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  1. This is convenient if you put Plinko in automatic mode and do not see the stakes, then the characteristic sound will warn you about the victory. For manual bets, this is not very necessary and I prefer to play without sound, because the constant sounds start to annoy.
  2. I also have no luck with keno and it's really very difficult to catch a high multiplier. If you take a medium risk, you can make a profit, but it’s just as easy to lose everything.
  3. My highest payout was x645000 at Limbo, but unfortunately the rate was very small. I would like to catch something similar but already with a good bet. But so far this has not happened.
  4. This is even more like passive begging. I often see such messages in the chat from people who have statistics showing only a couple of hundred Satoshi and a few shots, such people annoy me.
  5. I also make similar bets from time to time and I do not think that this is not normal. It may sound like this, but thanks to such bets you can increase your balance or catch an incredible victory.
  6. Using a bot greatly simplifies the chance to get a high multiplier. You can also hit it manually, but this can take a lot of time, and the bot does all the work for you and at the same time very quickly. Just set the necessary parameters and wait.
  7. To win at Stake, I do not adhere to any strategies and techniques. I simply follow my intuition, this is the best assistant that can be. Everything else works badly for me.
  8. High multipliers must be added uniquely. I am also annoyed by the constant draw and I don’t know how to solve it. But I think that when adding high multipliers, the problem with a draw will go away itself.
  9. I do not play the same game for a very long time, because it ends badly. I try to change games, multipliers and bets often. Because for a long time to play one game for me ends with the loss of the whole balance.
  10. There are many such difficult moments in life, but there is no reason to part with life, although it is really hard. Life is the most precious thing we have and it should be cared for, since you will not get a second life. No matter how hard she was, but she is alone.
  11. Yes, this is the saddest thing when it seems that the ball will fall on a high multiplier, but there is no unknown force that pulls it into the center. This happens quite often and only a large number of roles can direct your ball to where it should be and it does not always end in profit, unfortunately.
  12. Yes, it really seems to me that hunting for big multipliers is more profitable and increases your balance, and small multipliers destroy balance. Although it would seem to be the opposite. I like hunting for big multipliers more, despite the fact that it takes more time.
  13. MINES: 7,281,547,957 placed by barbaris on 22/07/2019 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 58.38460159301758x Profit 0.00631231