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  1. ever since we were kids , we were fascinated by super heroes and their special powers. We wished we had these unique abilities so that we can either protect the citizens or make our life easier SO IF U WERE A SUPERHERO WHAT WOULD UR SUPERPOWER BE? mine would be telekinesis so i can control thing with my mind.like turn on/off the light switch when im lazy to get out of bed
  2. Hey there, just wanted to ask if u have any anime suggestions so i can watch it on my vacation 😂 if u have pls suugest some


    lets play a game in which u give names of places whose starting letter should the ending letter of the previous location NO REPEATING OTHERS ANSWERS.......

    Favorite Pokemon

    What is ur favorite pokemon among all . mine is GRENINJA ASHGRENINJA to be exact
  5. whats is ur favorite among these two...... and what is the reason u like it mine is MARVEL bescause all the humor and plots of the movies