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  1. BLXN

    is it just me or doge is lucky?

    House Edge and value of bet are interrelated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. BLXN

    Serious max bet issue

    ah, maybe you touched your max-bet somehow by accident when making a new bet? The touch menu is pretty lame; and having your balance divided by 1, 10, or 100 is not ideal for anyone but the House. I've made accidental all-ins before when max-bet was right beside the 2x button. Shitty deal, sir!
  3. BLXN

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    I need to get back on the hunt with some btc.. and saving some screenshots All I saved from my 5148300x win was the info, and then they archived the old bets :<
  4. BLXN

    reminder in dice

    I've tried both ways, and I prefer to keep to one side for high multipliers - although for the very high ones 990+, I will consider changing depending on where the last one was - on either side. I find it easier to stick to one side to better keep track of the probabilities of return. Although ; perhaps I am just lazy
  5. BLXN

    Gambling (occupation or recreation)

    it needs to be periodic, and you need to plan, and adhere to strategy, and immediately cease when goal is reached. You cannot mix pleasure with business in this world - it immediately dissolves into recreation, and you are sure to lose - so it's one mentality, or another, unless you are particularly gifted with stacks of cash, and inherent talent, and predictive skills.
  6. BLXN

    Gambling Addiction

    yeah, some people are really unstable drugs and alcohol play a major part in the lifestyle, as is rather evident from a brief perusal of Stake's chat hah .. our own little Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. ANyway ,not to make light of something so serious, but hey, it's kinda funny .. until you lose your house. :s Would gambling be so popular if there wasn't such disparity in the world? People love money, and what it allows them to do -- and much money has been made on the promise, or hope of more. Just a thot.
  7. BLXN

    US Marshals auctioning 660 forfeited Bitcoin

    0_o holy shit. ... is this benefiting from the proceeds of crime? Shouldn't they burn the bitcoins, or something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. BLXN

    Plinko broke my PC

    a cascading deluge of divisive calculations how was your balance afterward?
  9. BLXN

    Gambling Addiction

    lol.. yeah, I used to have hobbies before I started playing this fuckin game. -____- I wrote music, read history, theorized on new information -- I feel like I'm living in a closed loop, and one that is making me poor. I'm not angry, or upset about it, I just realise that I need to regain semblance of former self, and a true 'balance' in life. Gambling can take more than money from you. Stay safe, and aware y'all
  10. BLXN

    Playing with doge!

    I feel like I'm rolling wooden nickles, or some other trivial form of money. However trivial it may be in small quantities, whomever was hitting those 1mil doge hits the other night on Dice cleaned house..
  11. BLXN

    Importance of 2fa to your Forum account

    or be broke enough that no one ever cares to hack you .. s'funny though, I had a few attempts to login to my forum account as soon as I made it, but nothing since then. I think it's just as practical to use an extremely dense password, hashed, or otherwise.
  12. https://twitch.tv/wauwauenjoylife 4pm UTC this afternoon - be there
  13. BLXN

    5m-x with Doge

    Well, I'd like to think with 5 running on auto I could get a good poll on how to find the multiplier. . I think part of the problem in hitting this is the mystery surrounding it It's tricky to find, and we tend to meddle in things that produce no immediate results, doing things such as change seed, or change game every ~15 minutes - so by removing the human interaction, and allowing the math to do its work, I'll be more prepared to actually hit the multiplier with a serious bet, rather than throwing satoshi at an endless puzzle, hoping it will hit. I think it's all about the seed, and the client seed, actually The seed I'm working on right now saw 5-6 100s in <2500 rolls, so I'm not too worried about luck elsewhere.
  14. Maybe one day I will have the capacity to be content with 5% until then ..
  15. BLXN

    stake roulette Minor problems:)

    I saw 1000xIsMine bet on 30 numbers and still lose games in succession I don't really like digital versions of analog games - Roulette is a game of physics, which translates into luck, that quantum vortex shit where you just had a feeling it was black 16, and red 22 and you went all in both times. .. that shit is the stuff roulette is made for. An algorithm can not replace the rhythm of life. 🍯 Granted, I will always prefer a digital game of mines over that of the real sort.