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  1. It seems to me dangerous to play with this multiplier. You risk losing everything for a small amount. It seems to me better to recover losses at higher risks with a lower bet.
  2. barbaris

    Goodbye plinKO

    Yes, plinko also does not love me. How many times have I tried to play him, so many times did he bust me. It seems to me that getting into profit in the plinko is extremely difficult, I'm not talking about getting into x1000, which I still have not succeeded in ever.
  3. It’s hard to say what will be released this month. I’ve been waiting for a sportbook for a long time and maybe it will appear in November, well, at least I hope so.
  4. Yes buddy I can’t get rid of a bad habit. When I lose, I start playing martingale to restore my balance and as a result I always lose. But I can’t do anything about it and I myself start to double bets when I lose.
  5. It’s not at all a fact that 30-40 rolls are enough for you to catch x100. It all depends on luck, you can catch several times in a row, or you can lose the whole balance without having caught x100. If you are going hunting, then of course it's worth a try, but in my opinion it is better to have a larger balance, because there can be a lot of red ones on this multiplier.
  6. I'm not a fan of keno, but the x270 multiplier saved me from ruin several times. This is, in my opinion, the best multiplier in keno, well, at least to me it often falls out and helps out when the balance decreases.
  7. I agree with you. But now it’s extremely risky to buy bitcoins because prices are extremely unstable. Maybe this will work for the long term, but I feel sorry for my nerves to watch the rise and fall daily, when you store bitcoins.
  8. I do not see anything good in loans. This is a way to make money on dependent people and for the most part such loans will not be repaid. I think many beginners will begin to abuse it.
  9. I constantly use exchangers to transfer various types of cryptocurrencies into cash and it seems to me that the commission fees for the exchange are not so great, well, at least it suits me.
  10. Yes, indeed it is, sometimes it requires more rolls, sometimes less. But I have approximately the same statistics. But it’s better not to do prerolls; I missed 5 scaters on prerolls.
  11. I have been waiting for sportbook for a long time and now I don’t even know when it will happen. But on the stream at Eddie I saw her and it seems to me that this is something grandiose and I really liked it. So we still have to wait.
  12. I agree with you. Today I missed my chance in the slots by catching 5 scaters on x528 with a bet of 0.0000001 doge and I just wanted to scream. Well, why I did not bet anymore I do not know.
  13. This is probably a passion for gambling and easy money. But Stake is the best site that does a lot for its players and that is probably why more and more people are staying here.