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  1. Jjdjjdjms


    As the title states, im willing to exchange your eth for btc or vice versa! for a small 1.5% I can swap either eth for btc or btc for eth. if your wondering why I would offer this, I would ask you why not? for whatever reason you want to do a swap I'm willing to help you out! long time player with lots of rep and I will not be negotiating any terms. the terms are as follows- send pm on stake to start contact. discuss amount to be exchanged and how much you will receive. player will send tip for amount to be exchanged first and then I will send exchange amount. any questions or concerns please reply or pm. *this is not an offer for a loan if you contact me regarding this service and expect a loan, you will be added to the NONO list
  2. Jjdjjdjms

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Smiley wonky face
  3. Jjdjjdjms

    Eye Tattoo

    Someone did this to the self in my country (Canada) not long ago, maybe a few months and one eye got super infected and fucked up. I like tattoos but I'm not friggin around with my vision!!
  4. Jjdjjdjms

    Trading Package

    Well that's clearly skem. Edited 5 minutes ago. He said if you do shit like this you can never enter again! Not worth it.
  5. Jjdjjdjms

    Trading Package

    Aww heck, yeah maybe you should have said numbers between x-x cause we got people saying low numbers like 1-2 and 3 then the odd random numbers in the hundreds. Shucks i I didn't win, hopefully next time and thanks Sam!
  6. Jjdjjdjms

    Trading Package

    I'll go with number 16. love seeing you hit the high roller mate! .5 and I could pay off my truck In full! of course I would keep as much here as possible hahah im a sucker for gambling ! Good luck to all and danke sam 👍
  7. Jjdjjdjms

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Happy Days | Mines Challenge!

    Jjdjjdjms Mines:243,240,485 placed by Jjdjjdjms Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 73.95x Profit: 0.00007295 Figured out how to post properly
  8. Jjdjjdjms

    [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    No worries m8, you let me know what your comfortable with for the first time.
  9. Jjdjjdjms

    [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    Username: jjdjjdjms Amount : 0.01 Interested: 10% Payback date : 24 hrs please advise
  10. Jjdjjdjms

    Levels to BTC! Free BTC for Stake Users!

    Username : jjdjjdjms level 11
  11. Jjdjjdjms

    Levels to BTC! Free BTC for Stake Users!

    Jjdjjdjms Level 11 enjoying the site!!