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  1. What is a Bitcoin lending Business? Bitcoin lending business is very similar to the legacy money lending business. Investors who want to double their Crypto invest their reserve of cryptocurrency/ Bitcoins on your platform. Borrowers who want immediate money borrow from your platform and accept to pay an interest. Using this incredible BitInvest script, you are a marketplace. Where investors invest and get their own dashboard to watch their investment grow. On the other side, Borrowers borrow Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency for a fixed interest. They get their own dashboard as well. How do you make money with this bitcoin investment script? Step 1: Investors who want to double their Bitcoin holdings will handover their Crypto’s to you via. your platform ( Using the investor Dashboard ) Step 2: On the other hand, there are many Users who want immediate money for a variety of purpose ( Business expansion, Personal expense etc. ). They are ready to pay an interest for the money they loan. These users will come to your platform and request for a loan. Step 3: You can lend the Crypto’s from your reserve to these borrowers for a profitable interest rate ( that you can set ). Step 4: From the regular interest your users pay: You can pay your investors an ROI and keep the remaining. Ready-made P2P Bitcoin Lending Script: Ready-made Bitcoin Lending Script to Start a Bitcoin investment platform instantly. Investors invest in Cryptocurrency. You lend those cryptos to users for a daily/monthly interest. The profits are divided among your investors and you. · Stunning Dashboard for users to borrow bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. · Secure Dashboard for investors to lend their cryptocurrency. · Powerful Admin Panel for you to Manage all these processes Are you looking for the best bitcoin lending software development company? Crypto Soft Malaysia is the leading bitcoin lending script software Development Company in Malaysia . We have developed a cryptocurrency based lending system with trending features. Our crypto lending scripts support lending/Investment so investors can get the return on right time as admin set on their system process. Our bitcoin lending script is more responsive and dynamic. Thanks for reading our Content. To know more about our Services, kindly Visit our Website: Crypto Soft Malaysia, Unit-3, Level 22, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur -59200 https://www.cryptosoftmalaysia.com/ cryptosoftmalaysia@gmail.com +(60)-0392121566
  2. Cryptocurrency Software Development Company Malaysia: Cryptocurrency can be developed on many platforms. You can build your blockchain that is either a bitcoin, litecoin or monero fork. The cryptocurrency development will have all the features like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monero and can be customized as per requirements. Our services start at the planning phase, building the architecture, choosing the best technical solutions, defining the product specifications and planning the R&D process. We offer and full solution including UI & UX design, integration, QA, deployment and support. Software Blockchain department specializes in providing high-end solutions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. CryptoSoft Malaysia, Blockchain department has vast experience in building and reviewing security applications, a deep understanding of the Blockchain technology, and comprehensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world – thus offering top-notch Blockchain software development services. Secured, Reliable and Transparent: Blockchain as a basis has its own set of security rules and features to start with. At Infinite Block Tech, we aid you to develop a secure code for your Crypto-Currency development service that will promise to be reliable and transparent Crypto-Currency development services from us. Smartcontract development Custom Coin development Decentralized Coin / Token Landing page with clear communication of vision Dashboard for investors with 3 stages: Pre-Decentralized Token, Decentralized Token and Burn Decentralized Token Coin drop to all wallets based on their deposit and cumulative bonus count Blockchain proof of concept (PoC): The blockchain proof of concept (PoC) many Fortune 500 companies are already investing heavily in a blockchain proof of concept (PoC) and distributed ledger technology, exploring use cases for their own business operations and for customers (including B2B and consumer applications). A recent Gartner survey revealed that 66% of CIOs and IT leaders believe blockchain will create business disruption have been established budgets to experiment with the the technology; 5% of those surveyed said they will spend more than $10 million on blockchain in the next 5-10 years. A POC can either be a prototype without any supporting code or any MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with the bare feature set. A POC is a prototype that is used for an internal organization who can have a better understanding of a particular project. So, how do you cut through the noise and hyperbole around blockchain and decide where to start? The answer is simple: Invest in a blockchain proof of concept (PoC) in 2018. How to get started with a blockchain PoC Getting started with blockchain is easier said than done, right? Of course — but you don’t have to make a massive commitment to begin. In fact, our Block First blockchain developer practice is specifically designed to remove any friction and barriers for businesses. We provide all of the strategic, technical and delivery expertise needed to launch a successful blockchain PoC in 6 weeks or less. Thanks for reading our content. To know more about our services, please visit our website: Crypto Soft Malaysia cryptosoftmalaysia@gmail.com http://www.cryptosoftmalaysia.com Unit3, Level 22, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. +(6)-0392121566