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  1. BLXN

    my experience playing mines game

    I admire your patience. .. 700k eth is a few bets to me, but I know after I've busted I could have been much more patient, and made it into more. Nice wins, nice withdraw. ^__^
  2. BLXN

    Is it ever a good idea to go only low%m

    people do the dumbest, craziest shit when they have too much money 0.0
  3. BLXN

    Challenges and linked Stake account

    sounds like bureaucracy to me. I don't see why there would be an issue- since one could easily prove that they made the bet- perhaps a secondary link could be provided in the account options- since all alts are likely known to the server by simple IP association.
  4. BLXN

    Effects of Long hours on Gambling?

    first of all ... lol. People are fucked It should be noted as well that the Sandwich is rumoured to have been invented to serve the Earl of Sandwich a healthy meal so that he could continue to gamble. Now to the point- yeah, most of my [worst] decisions [pertaining to risk assessment] has come from *cough*stimulantinduced* sleep withdrawal. There is a wealth (ha) of information on the performance-reducing effects of sleep deprivation, and I must say I agree with most of the documentation, as I've verified them through my own actions. This is why they pump oxygen into casinos...
  5. BLXN

    Hitting the challenge today - but twice!

    Nice hits ^_0 the odds aren't too astronomical, 600.875x is >99.83 on the plane of dice, which happens pretty often, or enough that it isn't too surprising to see. congrats!
  6. BLXN

    Why am I playing dice? (history and advice)

    Yeah, the whole bank management is alien to me - speaking for one party, not both, of course. I am trying, and becoming more effective, but ayyy, the busts.
  7. BLXN

    What do you guys use Alts for?

    I like the variation of seeds, personally. and it's nice to be anonymous sometimes.
  8. BLXN

    My HiLo Obsession

    I hit a couple of triple aces, and triple kings the other night with some nice bets, and came away rather pleased with HL. Now how to hit 5 Kings, Faris?
  9. BLXN

    Why am I playing dice? (history and advice)

    This is sound advice, and I appreciate the time you took to give it. All I play is dice as well, and I find it difficult to come out victorious, although I can make 0.001 into .04
  10. BLXN

    Blackjack tips which will help you to win!

    you missed: never play against an infinite deck..
  11. Francis Bacon β€” 'The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.' One day I'll try out keno, but until then, I'll just stick with "dice" . Are you referring to consecutive high multipliers? or consecutive high probability hits? you can get 15-20 at 1.38x, anywhere.
  12. oh, that would be precious. :3 yes plz.
  13. yeah. and then other times it's like every decision is incorrect, and the dice are fighting you tooth&nail.
  14. BLXN

    Last hilo win I will share

    nice hit Yeah, why is it so hard to bank some winnings, and do it again? drives me crazy.