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  1. BLXN

    Most irritating thing about stake?

    longer chat history, + the place totaly needs a group-kick function like those of gaming servers, an updated bet calculator on dice would be great, cuz 2x your bet on 11x payout isn't so hot..., +| how about those people who have no ability to speak english trying to speak english in the english chat..? there should be a small quiz to determine strength in a language before they are allowed to come in and beg for coins eh.. the list goes on.
  2. A rolling rock gathers no moss.. lol. I will still be rolling in one way, shape, or form.. rolling a doob, probably, at the very least. Gambling surely will have taken a new form in five years- be it via virtual reality interaction, or maybe even a real spherical dice if i'm still doing the same thing -here- in five years--however-- shoot me.
  3. BLXN

    It is the troll that never ends..

    I agree wholeheartedly! the change in the games is OBVIOUS .. and the community has been divided between "what the fuck is going on?" and, "that's the way it goes" .. I'm with the former, as I have played these games obsessively, for long hours at a time, as many others will attest to doing as much - the fact is, these games are starting to really feel like a bite, and if the game was fair before, prior to updates, what are they now?
  4. BLXN

    Losing at Plinko - What feeling does it give you?

    I've never actually busted on Plinko.. which is probably why I have not hit many big payouts on it. I try and play when I haven't seen certain high numbers in a while- otherwise it's just pissing money away in a combination of nihilism, and greed.
  5. seems like plinko is a game for people that have money which is ironic, because Stake seems to cater to the poor, and the young. Hmm!
  6. BLXN

    It builds you up, for a harder fall.

    The odds of losing 15 bets in a row at 49.5000%: Once every 28224.70 bets. If you are smart about your pattern playing, you will rarely see this type of streak - the dice move in predictable ways to a certain extent. I was just saying in chat, make a bet on 2x that you can't cover 8 reds with, and see how quickly that streak will come up-- or make a bet that you can cover 20 reds with, and see how often you will win.. play with the system, and you'll see, it's not as cut and dried as it appears- the Martingale should work, based on statistics, and is the basis for raising a bet.. it's math, who cares if there was a guy named Martingale However, I digress into opinion.
  7. they don't really have any intrinsic value to the average crypto-user -- and like Wry said, the fewer the bitcoins, the greater the value, so - in this way, the general benefits at the expense of the particular. Although -- agreed- it's like hearing of buried treasure somewhere, and thinking you ought to go and dig it up
  8. BLXN

    Rainbot issues concerning Mobile players.

    Aha suddenly everything makes sense, and has a reasonable cause.
  9. if i had access to credit i'd probably do the same thing, only to my credit.
  10. BLXN

    It builds you up, for a harder fall.

    word has it that a couple of alts, and a new pool of seeds to play with helps quite a bit. ;D
  11. lol! well, i wonder how many computers they have set to crack the private key, probably working 24/7. This leads me to wonder about the advancement of cracking as giants like IBM begin to roll out consumer level quantum computer. :3
  12. BLXN

    Expectations for Stake in 2019?

    i would like stake to return to its former state, actually. new stake is skurry.
  13. BLXN

    How greed can affect friendships on Stake

    this place is built on the greed of a corporation.. lol. greed is rampant in every word spilled in the chat. it is very rare, indeed, to find someone who is not in someway afflicted by this curse of gold.
  14. BLXN

    The win rate is it a devil or angel ?

    yeah, i don't like Gary at all. Cyclops would eat humans back in the days of Myth. lol
  15. BLXN

    Martingale high 16 on Plinko

    if you started at 1 sat, and doubled every 1000 bets you would be able to work your way into the odds sufficiently that you would likely get some nice payouts. It's hardly a martingale at 1000 bets a raise, and is rather the basis of wagering to cover loss, in light of the odds given. lol