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  1. it's like this .. i had 300 more dollars at the beginning of the day. try explaining that to anyone that isn't a gambler. lol don't do it. and really. unless you have finances that are beyond reproach -- that is -- unless you are real-life rish-bish , you shouldn't be gambling. i used to laugh at lottery ticket buyers.. but this is terrible lol.
  2. 4% own 96%.. the market is a puppet at this point. ;P everything that has happened since day one of White Paper has been a brick laid like any other, imo.
  3. is there a note progression to the anthem, or do we just wing it lol
  4. I have used this site to get client seed names in the past -- definitely an interesting site if you have a fascination with math, or probabilities -- the likelihood of which is great considering the forum you have found this in. enjoy ! http://qrng.anu.edu.au/Lucky.php "This website offers true random numbers to anyone on the internet. The random numbers are generated in real-time in our lab by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum. The vacuum is described very differently in the quantum mechanical context than in the classical context. Traditionally, a vacuum is considere
  5. ha! this is incredible. I'm going to let this fucker run for a while. thanks for the link. it seems like everyone should watch this.
  6. BLXN

    HiloBot vs Manual

    HiLo bot is really hit and miss-- a feel for the algorithm (rhythm) is essential, and a good ability at guessing also helps. I've hit some crazy stuff in very time, but it has busted me faster than i would like to remember.. the new one has a raise on loss option, which is nice, but both bots seem to be lacking a little bit - I've had trouble with the HL bot crashing after a certain number of rolls, which makes it useless for unattended searching. ie 5-6A
  7. yeah, distinguishing probabilities from risks, and catastrophes .. difficult to do, easy to say. what seems to be a harmless move can turn into the worst decision ever, and you're left wondering how exactly you decided to do "one more bet" and bust the whole fucking thing. small targets, long term strategy .. self control.
  8. https://cointelegraph.com/news/report-cryptojacking-campaigns-up-by-29-ransomware-attacks-up-118 Criminals seem to be evolving faster than their White Hat counterparts can keep up with -- I've seen some complaints in chat over my time here regarding trojans, and I've had a few myself, but nothing as drastic as either of the two above- actually, once I had a address switcher on a vOS, and lost some BCH .. but I've since been much more vigilant .. have you ever experienced any sort of malevolent virus such as Ransomware? :s
  9. that is pretty much 95% of all stake experiences.. lol. like, what are we doing that we don't need that money? I wish there was an easier way of selling bitcoin.. all exchanges take long enough that i'd rather keep playing.. and boom. first tile bomb, metaphorically speaking. nice wins tho. there will be more.
  10. screenshots which are strewn throughout folders hold all my precious secrets.
  11. the most successful strategy will use most of the figures, and payouts in a revolving manner in order to keep the results fresh, and to lower the chance of hitting a bad streak. if you hit 10x with martingale, fuck off on that for a while, even if you hit it early, you might not hit it the second time..
  12. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoincom-opens-crypto-exchange-to-compete-with-coinbase-and-binance Bitcoin.com, a website previously focused on covering Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and general cryptocurrencies news, announced the launch of its own digital assets exchange. Per the announcement published on Sept. 2, the platform “will host a slew of trading pairs including popular cryptocurrencies like litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), tron (TRX), zcash (ZEC), stellar (XLM), and EOS.” It is also noted: “Exchange.Bitcoin.com will have markets denominated in base currencies
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing the challenges payout at .1 eth again.. 3 bucks is pretty trivial; and in many cases has people hitting high payout numbers for basically nothing/ 3 bucks. if you're going to make the challenges 20k-x mines..
  14. well, that's incredible. lol. i'm recently onto trading, although I have no idea how to start. I attempted a bit of arbitrage the other day but somehow bought 15k TRX at market price, and fucked my whole game up. lol. ah. living life on the tilt. perhaps, if i may, i will ask for your advice on certain matters before i entrain to trade again. congrats
  15. It really depends on where the variance is in the see -- you could go 3 million rolls and not see 1m-x, and then maybe 2-3 in the next 1.5-2 -- whereas you never know with 5m-x -- any payout can happen in a blink of an eye, that's for sure. Having many bots running these questions rather than asking others might be a better solution, and moreover, a profitable learning experience. I've wondered if you would have any greater chance by randomizing every roll on 5m-x.. waiting for one pattern to hit seems crazy in comparison .. i just don't have the patience to find out right now. although I
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