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  1. Here is the Roulette Profitable strategy For the strategy please watch the video more details in description
  2. Hellow everyone I just tryed a strategy and make easy profit in 2 minutes please watch the video for the strategy hope you enjoy the video Also if you enjoyed make sure thumbs up the video so soon maybe we give out some surprise 🙂 Ah finally thread published during network it stuck on the way And hope you guys enjoy this season will drop more please give a thumbs up and show your love :--)
  3. New Orleans Pelicans
  4. Hey we can't use low bb ? I dont have funds right now can we use faucet for this ? @Steve
  5. I tried once but after like 1000 of bets iam tired lol but its not impossible think people in stake.com hits millions of multiplayer then what is 9900x lol Anyway usually I try only 4x payout high risk Go big or go alone
  6. Gambling addiction is a mental disorder characterized by excessive risk-taking despite negative results. Scientific studies using functional MRI -- fMRI, a method of looking at active areas of the brain -- have previously shown that addicts have altered activity in brain regions related to risk and reward, making them prone to prefer risky choices. New fMRI research conducted at Kyoto University has now found another explanation for the unhealthy bent: addicts have a poor ability to assess and adapt to high risk situations. The study appeared recently in Translational Psychiatry. "We noticed that gambling addicts also have higher levels of mood and anxiety disorders," says lead author Hidehiko Takahashi. "Hence pleasure may not be the main goal, but rather an inability to properly recognize risk and adapt accordingly." We all make action decisions by evaluating the likelihood of success based on the level of tolerable risk. We then make adjustments based on prevailing circumstances. "For example, if you are losing in the first half of a soccer match, you will likely prefer a strong defense while pushing your attackers forward," continues Takahashi, "However, if you are losing at the end of the second half, you may choose to forgo defense in favor of an all-out attack, because you would lose otherwise." Addicts, on the other hand, are inclined toward unnecessarily risky action, demonstrating a defect in risk assessment and adaptation. Thanks
  7. They ain't just banned. the banned is like directly using using your bank money to buy crypto stuff . They banned because we people just new to crypto and their is chances to get scammed. If anyone of got scammed then they straight says . " why gov. Allowed crypto In India" Also their are some youth who invested in crypro and some of kids do gamble away "This is also a risson they don't want gamblers becouse we people can't earn enough money and if we start gambling and losses away all money Then " Maybe crimes will start" Their are more risson "" but now and from begging we using crypto if we loss our money then its our responsibilty "" Thanks
  8. Yes I will read thanks and yes everyone loves their girlfriend ,family lol
  9. Hellow Iam from India and I can freely buy bitcoins altcoins their is not restrictions we just give some taxes for little amount of crypto and also their is many way ( websites) we can use in India to withdraw crypto to bank Dirctley withdraw crypto to bank us not allowed ( its take verification process and its banned now ) In the end yes we can use bitcoins they cant just banned bitcoins in India ! Thanks
  10. I just saw a post people replying their they got millions of satoshis Is their any requirement or something so new people will know what's should they do to start earning BTW my forum reward balance shouting 0.00 btc lol Please reply below how we can participate on it Thanks