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  1. hello friends its also i feel some thing dropped to your account without any notifications.its also came to know when you refresh the site.its also frustrate some time you bust but when you refresh you have balance in your wallet.three time i faced this type of problem.
  2. hello friends its a wonderful news last time we made so many fun.hope its came so faster its also true how faster we play its came so funny but have fun and enjoyed waited for when it came.
  3. hello friends its true when stake start not so impressive but on the go stake so much upgrade to must attractive gambling site ever in crypto world.its true so many old thinks we missed in new stake like faucet and rainbot.still its a good site among the players.
  4. hey friends card game always good if its played by player vs player.its different name in different country .me too also did not listen this name before.hope its came to knowledge of eddie he may added to game board.
  5. hello friend its worth may be but still now i am still ripped every challenge and not even completed at least one last few months.
  6. hope its a new fun added eddie for us
  7. hello niko yeh just few days before i done that as like you.still i cant find where we mistake.3 times wd from vault 3 different coin what was just stored 3 hours back.after think where i mistake same play style i won more than 3000% OF depo and return my pocket what was i depo and rest in to vault and stop.when i start play after 2 hours one by one i lost every coin back to stake.still i cant find where i mistake.
  8. hello friends its a most important problems all of us who are lost all most every day but some time we stopped in time and try for recover and that day we won some thing.all most 99 % of gamblers have this problems.we are waited for it drained all coin and wont stopped.
  9. hello friend its not follow or choose what other was done just roll 100 roll which side more than 50% green that side you try ,i am sure you got so early your desire payout.its my way of hunting big payout. rest of your luck
  10. hey all its depends how you play and how much balance you have.then you choose as per your target of wagering and chances of loses .also time factor there in race better to choose fast game like dice and pilink for better wagering better than diamond poker
  11. hello @AnnieGrace your right rack back most of time back to game again .its thanks to eddie for their innovation idea.some time ii lost as like you cant stop on the middle when after lost frustrate and realize what i mistake.
  12. hey all are invest their hard earn money but some of them win rest are give up.every time you jump like rocket you may fall like rocket too.slow and steady try to minimum winning and enjoy with gambling then you can earn from gambling.share some your win with your friends you feel good always try it.