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  1. hello friends it's not a debating topic gambling purely luck ,if you get a good profits follow by your friends strategy then what to do with friends.so it may end with good or bad but friends always with you.
  2. hello friends its like a bank for saving your life so many time.its happen with me every time always deposit small amount after wins and when required you can withdraw your amount.so many times vault save me from busto
  3. hello friends more always good it may be amount OR players,my thinking maximum people to be win and enjoy the moments.when more players win whatever the prize amount does not matter but level of confidence increase for more winning.
  4. hello friends collect the information but play as per your balance to win some.its my opinion find some payout those are not played by any one or less used in dice,like 1.8 payout and increment by 70% rolled 100 rolls if you get profit then change other side played 100 rolles if end with loss again played 100 roles.keep changing the side when you get profit . its a slow process but not to burst. try every one
  5. hello friends thanks to eddie still he continue the giveaway and challenges better than other sites.we can't complain but last few weeks its reduce the activity.its may be some big things on way to us.enough free money given by stake whatever the competition given by stake its enough.
  6. hello friends its eagerly awaited all users to played slots.hope when lunch we get some fun with slots.we are all waited for when its released officially to all players.hope its so soon for us.
  7. hello friends its true when give it to one person rest are seems unhappy ,when i won some of my winning amount shared equal by friends ,those who are shared earlier.if any amount left then i rained its gave me happy.
  8. hello all friends its true last few months BTc price moved through hurdles,but its also a good sign within a small different slot.so many predictor worked for prediction the price of btc where to goes.hope first phase of next year it boost up to 15k then rise frequently up to next benchmark.we just wait for that moment.
  9. yeh its absolute correct experience about to when to stop and how and where the increase of bets to get out from ripped.if you know about those thing then no one stopped to earning in gambling.
  10. hello friends gambling have risk game when you play its purely depends on luck means risk.not in gambling everywhere when you take risk you gain more than you expected.it's just like calculated business with high return and high loss within a short period.
  11. hello @Carollzinha its true those are natural disaster but in my point of view all disaster created by us .there are so many reasons, what's that all we know but know one try to understand what we done .its a nature call to educate us for a warning. hope someday we learn from it .
  12. hello friends always stake give us surprise for their innovative idea and more adventures for their players.its true stake supports are always listen and try to assist players so quickly and gave solutions too.hope more surprises waitings for us.have a nice day to all
  13. hello @Tomki its good to here you leave stake,if you goodbye to gambling then more happy for you friends.last few years we are trying to get some good winning but still un success stil we are trying and loses.if you leave gambling its good news and get some stick to your decision.
  14. hello friends its not wise every time creating new account when you lost but better to try for your turn and try to change pattern of playing ,how much work when change seeds i dont know but try and find your luck .
  15. wow friends you are too much lucky to get it so easily congrats and keep it up and get more greens on the way.