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  1. Mossiejaja

    wauwau's Latenight Stream for the lulz

    Good luck Username:mossiejaja
  2. Mossiejaja

    Are you the best? Or want to take on the best?

    Great to hear there are players with a similar idea.whenever its possable ill like to get involved...
  3. Aranging player vs player shootouts. I give blank account for each to play on with x amount btc/eth to play. .you choose the game ,time limet or amount of bets to be playd. (Wagered amount) I wil escrow and see no one is cheating. .winner who first reached theire goal and declared winner will recieve full escrow anmound. Amounts can be small ,big it doesnt matter.lets shake this up. Pm me for any unclear info and if you have a challenger or arebchallenged so we can put the bouys asside from the men Pm me for entries...and details
  4. Mossiejaja

    48h of keno results

    Ok had an fantastic run the last 48h Quiting while im ahead. Time to start spending it all before I get the urge to play it all back Great way to finish of the month ... dont know what im going to do with my salary this motth hahaha
  5. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    Each screenshot is after withdrawl So im smilling every time I post a screenshot Winnnnnnnning
  6. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

  7. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    Can do this all day long
  8. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    Round and round we go
  9. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    Hahhahaa 3 times in 2 cozecutive days
  10. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    And agaain on same day with 0.068 eth. And withdrew 3.3 eth hahaha
  11. Mossiejaja

    Oops! I dit it again

    Once again started with 0.038 and made more than 1.0 Future going to start playing BTC Already made my withdrawal if your wondering why my balance is lower than profit
  12. Mossiejaja

    Give your opinion on what if..

    Call it pe determained, fait or luck... It will always leave you thinking what if....
  13. Say your given 1btc and have a playthrough of 40x before your able to withdraw. What strat wil you use on what game?or wil you just close your eyes and hipe for the best?
  14. Mossiejaja

    Best day I've had so far

    Hi Shaniqua.Best online day, im new to this site but am surprissed by the odds. ive noticed that somedays i have just plain bad luck witch is why i limit myself to only one deposit a day yo protct myself from playing all winnings back
  15. Mossiejaja

    Bet limits

    Thanx Maverick528 for that clarity