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  1. Whats worked for you? 

    Dice payout x9 increase on lose 15% This strategy for me has brought the best result
  2. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    Thanks for sharing. I try this site.
  3. OlegBarca's Stream #156!!!!!!! STAKE!!! Giveaways!!

    Good luck
  4. SashaKarpik Stream #2 STAKE Giveaways!!!

    Good luck. Profit for you.
  5. Still at bitkoin the high fee and long-term transactions. These are rather shortcomings.
  6. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    I prefer online casinos, I can play as I want and where I want, even when I take a bath. In real casinos, dealers are sometimes dishonest.
  7. I want to be a Stake Streamer!!

    The more streamers the better. Good luck with your first stream.
  8. While I like bitcoin, bitcoin gold knows little about it and I do not want to invest in it.
  9. What illegal gambling have you tried betting?

    Made bets on illegal dog fights.
  10. $1million buyin.. AA vs AA and you lose :D

    This player has iron nerves
  11. Bring me Game

    Bring me : a three fat cops
  12. bitcoin record

    This end december it will go 10k. May be
  13. Zimbabwe using bitcoin as its price reached 13.5k USD

    I do not understand that in Zimbabwe there is another bitcoin course that is different from the whole world or it is a shadow market?