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  1. hello @sunnyjanu its not required for saying anything all the staffs and mod literally thanks always ,when i am join here i am always appreciate . they deserve it for their job.
  2. hello friends i am not prepared for race or challenge when you aggression for race or challange or giveaway some time done mistake but before prepare and normally attend the races or challange most of time you won,its my previous experience.
  3. hello friends keno always high risk game but payout also too good if you have luck then within a few rolls you hit it.you have choose the right pattern to hit 8/10 pattern hits .first to follow the pattern how the move all around then bet it in proper segment then you hit or catch your targeted payout.
  4. hello friends i can't understand why you think about this pointless thinking.its not required if you wd from again to playing account also some treats if you transfer to forum a big amount it may be hacked,there is no security in forum.there is vault option in stake is secure and bank too keep your money there without fear.
  5. hello friends my point of view play risky and get big within a short time and wd.but safe play for a long time when bot read you its happen the same result.play less time and win some quit for and after little break then play some time and again quit.dont play long time to burst weather you play safe or risky.
  6. hello all may be crossed 100k or back to pavilion where to start.
  7. hello friends you can play both of way if you have guts to lost,but some time risky play rising your balance to moon,it's your choice to which way you play your balance to multiply slowly or 100 times in one round.its the different opinion from different players.
  8. wow its goods but too low prize money
  9. hello friend welcome to stake and hope have a nice to sharing your trading experience with us and give us some tips to get some earning from trading.we also send our playing experience with you.
  10. hello friends its also for a good news for crypto users to so soon came to competition with mainstream currency.if libra sustained minimum 3 months in market then its threat for all currency in markets.hope libra not create any disaster for crypto markets.now all investor try to maximum entity of btc within a short period.i don't think so the price of btc downgrade rather so rapidly now btc rise before libra launched.
  11. hello friends hope we get benefited for your link .and i will try now to how it works and how much secure to stored other coins.
  12. hello @Paecga129 its true somehow if we manage little but most of time create some misunderstand between members of family.some time deviated our daily routine then and there start the misunderstand.we are most of time after office work sit in front of computer and if on the go for outside try to cont,,, in mobile too.still its not addicted hope manage all short of things.
  13. hello friends more often every one try for a big payout like this.i am too trying to get from a small amount hit it but still not succeeded.still on the go every day try for a short period to get but hope someday we will get it.
  14. wow what a luck zolatin just bet 80 satoshi and earn .08 btc ,awesome hit.good luck buddy for more payout.
  15. hello friends its obviously everyone try to dominant market to create a domain to control all crypto market due to bitcoin has the mother of all coins. not only the one company or investor in the race of create their own domain ,most of company try to rushed enter into this crypto world and try to show their stance in this world.this is time to rising of btc to moon.we are all waiting for that moments.hope its now came so quickly for a long time we are waited,keep collected and filled your empty wallet for a huge return within short period.