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  1. 8 months ago it was reported in news.bitcoin.com that few cryptocurrency debit cards forced to shut down due a problem regarding the bank WAVE-CREST HOLDINGS. as their license was revoked ,many crypto card were forced to stop its debit card operations. BITPAY says that they are now working to sunset Bitpay accounts related to the Wave Crest-issued Bitpay card — In 30 days, they will be turning off access to your Bitpay card dashboard. If you need to store your card’s transaction data for any purpose, please export your transaction data before your card dashboard access ends on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018." source:https://news.bitcoin.com/bitpay-phases-out-crypto-debit-cards-for-european-cardholders/


    what did one orphan say to the other orphan? "GET IN THE BATMOBILE ROBIN"
  3. ever since we were kids , we were fascinated by super heroes and their special powers. We wished we had these unique abilities so that we can either protect the citizens or make our life easier SO IF U WERE A SUPERHERO WHAT WOULD UR SUPERPOWER BE? mine would be telekinesis so i can control thing with my mind.like turn on/off the light switch when im lazy to get out of bed
  4. After the toshi platform changed to a coinbase they ran a test on both ios as well as android and here are the results and more information on the the wallet Testing the Non-Custodial Coinbase Wallet The Coinbase wallet provides users with a platform that manages ETH, and ERC-20s but also allows crypto collectible storage, and the ability to garner air drops. Furthermore, the application allows users to access decentralized token exchanges and relayer platforms. News.Bitcoin.comgave the wallet a test-run on iOS this week and the Coinbase Wallet does, in fact, allow the owner to procure their own private keys with a recovery phrase. The user is asked right away to write down and store the phrase in a safe location, but they can also choose to ‘backup later’ as well. Followed by the backup step, the wallet then asks if the user wants to utilize biometry (fingerprint) or set up a less secure six-digit passphrase. After all the security steps are complete the Coinbase Wallet provides an ethereum address screen that can also show tokens and collectibles. News.Bitcoin.com testing out the new Coinbase Wallet on iOS. Then there’s a decentralized application browser inside the wallet, which features a wide variety of apps, gaming platforms, and marketplaces that can be used with ethereum, and other token assets. The wallet also has a messenger where you can chat with friends or chat and interact with group chats and wallet bots like the @Toshibot. Overall, the wallet is fairly intuitive like most light clients out there today, but people who are interested in the token economy will find it more useful. When BCH, BTC, and LTC are added, the wallet software will likely open up to a much larger audience. The Coinbase Wallet is available for Android systems and iOS and existing Toshi users just need to upgrade the client’s firmware to see the changes. The decentralized app browser works with any platforms that use web3.js, and the wallet also offers native support for ERC-721 tokens. For those who have absolutely no interest in the ethereum ecosystem, they may want to wait until Coinbase adds BCH, LTC, and BTC. source link-https://news.bitcoin.com/testing-the-newly-transformed-non-custodial-coinbase-wallet/
  5. Toshi Platform Changes to Coinbase Wallet Next time someone tells you Coinbase is “not a wallet” you can tell them that the San Francisco firm does offer a non-custodial wallet that provides users with private keys. The wallet is called Coinbase Wallet, a rebrand of the Toshi Wallet the company introduced back in April of 2017. On August 15, the Coinbase engineer Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu revealed the ETH and ERC-20 wallet known as Toshi was changing names but the Coinbase Wallet will have a slew of new features including the ability to hold bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC) and litecoin (LTC). “Toshi was developed by the Coinbase team a little over a year ago — When the product launched, it featured the world’s first mobile dapp browser — Later, we became the first wallet to launch crypto collectibles,” Coelho-Prabhu explains. As part of our effort to be the most trusted brand in the space, we also set out to provide best-in-class secure storage. With Coinbase Wallet, your private keys are secured using your device’s Secure Enclave and biometric authentication technology.
  6. Lel I didn’t know u posted this
  7. To keep up a healthy trading environment and pleasant trading experience on OKEX,” the exchange posted on their blog, “our auditing team has carried out comprehensive monitoring on the market and projects. We discovered that some projects have met the token delisting/hiding thresholds stated in the OKEX Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline.” Okex was careful to note tokens will be delisted on “12:00 Aug 17, 2018,” asking exchange users to cancel their pending orders before delisting, or the orders will be canceled with their assets returned to their spot account by the system automatically after delisting Delisted pairs include “Against USDT: LA, READ, SNM Against ETH: UTK, WRC, QVT, SAN, UBTC, DNT, OAX Against BTC: UBTC, BCX, BT2, WBTC, UKG, LA, SAN, ATL, REQ, BRD, SNM, VEE, TIO, REF, UTK, WRC, QVT, DNT”. Source link-https://news.bitcoin.com/altcoin-purge-begins-okex-delists-28-token-pairs/
  8. On Wednesday, August 15, blockchain firm and mining organization Coingeek, led by entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, announced that the company has signed a deal with Canada-based Squire Mining Limited. Coingeek details the company will have exclusive rights to Squire’s new ASIC chips and mining rigs that mine bitcoin cash (BCH) and a variety of other cryptocurrencies.. ‘Moreover, Squire has also entered into an exclusive distributor agreement with associates of Bitcoin BCH’s largest mining company, Coingeek.com, which will be granted the exclusive right to market, promote, solicit, sell and distribute Squire’s new ASIC chips and mining rigs to Bitcoin BCH and other altcoin miners throughout the world’ source link-https://news.bitcoin.com/squire-partnership-gives-coingeek-exclusive-rights-to-10nm-asic-chip/
  9. Hey there, just wanted to ask if u have any anime suggestions so i can watch it on my vacation 😂 if u have pls suugest some
  10. After his phone got hacked twice in less than a year , the crypto currency investor Mr. Micheal Terpin is repertedly suing the largest telecom frim AT&T after the hackers stole 24 Million USD in worth of digital assets.he also adds than the employees had commited a sim swap fraud which caused his loss. He also said “What AT&T did was like a hotel giving a thief with a fake ID a room key and a key to the room safe to steal jewelry in the safe from the rightful owner,” Not only does he want his 24 million back but also an extre 200 million as payment for punitive damage Source link - https://news.bitcoin.com/bitangels-co-founder-sues-att-for-224-million-over-cryptocurrency-hack/
  11. https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-org-removed-from-bitcoin-core-website/
  12. About 4-5 days ago news.Bitcoin.com reported on a dispute regarding the removal of the owner of Bitcoin.org, an anonymous figure known as ‘COBRA.’ At the time a Github contributor stated an issue on the website’s repository, saying that Cobra had become untrustworthy for showing support towards the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Then the CEO of Blockstream and a large group of Bitcoin Core supporters insisted the domain should be handed over to someone else. Since then the maintainers of the BTC repository also removed all of the associated links to Bitcoin.org from the Core client’s website.