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    rajamishra got a reaction from DlR in Eddie Weekend Stream + $100k Raffle + Giveaway   
  2. Ethereum
    rajamishra got a reaction from ubbey04 in Eddie Weekend Stream + $100k Raffle + Giveaway   
  3. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in How successful stake is as a online casino?   
    hello friends its true when stake start not so impressive but on the go stake so much upgrade to must attractive gambling site ever in crypto world.its true so many old thinks we missed in new stake like faucet and rainbot.still its a good site among the players. 
  4. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from TIPPER in Result is better than the process..   
    hey its true when every one congrats the winner it doesn't means ,they asked for rains or tip.some people may be done but its not used for universal.what the hoffy said when he came online all are know he did some rains or tip.in my thinking don't give any comments before think twice.
  5. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from htetaungxx in How to use alt account without get ban?   
    hello friends you can make alts but for betting what was told etude previously.i cant tried to create alts but so many friends told me open alts for betting not for chatting or giveaways.if you depo and betting only no one can banned .its my opinion .i dont think its a good suggestion 
  6. Love
    rajamishra got a reaction from Eugene265 in I Finally Did It...   
    wow its so happy to here you did it after so much struggling.
  7. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from Seoulmate in Stake 55 RuLes for noobers, Officially unofficial   
    wow its a nice topic after long time i had seen,keep it up with this enthuse and adding more and more to this board
  8. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from Faris in 💲Some Mines bets from yesterday ⛏️ 💎   
    wow nice hit @Faris
  9. Bitcoin
    rajamishra got a reaction from wiro212sableng in Stake Sportsbook will be the best Crypto Sportsbook   
    hello friends always stake give us surprise  for their innovative idea and more adventures for their players.its true stake supports are always listen and try to assist players so quickly and gave solutions too.hope more surprises waitings for us.have a nice day to all
  10. Bitcoin
    rajamishra got a reaction from Carollzinha in How Can We Help?   
    hello @Carollzinha its true those are natural  disaster but in my point of view all disaster created by us .there are so many reasons, what's that all we know but know one try to understand what we done .its a nature call to educate us for a warning. hope someday we learn from it .
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    rajamishra got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    wow so many stories behind the user name its a nice topic. i have no stories just a real name raja(in english its king) mishra last name
    some kind of attitude like king that's why my parents choose for me
    live like a king and death like a king
  12. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from bitman007 in Technically Bitcoin Price At Risk Of More Downsides Below $11,200   
    hello friends we can assume the price would not go beyond our expectation but its   depend upon the  market and investor  strategy,when they want to  rise or down.as per the trend when price rising like rocket little bit downgrade and start the rising.
  13. Bitcoin
    rajamishra got a reaction from won2018 in Submit your giveaway ideas!   
    hello steve within your bet id if found the current day date then he will be the that day giveaway winner. this giveaway can be daily basis
    example =4,032,091,143 bet id
    if found today date 27-03-2019 
    hope its new idea
  14. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from bitman007 in Can Bitcoin Poised to Hit $15,000 – $20,000 In Matter of Weeks ?   
    hello all btc not predictable always but its touch somewhere in the moon may be this year or next year .everyone try to predict the price of btc not other alts hope its stable somewhere to not lost so much.slow and steady always good for us don't expect  high rise within a short period and downgrade within a short period its big losses for us . 
  15. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from bitman007 in Why Altcoins May Drop Another 50%, Bottom in November ?   
    hello friends it's true every prediction can not really but still we follow the trend  where it goes ups or down.if some investor like btc to promote for alts then its identify by their own identity ,hope after that alts are define their own price range for ups and down not  by btc.we are always wait for the appropriate time .
  16. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from bitman007 in Nice start of the week with a good $BTC pump   
    hello friends its good news for us who are kept btc with them ,who are already invested now get some profits start now.hope this time rising towards moon ,last few weeks bitcoin so much stable and now little bit pumping now.
  17. Wow
    rajamishra reacted to Steve in Do you know what today is?   
    August 8th, 2019.
    Or in other words, Stake's 2nd birthday! Today we're celebrating all day long with a birthday giveaway that has guaranteed prizes to anyone who enters!
    Before we get this giveaway started I'd like to mention there's a $20,000 Mega Race this Saturday.
    Guaranteed prizes to everyone who enters...
    The following 6 emojis each represent a prize of $2, $3 or $5!
    🎉   🎂   🥳   🍰   🎁   🎊
    How to win
    Post a comment with your most memorable moments at Stake over the past year, or even before that if you want. Was there a lucky win you always remember? A fun promotion or challenge? Or maybe your most memorable moments are with friends in the Stake community? Give them a tag if so! Choose 1 emoji and include it in your post.  
    Now I know what you're all wondering... 
    "How do we know which emoji to pick??"
    Each emoji has been linked to a prize randomly. 
    3 emojis represent $2 2 emojis represent $3 1 emoji represents $5 Here is a sha256 hash containing information on which emoji is linked to each prize that I'll reveal at the end.
    1 win per person. 35 post count minimum. You have until this thread is locked to enter. Multiple posts are prohibited but editing your post is okay. Posting 2 or more different emojis automatically wins you the $2 prize.  
    Happy birthday Stake! 
    Don't think too hard about which one to pick! 🥳
  18. Litecoin
    rajamishra reacted to manas in Can stake make you rich?   
    We all think about it sometime – somehow finding a trick, shortcut or secret method to getting rich quickly. Gambling is often considered by enterprising millionaires-to-be because gambling offers the allure of massive cash payouts in a short amount of time. The question, of course, is if it’s possible to get rich gambling.
    So can stake make you rich?
  19. Bitcoin
    rajamishra got a reaction from sugam in Will BTC cross up to $15,000 this month ?   
    hello friends its good time when bitcoin rise but its sad when its stopped rising without reaching our targeted price.hope it will crossed what we assuming setting price for selling our btc what was kept from last long. 
  20. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from barbaris in crypto is not banned in India   
    hello friend its little bit good sign for us so many trading sites wait for the moments when india unban cryptos.
  21. Bitcoin
    rajamishra reacted to barbaris in crypto is not banned in India   
    If this is true, then this is a positive signal for both the country and the cryptocurrency market. On cryptocurrency, you need to earn and raise your country, and not to impose bans on what is the future in the world.
  22. Bitcoin
    rajamishra got a reaction from Hoffguy in Do you have any Stake goals? Could prop bets help achieve them?   
    hello all friends its so many goals but what will happen time will say but one goal minimum fulfill 100 satoshi of btc hit on 100k payout in limbo within next 2 months.rest all time will say what will happen.
  23. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from Steffie in What are the requirements to reach bronze, silver, gold, platinum star   
    hello friends its so completed calculation no one about know how to calculation for vip stars,its only known to eddie .we are assume 10k,50k,100k,250k usd wagering to meet the vip criteria.how so soon eddie open the hidden  treasure  to open all  in forum.
  24. Wow
    rajamishra got a reaction from 47Ronin in Bitcoin Price in 2020 | What do you think   
    hello all may be crossed 100k or back to pavilion where to start.
  25. Thanks
    rajamishra got a reaction from hui in who can thanks to mods and support   
    hello @sunnyjanu its not required for saying anything all the staffs and mod literally thanks always ,when i am join here i am always appreciate . they deserve it for their job.
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