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  1. New update! Added Litecoin!
  2. When you said it to me, there are no your deposit. And in 2-5 minutes it is appear. I am sorry, but there was really no deposit at that moment UPDATE We added stats to Dice!
  3. Hello! I want to tell you the good news! We added dogecoin! start playing https://ethergamesclub.com/dice/doge
  4. UPDATE We updated our roulette!
  5. Rain bot will be send rains every 30 minutes for now! Join to us and have fun!
  6. We started competition! Check it - https://ethergamesclub.com/youtube-video-competition
  7. We are already have stable 50-60 online and waiting for you! Double faucet weekend!
  8. We added Stop button in dice on win and on loss. Improved chat stability.
  9. We added tips today and sounds for rains and tips. We are growing rapidly, online is already 30-40. We invite you all to us! http://ethergamesclub.com
  10. Thank you! Rain is available! Come to us and you will definitely get bonuses!
  11. I remind you that we have double faucet for the weekend. I want to share what we are developing and what will appear in the near future. 1. It is of course rain in the chat. 2. When registering, if you share our project in social networks you will get a good reward. This will appear next week.
  12. Small dice update: 1. Added limit to the number of rolls. 2. Added speed betting.
  13. Tuesday is the day of fast auto bets on the dice. About 6,000 bets per minute. We are waiting for you all tomorrow!
  14. You can play on the faucet and decide for yourself Welcome