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  1. I thought about it, but I don’t have the patience to wait so long. And in the end, I lose everything. I think if you start to accumulate boost, then it will be a pretty good amount with which it will be much easier to profit from games.
  2. barbaris

    mines - race game?

    This is an interesting strategy for racing. I will need to try it in practice. Since I’m unlucky in racing, I constantly lose all my balance and cannot take a good place. Maybe your strategy will help fix it.
  3. As far as I know, nothing will happen to you. If gambling sites are prohibited in your country, then you can play through a VPN and nothing will happen to you.
  4. It seems to me that the animation and instant bet do not affect the results of the game. I disable these features if I need to get the maximum speed of bets without lags. But I like to play slots with animations and with the instant bet button turned off.
  5. Of course, I am concerned about the price of bitcoin. I am a supporter of a stable price for bitcoin, but I will also not be disappointed if the price starts to rise.
  6. I like slots and I can’t say that I make a profit playing them, but so far this game is my favorite. After all, any game in a casino sooner or later leads to defeat, and this is unfortunately inevitable.
  7. When playing slots, you can only hope for good luck and probably you will not be helped by any strategies here. It’s hard to predict what will happen to you. You just need to wait for your moment of luck.
  8. It seems to me easier to put money in the bank at interest and not worry. And a casino is just entertainment and an opportunity to win some money and it cannot constantly bring you profit without risk.
  9. Yes, the restoration of the lost sometimes leads to much greater losses. Sometimes of course I manage to return the lost with one bet, but this is risky, but also sometimes the risk helps to return the lost and even make a profit.
  10. Stake is undisputed leader among all online casinos and every day it only gets better. I think that soon there will be all kinds of gambling on Stake. Well, of course, not one casino has more generosity than Stake.
  11. Yes, I always react if I like the post or it interested me. Although the reputation does not give any privileges, I still like to do it. Sometimes, in order not to write a message, I just put a reaction.
  12. Definitely win in the casino will help only luck. But it is likely that some mathematical knowledge and abilities can increase the chance of victory, but this cannot guarantee you 100% confidence in victory.
  13. My biggest payout was x120, I haven’t been able to get more payouts so far, but I think it’s still ahead. To catch something more you need to catch at least 45 free spins.