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  1. wow friends nice to see u r winning ,good luck for more hit hope we r also trying to hit it good luck for a good greens
  2. its good to see here but i ask also why u here if u have good job,if u came here then always think before invest how much u afford to loose that much u invest and dont be greedy . have a nice time well come to gambling world
  3. rajamishra

    Hidden tricks?

    hello my friends its true after so many brust the get a some idea and take huge risk if it hit then they use it for marketing , its just a trick with luck support
  4. its a good news friend and hope its new innovation steps of a company to moving towards digital currency.hope for the best for us .
  5. tkx steve for a nice information ,hope for best wishes to all of us
  6. wow thats a good news some friends acknowledge and praise if the bank are willing to enter into crypoto world its not best its awesome news for us
  7. hello friends what u feel and express that correct its a sad for us if we loose every day then depression increase day by day and we loose . one day i lost 1ltc starting bet from 1 sat and around 7k bets but no 1000x . but before updates within 500 roll i get 1000x.hope our comments should knocked to think about some changes.
  8. hello friends now a days no one can predict what the future but its good sign its increase slowly but may be there is some hidden things we cant see it.but we wait till its future and booming like last year.
  9. its so sad but when 5000x start same day i try upto 7k roll still didn't get that . but after revert to old 1000x its too hard to get it also
  10. its so good news for us to beware of those sites name and warning ,so sad to here u r loses, hope u get back u money
  11. when u have some balance first u should make strategy to play and how much roll to play ,then choose u r payout and bet amount according u r balance.if u fear to play then u loose.(win chance-100)*1.5) is your red steak max. now choose u r payout as per u calculate how to play
  12. hello friends hope if i am right its for all games not only for mines,hope all are checked u clarify good luck and its a nice update
  13. hello friends its just a feeding generating for stake ,its my view i am wasting 2 hours and wagering all most 2 eth
  14. its good question but when not a position to depo use better to other option stake have more option to get free coins that's why we love stake