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  1. I am going to assume that you have best intentions, however you are either lazy, or simply a case of poor reading comprehension. i have never claimed this site to be greater than it is, and in fact, i find most of it to be a form of commercial slavery, and i am explicit in saying as much. please save the NPC shit for people crying rigged-- if you were to ever speak with me you might discover my interest is mainly with the updates, and the edge's involvement in roll outcome. but if you're bringing me the patented Hegelian Right, without expecting to make compromise with a reasonable left, I'll just suggest you do us all a favour and fuck off, cuz it is rather boring indeed.
  2. yeah, i'm well familiarized with the imminent green after 13 reds 2.2x 365 rolls into a new seed. lol like if I am coming across as a sore loser, first consider: your head is up your ass, and you are projecting your inner world -- i've put a lot of faith in stake-- not just in terms of abiding, and trusting in your commitment to a fair game; but also a shitload of money. more than my wager belies. anyone's lack of resolute understanding of the PF system should give them cause enough to be concerned. -I'm pretty sure however that I've read enough on the matter. but were i to suggest that the only game i ever play is changing all the time, and that doesn't seem to be on the fuckin' level, and suddenly i'm some hard-luck, fall-down sore loser It seems like either one has a 4th year math degree, or one must stoop to trust a team of code wizards whom will not explain why they keep updating the site's games, and how fewer wins after the update do not correlate with the update itself --- that is a really hard story to pick up.....
  3. 0.00012747947% .. that is the percentage associated to finding a 15 red streak of 45%, or 1/7844.4 bets. or in my case 368 bets. What the even fuck? I'm bewildered. So my luck is like the total opposite of a reasonable investment into this game.. only it's actually much more rare to get the fuck like this than it is for the luck -- theoretically every roll has the same odds as the last one to hit the anticipated number >55.45 - whereas it isn't entirely uncommon to see a 99.97 roll within 1000 rolls, which is well out of probablility's calculations. i'm somewhere in between having a nice zen moment, and an autistic seizure. this place leaves me feeling "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" p.s. sorry to my loans, i guess tomorrow, or later tonight. ❤️ lol, life. thanks, stake, this moment's realisation is a result of your bitter medicine. i think your devs rather painstakingly updated already rigid code that was (already) designed with fairness in mind. 2.0 stake, twice as fucking risky ? in all my years (~2) i've not seen anything like this, and i pretty much exclusively play dice, so to say i've seen a lot of rolls, and a lot of seeds-- i can't actually recall that something like this has happened- and being that i can barely afford to suspend my disbelief that i'm being actively fucked for a pretty small amount. there was that brief few days, oh, 6-7 months ago, when I was on the weekly profits list- and it was because I was hitting my stride, the wins weren't just luck, the investment into the game was paying out -- and you know what? the leaderboard went down, and I haven't had 3 days luck since-- and although i'm well aware that correlation does not necessarily indicate causation - you would need to supply me 1.0 ETH, or an equally valued reason to not suspect some kinda straight up fuckery. i'm pretty much worn out on this shit. lol
  4. I was wondering just last night-- did anyone ever win that Doge->$1000 (was that how much it was?) - the gist was you took the bonus to a certain amount, and there was a phat prize-- but i think i got wiped out before 50 bucks, lol-- this site makes me superstitious-- I am incredibly lucky IRL-- here, fuck! the coupon we received the other day .. I got 1000 doge, and i made it to 1200.. /shrugs/ i've played this game for almost 2 years (dice) so you might appreciate why I whine so goddamn much. Ah well. Until the next wave of free shekels. Maybe I'll win today's ETH challenge. Maybe I'll just win, something, some day .
  5. ugh, too many recently- gary looks at my depos and spots me 20% profit, and then somehow I find all the reds needed to bust me. Most of my depos are a loss, really, lol. I wonder if I had just gone for 10% for each one how much I would have made by now? Damn. That blows my mind. Something to think about.
  6. So did it turn out that only ETH was supported? I wasn't aware of this feature at all- however I am quite intrigued, as I am in the market for a new phone. https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/03/06/samsung-galaxy-s10-bitcoin-ethereum/ I can't help but wonder how this will affect the blackmarket? xD
  7. BLXN

    5k dice :D

    Nice I've played so much 2-3x lately that I forget what it's like to hit those. *wistful look to past payouts, but can't find any- moves on* lol
  8. I've yet to see any substantial results from someone who isn't selling a bot using 'advanced AI modeling yadayara machine learning' -- gunbot seems to be accepted somewhat, but even then -- if you can afford to trade, you ought to learn how to do it, or be prepared to hire a professional. or be prepared to let a bot lose everything
  9. I think he is an Emmanual Goldstein-- for those of you whom have read 1984. But more commonly a Tim Osman/Osama-- a good rogue- the Assange of fiat fuckery-- anti-hero extraordinaire! There is nothing that would escape the knowledge of the NSA/Intelligence community's quantum computer syndicate--- think about it.;P
  10. I think there should be a trivia room, that would help a lot of the shit that the regulars are dealing with -- 1000 sats, and 10k eth are not reasonable amounts, but there are enough people from poor countries in English chat that will participate gladly-- very frustrating. One fellow was muted for his redundant math questions, and the next day he was right back at it.
  11. you have to believe that the powers that regulate the fiat market are going to want all of this Wild West shit shut right down-- I wasn't aware of Bittrex, but I'm sad to hear of their troubles just based on their total lack of scrutiny. BTC itself is a puppet of the market-- the Whales have long harpooned that behemoth, and now tug its strings when they want the rest of the market to play along with their whims. With XRP having many close ties to globalist agenda, and fiat exchange services, it might not be long before we see some major changes with regulation.
  12. It seems like an alright game-- i'm much more preferable to PvP/heads up stuff, but a few hands aren't a waste of time, it helps to switch up the seed calcs- and you might find yourself with a flush it's a staple of gambling though-- same with slots! would love to play video slots here.
  13. Martingale is the basics of 2x -- but it's not very profitable -- if your basebet is 1000 sats, and you bet 32k to cover your losses- you made 1k. either roll into the target with smaller bets, and increase when you think it's going to hit, or play a multiplier closer to 3x-- anything above 3 is sure to bust you.. probably in one string of bets. You can expect 10-15x the expected reds, 1/2 / 50% can be 1/20 5% -- stay sharp
  14. BLXN

    Limbo. 1000x +

    well it must be my negative attitude, but i can't hit shit currently sifting for 10000x on Limbo, but I've already busted everything I had. Dice is killing me, Hilo is soooo hit and miss- mines has lost my interest, although I'd love to rent a couple VPS and run bets at 5m-x for a month. I never seem to hatch my plans at the right time-- note to self, think ahead. Long term, as always, seems to be the way to go.. nice hits, sir.