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  1. Username: Luckycharmer408 Was referred by a friend.
  2. In responce to @BLXN's hissy fit that he will more than likely regret doing, But yes, I find it hilarious indeed, because for one, i never withdrew - if you checked my stats while lookin up my username, you would see i didnt withdraw lol. Secondly, i didnt win 375k, that would of been amazing though. and lastly, you shouldn't loan if you can't afford it. I HAD every intention of paying you back. which i have been, which i dont actually see you mention where i have already started paying you back. All you seem to state is that i havent paid shit, Chipito AKA luckywinner - who are you to judge ? the amount of messages i got on telegram from you hitting me up for shit, on different usernames because why ?? ohhh because you got perm mute for scamming right ? Maybe its a lesson to all, don't LOAN. I've sure learnt my lesson because i've been waiting over a month for people to pay me back all up 0.08btc ... but i dont harrass them. i dont put up posts on forum, i have to watch them post their losses in public chat of them busting. and then telling me they cant pay me back. So blxn, they are the reason you havent got ALL of it back. because i was relying on them to pay me back. its sucks i know, but what the fuck do you expect ? Its an online casino site. and just because you cant gamble and you think im having the time of my life, you gotta go and put me on blast ? LOL! and by the way @wry 110% real... Just to clear that up -
  3. Shinjooooooooo !! Best of luck with stream !! Luckycharmer408 🤩
  4. DICE: 2,335,936,623 placed by luckycharmer408 on 14/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 990x Profit 0.00098900
  5. HILO: 2,255,325,359 placed by luckycharmer408 on 08/01/2019 Wagered 0.00008000 Multiplier 167.30999755859375x Profit 0.01330480