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  1. You can of course play keno for the same numbers, but as practice shows, it is better to change numbers more often. But you may well be lucky, because the keno is not predictable and it is not known what it can present to you.
  2. I think that 20,000 rolls is too little to reach this multiplier. You can spend a month on it and not hit it that way, but maybe with crazy luck you can do it soon. Good luck.
  3. This is a fairly simple game and there is nothing complicated in it. I like to bet on a draw and this allows me to get not bad profits, but the main thing is not to get carried away with large bets.
  4. This is a casino and unfortunately it all depends on luck and on a coincidence, and nothing more. If you're lucky, then nothing else is needed.
  5. Life at some points is like a casino, but not all. Mistakes made in life cannot be fixed, and the life and health of your loved ones, which you cannot control as a game, depends on many factors of your life.
  6. For me, BTC is always the best coin on Stake, and BCH is the worst coin for me. I don’t like this coin because I’m not lucky with it and I constantly lose.
  7. Any strategy in the long run will lead you to lose. Switch to manual bets with a constant multiplier change, bets and game. This will at least give you a greater chance of winning.
  8. Well, it’s good that you at least managed to return part of your funds, this is already not bad.
  9. I do not think that something needs to be removed from Stake. Need to add new games and the more the better. If you do not like a game, this does not mean that it is not like for other players.
  10. Well for me the best are Dice, Limbo, Wheel, Hilo. I'm not a fan of taking risks, but sometimes it's worth it. Somehow I won 0.01btc by making just one all in on x2 Dice bet and I won.
  11. In 3 years, Stake will be the leader among all gambling sites, although he is already a leader. Thanks to a professional team and constant innovations and improvements, this site will be top 1 constantly.
  12. In sports betting, the ratio of betting are not so high and I think it will not make sense to play for money with rains, since the amount of winnings will be extremely small.
  13. I played for quite some time in real casinos and after the advent of online casinos I began to play in them. I will say that I like online casinos more, it’s convenient you can be anywhere and play.