to know OPs reasoning. Who cares if someone finds your depo address. They can't access it anyways. Worst case they use it to depo crypto and you get free funds in your account. Whats the problem? this is is a classic case of someone whose uneducated on the system but still uses the system.
  4. Jjdjjdjms

    Come watch this video

  5. Jjdjjdjms

    Selling 2 Xbox live 12 month membership cards

    These are still availible if anybody is looking.
  6. As title states we should be able to see who referred us. Secondly, who has g referall because I recall signing up on my own/no ref so I want to make sure somebody isn't profiting from me.
  7. Was ranting and rescind my feelings
  8. I was playing before my supper and had gotten my balance up to .12 i stopped playing for supper, resumed playing afterwards for a good hour with no issues. There was an error and I was forced to refresh (several times before this happened ) with no issue. Suddenly another forced refresh and bam I'm missing .05 eth. I contact support to tell them what's up, lo and behold they tell me there is no problem. Go through my bets and make this right stake. It's 15 dollars worth of eth and you won't even go through my history to make sure this is the case. Admin and support are no help and offer that I go through my bets myself. Really? That's your job to do. i want support to post proof of calculations for all to see and understand how it works, I mean if Im wrong, there should be no problem showing the proof that I'm wrong Sorry support but but I don't have the tools that you have to go through thousands of bets. What a coincidence. So, the point of my post is that I will pay someone the .05 eth if they create an app that can go through our own previous bets for a sense of security and being clear and open that will calculate loss win between certain bets on that note, admins should put exact time stamp on when deposits were made because a 24h window is just too great. either way I'm not happy because this could have been .05 btc if the case is that your balance is not safe then I suggest taking regular screen shots because support will always rule in the casinos favour ive been gambling online for 5+ years and never had an issue of dissapearing balance. this should be a wake up call for stake because you don't roll out underdeveloped software especially when it pertains to money, leaving stake and the player open to problems (plain and clear example , player hitting 5mil multiplier in 3 accounts) stake has more on the line then the average user so why the sweet hell would you guys risk large amounts of money due to underdeveloped updates? Because they will always rule in the casinos favor. also, side note for all players. Having a gambling licence from curaçao is worthless. For the sake of a little time and little to no money I could get "accredited" by curaçao gaming commission don't believe me just start the process of arbitration/complaints with them and the links that Stake itself provides either don't work or eventually lead you to nowhere that you can actually file a complaint simply google the "accrediting company" and you'll see for yourself that it's all fake and a shroud. now that being said, I still play despite the lack of security for players and this should be a call for more transparent practices especially on stakes accord. And I swear to god if another admin comes here and posts the same response as the others I'm going to lose it, POST THE PROOF OF ME BETTING AND LOSING MY MONEY. There should be no reason as to why you can't show me and everybody else the proof.
  9. I can't even look at previous bets since update to post for challenge. Contests should be halted until everything is fixed
  10. Roulette:723,871,883 placed by Jjdjjdjms Wagered: 0.00020000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00700000
  11. Keno:723,866,910 placed by Jjdjjdjms Wagered: 0.00004500 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.00096750
  12. Jjdjjdjms

    In hilo possible?

    You'll never see 5 a let alone the elusive 4 over 800k games played and seen the 4a once. Youll see triple at least once a day.
  13. Jjdjjdjms

    Stake website down?

    Yeah it's down dog.
  14. What's currently going on with stake? And why in the heck isn't there a live status board here. Whenever steak has issues or goes down and admin should come here and say what's up. Support can't even be accessed now..
  15. I have two 12 months Xbox live subscriptions for sale. Will sell one for equivalent of 50 usd converted to btc or eth at the time. Reply here or send pm on casino.