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  1. I know a way on how to withdraw fast here... Deposit 200k then play dice or roulette, bet 2x if win then withdraw 200k if lose then depo again..ez no matter what ypu play and how long you play, u will eventualy bust if u stay on betting..
  2. Jhia

    Why gambling??

    Hello guys!! Just want to share my reason of gambling aside from me being addicted to it, at first i just play in the streert..it started when i was around 12yr playing child games in the street and since im from middle class family i always have money, im playing with my childhood friend..and ehat haooen is i lose ally playing cards, we call it in our country a "teks" what i am doing is instead of buying teks to play again, im bettingy money so when i win i will still have my money plus the text for the value of the money i bet, i think this is the beggining of me being a gambler, then ofcourse child games are seasonal its noy always teks, we also have marbles, pogs, trumpo, goma, but with all the games i had before i always bet money, coz i think its me being wise to do that since i could get something without losing my money...then after so many years i learn how to play real street gmes like kara y cruz and pusoy, but the best is kara y cruz, ...you can check on my other post how i win last night on that game, i won 5k in 5hrs...guys can u share how you begin to betting until u become gambler. This is a picture sample of teks in our country,it like a comics episode..in each of them
  3. Jhia

    math on roulette

    i come up with another calculation on stake game, this time where doing roulette, and the chance of winning is just 50% but the thing is you will win on every round that you play once you win , heres the explanation: choose red or black, and also you always need to know your balance and base bet, most important thing, you should always be able to bet after 10 or 20 lose, in that way theres no way you will end up zero satoshi then roll. everytime you win you will stay on the base bet, on lose, you need to x2 bet then bet 1 more of your base bet, in that way, if you win you getback waht you lose, plus u win another round, calculation ffor example is your base bet is 100sat, if you lose you need to double it so it will bw 200sat, then add one more, 100 sat base bet: 1 bet 100 on lose 2bet 100+100+100 =300sat on lose 3bet double the bet on 2bet means 300x2=600+100=700 on lose 4bet double bet on 3bet 700x2+100=1500 on lose will go on and soforth, until you win then if you win go back to 100sat remember you win all round that you play once you win. ill edit if if i have another strategy hope this help,
  4. i love math, and i come up with the calculation on i will always profit on each game, so i came up with this calculation on dice. 1.martingale a.first you need to know your balnce b.calculate for the base bet c.bet on 2.20x d.be confident that you will not lose the catch is to be able to withstand all the losing bet until you win. explaination you know your balnce, you calculate the base bet by knowing that you still have balance even if you lose 10 round, you can still martingale, 100% sure win if you can still double even 20lose, means the most important thing on this strategy is the balance and the base bet, getting back to the topic, betting 2.20x will give you more profit, coz if you only bet 2x you will only win what you bet on the base, example is if your base bet is 500sat, even if you lose 8x , once you win, you will end up winning 500sat, so the reason for 2.20x is you will win .20x of your bet on the winning round, 2.80% VS 20% explanation: simple, put the green on number 82. and you will have 1.207x payout, chances are 82% win and 18% on lose, that easy, but the thing that you need to do is always refresh browser every round you will will always start at zero, wise right?? haha ...i will add more strategy once i come up with another one,
  5. what doyou think is the best game for martingale, ive tried almost all game in stake doing martingale, and base on my experience best game to martingale is dice, and roulette, just need to make good strategy on how you will bet, i do dice 2.20x and i follow the reds, everytime i bust, i go on the side where i lost the bet, then hoping to stay on the same side, in that way if i win the bet, mean i double the bet +.20 of the bet, mean i profit, on roulette my red or black martingale doesnt give me good win, so maybe i would choose dice for best game for martingale, what about you stakers?
  6. How i met ur mother..falsh and supernaturals
  7. Ouch lots of winning on mine...ur a legend