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  1. Most of the ISOs are scam. Although among them are present and honest. I stopped investing in ICO. Because he stopped believing them.
  2. barbaris

    Are these the starting signs of bullrun?

    I'll just wait for now. My attention has recently been directed to TRX and there is a slight profit, but while I wait.
  3. I completely agree. For me, this is also an alternative, although maybe with time I will change my opinion.
  4. barbaris

    Will history repeats itself?

    All my investments do not make me happy, only once when Bitcoin was 20k, but will it again.
  5. barbaris

    Where is this 5000x?

    I also did not manage to catch 5000 hours and even 1000 times. Mostly on the little things.
  6. PLINKO: 2,972,835,727 placed by barbaris on 14/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 50x Profit 0.00004900 PLINKO: 2,972,815,630 placed by barbaris on 14/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 50x Profit 0.00004900
  7. barbaris

    It is the troll that never ends..

    In update 2.0, I think that everything will be better, although it seems to me that Plinko has become worse after the introduction of 5000x.
  8. barbaris

    Plinko 5k

    Wow. Nice hit. You're lucky you didn't lose much before 5000x fell.
  9. barbaris

    Confusing moments.

    I think this is a happy coincidence. Just luck you smiled at this moment. Although if this system works for you and you believe in it, it is better not to change anything. Good luck
  10. barbaris

    How greed can affect friendships on Stake

    I'm glad you have a friend you can trust. I also had a similar story and one day my friend asked me to borrow a large amount. I gave without hesitation, but after our friendship ended, because he was not going to return the debt. After that, I do not give a loan. Here is such a sad experience.
  11. barbaris

    Dice auto bet tactic

    An interesting strategy, but small multipliers scare me. I often lose on small multipliers. Even 1.1x punishes me very often, and unexpectedly.
  12. barbaris

    🎨 Video Poker Design - New Game Preview

    I like this game, have been waiting for a long time. For many years he played it You can add a combination higher than the Royal flash (5 of a kind) as in the example.
  13. Everything works for me, sign out can help, and then login to the forum.
  14. barbaris

    Newbie from other site

    Hello gusion04 Good luck for gamble
  15. Such banks or companies that admit this, do not worry about their reputation, knowing that everything is lost trying to squeeze as much as possible from their customers.