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  1. New and upgraded lottery prize. Buy lottery ticket for just 0.00001000 btc and have a chance to win 100k dollars every week. Come join us today. And Also you can avail 20% rakeback ref commissions by using my referral code back on the first page. 20% rakeback as follow: 1 btc wagered = 0.002 btc cashback 10 btc wagered = 0.02 btc cashback 100 btc wagered = 0.2 btc cashback
  2. From 1k sats to 2k sats today. Dogecash making noise in terms of masternodes. Get on the boat while ita still cheap. By staking/masternodes i earn 180 coins a day which i can sell to 0.00360 btc a day. 14 dollars a day not bad income
  3. Duckdice now accepts crypto to us dollar withdrawals system. You can use visa/debit card, qiwi, yandex and through phone. We always have good updates. You can now play new game called "sniper". Visit our website to check it out. Use my referral code to avail 20% rakeback
  4. Sure. I earn more than 200 coins per day from staking/masternode which i can sell for 0.003 btc a day. Ya its worthless. Ill quote you again after 2 years
  5. I understand where you coming from. Pardon me with the link / bounty page was made from vyper.io if you have any doubts with this link, you can try checking their main website which is dogec.io main developers who also work before with pivx and dash coin. Thanks for your concerns
  6. DogeCash is a masternode currency for everyone. No matter who you are, where you are from or your technological background you are the perfect fit for our community. Participate in our bounty program and earn DogeCash coins in exchange for your social activity. Join here Join here and earn up to 5k coins bounty Ref link: https://vyper.io/c/8878hdoyz/6310308 Non ref link: http://bounty.dogec.io
  7. Yea free cashback from rakeback is always good =p Yea playing tic tac toe with other players is the best thing to escape from faucet captchas. Remember rakeback is always good
  8. Yea i agree with that. Stake is one of the best gambling sites today Update. Current lotto jackpot is 0.257 btc You can purchase 10k sats per ticket. Still doing the 20% rakeback for people who uses my ref link. Best of luck peeps
  9. Cool. I didnt know that i was the 4th one who created an account here. Good times peeps
  10. You can now play and use faucet with stellar, ripple, ethereum classic, bitcoin gold, zcash. 20% rakeback still applies for new users who will sign up on my ref links. Goodluck and have fun
  11. duckdice always pay in time and never steals balance. how about showing your proofs is much more appreciated. thanks 19.04.2018 Update Log And a new large update has been made today and as always we post a full update log to all our dear users. Sign up / Login using social networks accounts For those who do not like to make new registration on various sites and prefer one-click signup via Social Network account, we've implemented a Social Login feature. So far we support Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and VK logins/sign-ups. Your Security and Privacy is our top priority and therefore we will not add a Facebook to Social Login options until their Privacy Dispute will come to a reasonable resolution. Deposits/withdrawals sharing to chat Now you can click on "Share to chat" button on your deposit/withdrawal notification and a nicely designed message will appear in the Chatbox. No need for a copy-paste anymore, neat. New User Menu section, "My Finances" Generate addresses, see your transactions, exchange currency or put it into a bank in one place: Online presence displaying Used to all those online/offline marks from all your messengers? Now we have it as well, online users will have a small green circle on their userpic and of course, all our asocial friends can disable this feature in their Privacy Settings. MUTED and BANNED statuses For those who were naughty we have a Muted status and for those who are tired from winning too much money, we have a Self-ban feature. Now you can see if a user was naughty or tired on their user profile screens. Segwit implementation for BTC So now DuckDice supports all BTC addresses for deposits and withdrawals – regular, segwit (p2sh) and bech32. If you do not know what all this means just disregard this gibberish and sleep calm knowing that no matter which address you have you can safely withdraw your funds. Unconfirmed friends section aka "broken hearts tab" Now you can see all your pending friendship requests in a separate tab in the Chatbot. Visual improvements, PM improvements, optimizations, bug fixes. Come try your luck with 20% rakeback register here! https://duckdice.com/97a8d323a4 non ref link: https://duckdice.io
  12. we are running a fun event this week. hitting the roll number 2018 will get you credited with 10k sats automatically. enjoy ducks!
  13. REVERSALCOIN PRE ICO will end on December 31, 2017, PRE ICO PRICE $ 0.5 per token Total Token Pre Sale=> 2,000,000 Total Supply =>21,000,000 ICO will start in January at a price of $ 0.75 per token TWO MODELS OF LENDING :50%/month Lending in $ and lending in token, with the possibility of anticipating the termination of the contract March 2018 launch of its REVERSALEXCHANGE trading platform (FIAT & CRYPTOMONNAIE) Target price $ 20 Our Exchanger Are; Coin Exchange, Yobit, Binance, Btc-Alpha Also Have Binary Bonus Program October 2018 Debit card & API payment . target price $ 50 Follow Us on Twitter & Telegram Telegram : https://t.me/Reversalcoin Twitter : https://twitter.com/reversalcoin_co Bitcoin Talk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2548652.msg25979032#msg25979032 we are already listed at trackico.io https://www.trackico.io/ico/reversalcoin come and join us
  14. Reversalcoin is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. It is ERC20 compliant and compatible with existing ERC20 portfolios. Reversalcoin was created to support the innovative exchange project ReversalExchange.com, and will be used for loan completion, staking and any form of reward offered to users of the ReversalExchange.com trading platform. Reversalcoin is community-based and is exchangeable with other crypto-currencies. TRANSFER MONEY EASILY You can easily send Reversalcoin anywhere in the world in seconds, as long as the recipient is connected to the internet. LITTLE TRANSFER FEES You can set the transfer fee. If you want to speed up the transaction, you can increase the cost as you wish. The amount of Reversalcoin you send will not affect the transfer fee. ANONYMOUS TRANSACTIONS All transactions are recorded and displayed in Ethereum blockchain. Although you can define your identity anonymously, all your transactions can still be monitored via Blockchain Explorer. EASY TRANSACTIONS Via internet you can transfer Reversalcoin anywhere in the world as long as the recipient is connected to the internet. The funds sent will be stored in the Reversalcoin portfolio. NOT CONTROLLED BY THE INSTITUTIONS Reversalcoin uses a Blockchain database that is not controlled by any part. This system makes it possible to distribute digital information without copying it. All transactions are recorded live, are transparent and spread across multiple servers. LIMITED NUMBER OF TOKENS There will only be 21 million Reversalcoin coins in the world. The price of Reversalcoin will increase as demand increases and the number of parts remains stable. FEATURE OF THE TOKEN • Token Name: Reversalcoin • Abbreviation: RVC • Available Token Supply: 21.000.000 • Available Token for Presale: 2.000.000 • Available Token for Bounty Program: 1.000.000 • Available Token for ICO: 7.000.000 • Available Token for Staking(POS): 11.000.000 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ETHERENUM, BITCOIN AND REVERSALCOIN In the world of crypto-currencies, Bitcoin, Etherenum and Reversalcoin are not very different; the big difference is the opportunity, services and the price. Today Bitcoin price is worth more than USD 10,000, Reversalcoin brings you a great advantage because the price is still very low, and you will have the opportunity to achieve loan, staking and any form of reward offered to users of the ReversalExchange.com trading platform. ICO (INITIAL COIN OFFERING) TARGET OF ICO Through this ICO our goal is to promote Reversalcoin. We aim to provide opportunities for everyone to have Reversalcoin immediately at a lower price. We fully understand the development of the current payment instruments. Many countries have used cryptocurrency as a digital payment tool. With Reversalcoin, we firmly believe that we will become a big part of the global cryptocurrency development. THE OBJECTIVE OF THE ICO We believe that building a cryptocurrency coin and exchanging cryptocurrency is not an easy task.Therefore, we need additional funds to recruit programmers, servers and to advertise. EARLY CONTRIBUTION You have the opportunity to contribute very early to the opportunities of the ICO that we start. We will launch 7.000.000 Reversalcoin with an opening price of 0.75 USD per token. Take this first opportunity to get coins at a very low price. Unsold parts will be burned after the ICO. ADVANTAGES OF REVERSALCOIN We offer a great opportunity for a profitable project. Reversalcoin develops innovative cryptocurrency trading concepts to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Take the chance to be part of a great project that will change the world in the future years. TOKENS DISTRIBUTION DURING ICO Pré ICO: 2.000.000 RVC 0.5 USD 15 DAYS ICO Round 1: 700.000 RVC 0.75 USD 5 DAYS ICO Round 2: 1.400.000 RVC 0.85 USD 5 DAYS ICO Round 3: 2.100.000 RVC 0.95 USD 5 DAYS ICO Round 4: 2.800.000 RVC 1.0 USD 5 DAYS DISTRIBUTION OF PRESALE AND ICO PRODUCTS Product And Development: 40% Marketing And Community : 30% General Administration: 20% Security : 10% WHAT CAN I DO REVERSALCOIN AFTER ICO? After the end of the ICO program, you can use Reversalcoin for trading on ReversalExchange.com. You can also earn interest through the loan program and staking. Reversalcoin can also be used for merchant payments or the registration of new coins on ReversalExchange.com; you can also sell Reversalcoin on the market for immediate profit right after the end of the ICO. THE PROGRAM OF JALONNEMENT With our staking program be rewarded by helping us build our community and a strong token value. We are working on new developments and want you to join us. We have active developers, designers and dedicated support who believe in the future of Reversalcoin. We currently offer staking rewards of up to 15% per year. Annual staking rate Number of tokens Staking Prime minimum age 0 – 10k + 7% 24 H 10k – 20k + 10% 24 H 20k – 50k + 12.5% 24 H 50k – + + 15% 24 H AN INNOVATIVE LENDING PROGRAM Our program combines two models: The Volatility lending and the Margin lending This loan program is an innovative concept that is very interesting for passive investors and for those who do not want to have a hard time about return on investment. VOLATILITY LENDING Totally in USD : this investment option allows you to benefit from the ReversalExchange volatility software. This volatility software buys and sells automatically on the market. You will receive a daily profit on your investment. You will receive your capital with the profits according to the table below. Volatility Lending Formula: Amount Trading Bot Prime Release of capital 100 $ - 9,990 $ Volatility software V.0.2 No 90 Days 10 000 $ - 24 990 $ Volatility software V.0.2 + 1,0% all 15 Days 90 Days 25 000 $ - 49 990 $ Volatility software V.0.2 + 1,2% all 15 Days 90 Days 50 000 $ - 100 000 $ Volatility software V.0.2 + 1,5% all 15 Days 90 Days The Volatility Lending gives you the opportunity to earn up to 48% back on invest per month. You can withdraw your daily interest from the loan platform or reinvest it at any time. THE MARGIN LENDING Unlike The Volatility lending , the Margin lending does not use US dollars as currency, so if you lend 1 00 RVC, you will get 1 00 RVC, not 1 00 USD. The minimum loan of coins is 1 coin. All the coins in your wallet can be lent. The contract will be 90 days. The daily commission will be distributed according to a payment formula and distributed in BTC. Payment form Daily profit for 1 RVC = (MV * FEE * 20%) / Total RVC loaned Example MV (market volume of RevesalExchange.com) = 3000 BTC FEE market RevesalExchange.com = 0,3% Total RVC loaned = 2 000 000 ((3 000 * 0.003 * 0.2) /2.000.000) = 0.00000135 BTC by RVC daily With this estimate, if the RVC price is 0.00005000, the daily loan profit will be 1.2%. Daily loan results may change depending on the number of loans and the volume of the market. The greater the volume of REVERSAL.com's market, the greater the profit generated.When the loan agreement is completed, you can withdraw your chips or renew your contract at will. All coins in the loan program will then be stored and will not be exchanged. The purpose of this system is to reduce the coin circulating on the market. The scarcity will increase the price of Reversalcoin on the market. The less the coins circulate, the more the price will increase. The number of coins in the loan program will not exceed the number of coins in public, and the commission for each piece will come from a safe source. By applying the system, there will be no gambling on Reversalcoin Lending Program. ANTICIPATED TERMINATION If you want early termination of your loan, you can request it. It all depends on your goals and your personal needs. It takes a minimum of 45 days for a contract to have the effect of a request for early termination. Requests for cancellation are validated within 48 hours and an anticipation premium can be invoiced. Once your termination request is confirmed your funds are deposited on your account and you can withdraw them immediately. AFFILIATION PROGRAM With the ReservalCoin Referral and Affiliate Program, you can earn extra coins by informing other users and referring them to the ReservalCoin community. We offer a bonus program that allows you to win for every new user who signs up and joins ReservalCoin using your affiliate link. The ReservalCoin Affiliate Program is designed with multiple levels. You will receive a commission every time one of your referrals do a lending. Affiliate commissions from ICO purchases of your referrals can also be withdrawn at any time. Reversalcoin Affiliate & Network Program Niveau 1 Niveau 2 Niveau 3 Earn a bonus of 7% Earn a bonus of 2% Earn a bonus of 1% Earn a network binary bonus Sales Left Sales Right earnings USD 1.000 USD 1.000 Bonus 2% USD 10.000 USD 10.000 Bonus 3% USD 100.000 USD 100.000 Bonus 5% ROADMAP : December 2017 - PRE SALE January 2018 - ICO - Bounty Program February 2018 - Lending Program - Listing external Exchange (Coinexchange, Yobit , Binance, Mercatox, Hitbtc,…...) March 2018 - Listing on Coin Market Cap - Local Exchange (ReversalExchange) - Listing 5 coins on ReversalExchange June 2018 - Listing 25 coins on ReversalExchange - ReversalCoin Android Wallet - Conference, Seminars / Road show promotion Octobre 2018 - Listing 50 coins on ReversalExchange - Debit card / Expand merchand acceptance Décembre 2018 - Road show promotion - Develop new feature Follow us on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/reversalcoin_co Telegram Chanel: https://t.me/Reversalcoin Web: https://reversalcoin.co ref link: https://reversalcoin.com/signup/referral/4375-1513925317
  15. congrats on that we at duckdice treasure our players and we give them the benefits of faucet up to 3500 sats with 55 claims per day
  16. yes you will start from zero as ive said "self ban the old accounts first" its easy to lvl up. i guess 3 foot is just 6 btc wagered and 20% rakeback would be a big help