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  1. Keno:1,656,149 Username: Inspector510
  2. i like and posted thanks
  3. hai Username: Inspector510 thanks for Give away i will try Grats to all players who are won
  4. i hit 15 affiliate and 8 registrations
  5. Hai Usename: Inspector510 i think i finished this any way i am playing continues thanks
  6. Thanks to stake for jacpot announcement i will try
  7. i am playing daily 10 hrs i hope stake will make me some income
  8. hai in my mobile its shows faucet balance.home,affiliate,support, but games and everything not shown what to do in the first day its fine after that i am facing the problem is it any another link to open in mobile pls
  9. thanks a lot its going good i hope i make it for 50 and spread it all over the gambling areas
  10. Hai all I am really Enjoying the Faucet system, i think everyone enjoying it
  11. Well congratulations i am also like small winning