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  1. hello friends its should be concentrate when u play in one site,if u play multiple site sometime confused to take wrong calculation and taking wrong decision cause lost in both site.
  2. hello friends no secret recipe each and every time its change and trail method ,any method cant run every time should some variation.better to innovate u r own style to winning.
  3. hello friends its happen earlier but not do so ,just resting distance from gambling after few months came back .
  4. well come buddy for gambling world hope for the best
  5. hello niki your right how it possible its too much difference in bet id may be overlooked in checking ,hope its not happen again.the admin should taken care of those scammers.
  6. its seems better speed in hilobot you cant played in manual so faster and also get that mush big pay out within certain time period.me too also use bot too.
  7. hello friends its true last few years i have played so many sites but no support are active their.in stake every time ans u r qs so polite and clearly to describe your satisfy what was u ask.due their activeness users are attract to join here.
  8. hello friends hope its seems some issue clear what was with litecoin after furk.its a good news who are like that coin now some smile in their face.
  9. hello friends still now i know the features available their after u discss.its a good thing for promote yourself and site too.
  10. hello friends all of us scammed once or twice in their past,i have a biggest scam in bitslr 100k doge not paid because its done by 3 rolls and they was reply i am using script and not reply my mails for 1 months . when u inexperienced in this field they have some invisible terms that cant show any where in their terms.
  11. hello friends hope who are user there may recover their coin so soon,still its a threatening to crypto users before they store the coin check their security and terms properly and then go for stored.
  12. hy friend if u not control then go for a pc wallet name exodus wallet ,its 64bit and cold wallet check it and hope fulfill u r requirements.its also worked in android too.
  13. hello friends its both worked then u win some good amount if one of them not with u its too hard to find some good hits .
  14. hello friends its earlier xrp is next crypto to hold next to btc within a few months.most of the user believe xrp hold price in decent manner ,hope its grow his market caping then its best coin after btc.
  15. hope its a good suggestions from many friends ,hope the system updates accordingly and avoiding those type of incident again and again.or some new innovation like what i thinking make the people as group as their wagering pattern daily basis .when the login enter into main chat but as per the wager prompt step by step to higher group and no one can access that group except those who r within that group only. but those group can communicate every one less than his groups wagerings.it can be due to now stake use some new tech i know the developer can done these things easily.