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  1. hey, radness - that is a solid investment .. i think it would be wise of investors to pick up on Ripple. Think in terms of ripples.. =D
  2. it has to be done casually, and with a single purpose/goal backing your gamble. many gambles make the chance of loss almost impossible to avoid, and so most people will never actually gamble well -- this was no more than entertainment for me for a long time, because i could not separate my business from my personal life, and so i became enmeshed with my losses, and my inability to concentrate/focus on my goals. all of your losses are lessons earned. if you gamble once, and make 10-15%, and tuck it back into your pocket, you have successfully gambled.
  3. omy .. i spent a lot of time here- but lately since i've rejoined the real world, i haven't been around at all! quite an interesting contrast - staying off the methamphetamemes also helps not spend an exorbitant amount of free time here ah, the good ol' days, before the alienation, and dire losses. lol . it's all good times here- the new additions to the VIP program, and races seem to have done very well, and would that i could attend any of it i would- but working, and not gambling it away on dice .. ah.
  4. whatever i get my hands on, or wrestle away from here. .. that is my best bet it would be interesting to see an underdog make it big, and perhaps add a new balance to the market.. ripple always has my interest, the rest will move up and down.
  5. i should add it up .. but omfg xD i've tipped a lot. i have reasoned this is probably because i am bipolar, and do dumb stuff that people with a baseline personality never do - i don't resent giving away so much money, but it would be nice to see any portion of it return, but hey.. if we don't reap here, we reap elsewhere =D
  6. well, for gambling purposes it's actually quite a difference -- the dollar is compressed, and betting becomes more difficult unless you have deeper pockets to roll with. 40 bucks gets you 400k here, where a few weeks ago it was 800k. so <:
  7. oh, well i can't wait to use it. fuck, we are a sordid bunch of nihilists. at least i am. it's like bonzai, but bonzo.
  8. when i first did bonzo by accident i was slightly pissed .. now i miss it. it would save me a lot of rage quitting.
  9. naturally going on the tilt is not going to help you win anything in the long-term, although occasionally it does help break through into making a risk you might otherwise not have taken, and hitting big.. so .. a focused mindset, with a positive expectation can work in the short term, but maintaining positivity in face of facts can result in folly worse than quitting in disgust. . i dunno. whatever the outcome, it's always a learning experience if you are paying attention. so act naturally, that is the surest way to evolution as a person, and as a player.
  10. i've seen quite a few.. i've tried twice in vain, it wasn't too expensive. play big for big money, i guess?
  11. If the global economy takes a collective shit ..but that's unlikley as of yet.
  12. Facebook is useless-- surely the coin will be a superficial trinket coin for bartering for stupid shit people sell/advertise.
  13. that;s a good idea.. a bit safer than the other gambles I've been chasing. lol
  14. you learn a lot about life down in the gutters, buddy! sleeping in your car is a bachelor's apartment wherever you wanna park.
  15. baccarat, or diamond poker, .. blackjack.. anything simulated but dice is kinda meh -- hilo is cool; I used to be somewhat wary of infinite decks, but now with the bot, it's a little more appreciated. i'd love to have something a bit more interactive.