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  1. Token sale is running fine: 1 million USD collected and still 4 more days to go:
  2. Yes, I hope they'll do well. The market is down right now, but their idea is a very good one.
  3. SCAVO Technologies - bring Mining to the people and make it more ecological! Scavo Technologies is planning to build an ecological and self-sustainable, large scale crypto-mining farm and distribute the profits between all Scavo token holders. Right now, Scavo is doing an ICO and distributing its tokens, you can buy them for 1$ per token. Token Sale will last until 31/10/2018. The project is located in Argentina and will build their own solar power plant to have a cheap access to electricity. In addition, they will purchase power from a local power supplier, where costs are also very low for mining cryptocurrencies. The electricity cost is one of the most important factors of a profitable mining operation because its share is very big compared to other factors, especially for BTC mining with ASICs. Offering as most independence of the farm as possible is one of the main advantages of Scavo. If you have your own electricity you can offer independent operations which will make you more flexible, like no dependence if the power supplier increases its electricity price. Scavo can also contribute to a more ecological future: they are planning to use renewable energy for mining cryptocurrencies what will also be positive for crypto in general and the environment: moving mining away from dirty coal energy and dangerous nuclear power stations is good for peoples and natures sake. How this project works? Scavo is now raising funds from investors to build up their project later. The funding phase will last until 31/10/2018. If you invest here you’ll get Scavo Tokens at the end of the Token Sale. If you hold the Scavo Tokens in your ERC20 compatible ETH-wallet (like MEW, MataMask, Exodus, Trezor, Ledger or some wallet else where you own your private key) you’ll receive profits from Scavo’s mining operations. The mining profits will be paid out to your wallet, where you hold your tokens automatically, you only have to hold them in your wallet. Distribution happens via smart contract. This model offers a great advantage compared to cloudmining. In cloudmining you buy limited contracts which will expire after some time, like 1 or 2 years. Scavo is a different model, where your Scavo Tokens means company shares and mining profits will be paid out depending on the tokens you own and the total revenues mined of Scavo. In addition, you can sell your Scavo tokens later for money, this wouldn’t be possible with cloudmining contracts which you can’t sell. But if you sell the tokens, your dividend payments will stop, so there will not many people sell and this will result in a potential high price per Scavo Token. If you hold your Scavo you’ll get payout as long as Scavo.Farm exists and therefore Scavo is reinvesting profits and purchasing new miner from mined money to expand the farm and cover the increasing mining difficulty. How much profits can I expect? The calculation from Scavo are only assumptions and can change due to difficulty or BTC price changes, so there will never be an accurate calculation, only a prediction how high the payments could be. The calculator of Scavo shows a ROI of around 90% per year, which is still very profitable compared to other companies. All payments will be received according to the usual conditions by sending ETH via smart contract to your address where you hold your Scavo tokens. This will happen regularly and automated. Which coins will Scavo mine? Scavo plans to mine different coins because diversification is very important. Scavo has developed its own hardware modification and algorithm which allows to select the most profitable currency to be mined and it will be updated to make most profits. There will be a diversification of BTC and Altcoins using ASICs and GPUs. There are many Scams in crypto, how can I be sure that Scavo is legit? Scavo is a company registered in Argentina, the team members can be seen at their website. You’ll also find a link to their LinkedIn profiles and can view all the information how experienced Scavo team members are, like experience in IT industry for more than 15 years. In addition, there are videos on YouTube from Scavo. When Scavo begins to start building up the farm, you can visit the mining farm facilities for yourself. This will be announced later, so stay tuned in their communication channels like Telegram, Twitter or else. Finally, there is no doubt that Scavo is a legit project and the team members are experienced to make this project successful. Team The team is very experienced in IT business, for more references you can watch the LinkedIn profiles, like from Guillermo Nardoni, CEO at Scavo Technologies: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guillermo-javier-nardoni-60a52645/ Project details: Start date: 2018-07-15 End date: 2018-10-31 Token name: SCAVO ICO price: 1$ Softcap: 500.000$ Hardcap: 83.600.00$ Payment options: BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, LTC, XMR, BCC – USD, ARS More informations Website: https://scavo.farm/ Whitepaper: https://scavo.farm/download/WhitepaperEnglishv1.15.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/SCAVOTechnologies Twitter: https://twitter.com/SCAVOTech Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCAVOTechnologies/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC97baGa2bnwnxolojO8LsjA Medium: https://medium.com/@SCAVOTech LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/e-scavo/ Disclaimer: This is only a review and no investment advice. If you are interested I recommend to do your own research about Scavo, there are many information available. ICO is still running until 31/10/2018!
  4. Yes, XRP is definitely a shitcoin or at least absolutely overvalued...
  5. Yeah, I agree here. It's likely that BTC will still decrease before we can see $10,000 again. But it's surprising, ETH is performing so badly, it's a loss of almost 85% from ATH...
  6. Hey Personally, I won't invest in Ripple because it's not a cryptocurrency, it's more a digital fiat, so finally the opposite of a cryptocurrency. Ripple Labs tries to sell the coin XRP as innovative but in fact XRP can be replaced with other things (also fiat). This article shows a good insight: https://cryptoyoda1338.wordpress.com/2018/01/04/the-truth-about-ripple/
  7. I doubt they'll find Satoshi, even Chuck Norris can't find him...
  8. At least one positive aspect: the Bitcoin dominance is rising again, more than 50 percent already. Finally Bitcoin could emerge from the current bear market even stronger, that would be nice.