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  1. Well ive have experienced or witness a lot of fights in the chatroom and i have been involved in many of those but i think we all can avoid these fights if we would just ignore comments that are not directed to us am i right? its like when you are driving to work and you are listening to a radio talk show and you dont like what they are saying, when this happens what do you do? do you stay there listening to their conversation even though you dont like it, do you call the radio station or radio show to let them know you are against their view/opinions? i doubt any of us would do that because
  2. i have read many many positive things about meditations, it helps with many issues caused by the stress on the body and somehow helps rejuvenate the cells
  3. thats a very cool strategy but in my opinion and experience it can only work for so long until the system learns your moves and then off to find another strategy. so please try to play safe and the most important thing is to have fun .
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