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  1. I am running two computers as a basis for operation, one with 14gb ram and quadcore phenom, as well as a 32gb, i7 - I have an old server that just needs DDR1/2 and a power supply, or a Vista era beast that could do the job as well. It's all about automation, and allocation of task to the right machine 😜 The Vista machine is just sitting there, I don't k now what to do with it at the moment. I had run Tails for a bit, but it was a hassle, and the sensitivity of my use was not that great. heh. It might even be turned on right now. lol
  2. I'm thinking that I might set my one spare rig up to act as a node, if the transaction fees increase it could generate an alright lil pool.
  3. oh, I thought you actually had to hit it. 👊
  4. 7. Know when to stop Okay so this is also one common mistake of a player, they simply can’t stop even if they are already doubled or tripled their money. We just have to learn when to stop I've gone 4x, 10x my money --it usually ends in ruin. I've been thinking on this lately. I need outlets for my winnings - where I can just withdraw, and invest, and start again.
  5. https://www.coindesk.com/you-can-now-get-paid-a-little-for-using-bitcoins-lightning-network/ It works out to be about 2 bucks a month -- 1 satoshi per transaction Interesting concept- perhaps it would be something to invest your time in if you had a spare rig to act as the node. You'll need to download all 200gb of transaction history too.
  6. I understand it is in place because of the pay-per-post system, and that is likely automated. this gives them the ability to throttle cost, and keep spam down. But yeah, I could talk all day about a lot of things ; so I'm like --___--- I won't want to talk about this tomorrow, let me talk naow.
  7. BLXN

    Faucet bug?

    yeah I've always wondered why they don't fix that -- if you look at the ETH, it says 100 sats.
  8. I don't know how to think of my luck -- I won within joining very quickly, on Monday, (was it Monday? my sleeping cycles are crazy, so some days seem like other days) and then won again twice -- but I haven't won the exclusive once yet, and never again on the other giveway.
  9. BLXN

    Do you ......

    Nope... I don't spend that long on the toilet, so why bother? I hear some people take a really long time to take a crap. may I suggest the Squatty Potty?
  10. BLXN

    Edward's Stream Giveaway Thread

    username : blxn cheers
  11. BLXN

    Will you tip when you win big

    Yeah, that's part of the enjoyment of winning big! I tipped out 200k+ when I won the 5mi-x on Mines, and I didn't even know anyone at that point.
  12. BLXN

    Is a way to finish with it ?

    I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me. - Hunter S. Thompson
  13. BLXN

    Weird dream

    I've not dreamt of Bitcoin, but I've had some bizarre dreams- quite a few with celebrities too. The unconscious speaks through archetypes, and symbols- Cruise represents something to you, an influential individual with a cult-of-personality, and the cult to match.. one might transpose this onto the Bitcoin cult-ure, and focus on the Whales, and should there be a decision to crash BTC, it would come from the top down, and it would be synchronously orchestrated for maximum effect. That being said, perhaps you've had a premonition? Or were were drifting through the airwaves while you slept, and picked up on an interesting signal? Or just the brain concocting the usual fantasy.