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  1. hi eddie, win a lot, good luck vinka1976
  2. i wish all stakers, happy new years 2019 and bessing you and your homes being together with the people you love, wishing that in the new year successful and good luck on everything you want for good, i send you a lot of kisses and a lot of hugs to all the stakers...... with love vinka1976
  3. from Colombia , I'm Colombian
  4. thats bullshit site, dont waste your time, that site is a scam. you stuck in some point and you never withdraw. i tested it, thats my job, teste every miner or similar that pop-up
  5. its tru, that browser really pays, i use it every day and i have proof of that, but what's it is not true is the amount of satoshis you can get, i mean, you reach the minimum withdraw 1000 sats in 3 day, and i am talking about that i have a core 7i pc, so its up to you
  6. no, most of the time i bust, trying to get a good profit, i dont know why. lately it has been a big truble to get a good figure, but not necessary a good one, i can say 99% bust
  7. 1.stake 2.primedice 3.fortunejack 4.bitstarz 5.7bitcasino
  8. i love animes too, i am watching BLEACH after i watched DEATH NOTE, i guessi want some more from the SHINIGAMIS, both stories are so cool
  9. pure luck, in my case, i probably could have busted, anyway congrats to hit that amount
  10. bet, bet and more bet, for god sake, its a casino, deposit and bets and if you have luck , you can win some. Good luck
  11. those are old news xtine, muchbtter if you create a topic about the countries that have atms and accept crypto debit cards
  12. i am referring to this because every single day i see on chat very unusual names and i would like to know what is the reason to put those curious names, jus that , have fun, (every nickname has a story behind it) tell us why