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  1. Well, of course, many will want to be the owner as Eddie. The highest position is always honored and better paid. So I would like to be the owner. Although the team here is excellent and each in its place, so probably everyone wants to be one of them.
  2. It's great I often use this site when booking hotels. This site has quite a few users. If now they give cryptocurrency for this, then this is a very nice extra bonus for everyone who uses this resource.
  3. I'm generally satisfied with everything on Stake. But if there were even more new and unique games, then that would be great. And I think it would be nice to simplify the search for your bets. Because flipping through a bunch of pages is a bit tedious.
  4. I like one game with one set of rules. I like Challenge Limbo, Dice, Whell, Plinko. Most of all I don’t like to compete in Hilo. In manual mode it is too difficult, so those who use a bot win pretty quickly. The bot that is posted on the forum has few settings. Probably someone has a more functional bot.
  5. You need to have a good balance and just wait when it happens. I also never managed to catch x1000, but I managed to lose the balance several times. You have to wait and not change the seed until you catch it.
  6. Excellent gaming session with good profit. If it were all to end with the x1000 hit, it would be great. Congratulations on a good win. So often I did not have to see the X130.
  7. Oh that's really cool. I am really looking forward to it and I hope I will see exactly what I expect. As for the time, it is probably not so simple to do everything and requires some effort and time.
  8. Most likely you either have a laptop that is too weak or you have some problems with it. I do not notice any changes playing on a laptop or PC. Mobile version yes it is really slow, but it is most likely because of my phone.
  9. I think that if Eos is as popular as Bitcoin, then it will have the same problems. I think Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency and it will remain for a long time. Next are ETh and Ltc. Other currencies are still very few people accept, I’m not talking about the calculation in the store.
  10. Unfortunately, after the rise follows a fall and it is inevitable. But the question is when and by how much in order to have time to react to changes in price. I think no one can answer that.
  11. It was not bad to see all the announcements, changes and innovations on the forum. Because I often find out about something new in the chat or from other players. I would like to see the official information.
  12. If you are a sports expert and do it not for the first time and successfully. Then it might work again. I want to wish you good luck in each of the 30 bets. Let luck do not leave you.
  13. barbaris

    Custom Wheel.

    Wider settings give more opportunities to players. It would be great to see here. Everyone wants and offers something new, but it is not possible to take everything into account and to please everyone and all this takes time. Maybe we'll see it sometime.