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  1. HILO: 4,573,957,979 placed by wyj1306 on 17/04/2019 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 2.380079984664917x Profit 2.76016667
  2. I know a lot of people who also mine at these sites, and most of them are just complaining about the regret they've invested, because income and profit were very low compared to other investments they could have made, mining in the cloud was good for who started in the beginning, I do not have much experience, I can not give you a good answer. Good luck: D.
  3. With a good strategy and with the patience to get really good profits, but for a person doing both at the same time is really complicated, but what can always come out with a good profit in the end, I walk lately without patience and with that my strategies were not working I stayed some time without bet, now I'm coming back to see if it will improve. Great post.
  4. Nossa passei algum tempo fora do forum e acabei voltando hoje, acho que parei mesmo por causa da falta de conteudo em português, poxa pra quem tem um pessimo inglês assim como eu ficar postando e comentando em ingles usando tradutor é demorado e desmotivador, gostaria que nossa comunidade de português crescesse, mas a maioria do pessoal so vem ao forum pensando em participar dos giveaways e eventos, povo brasileiro é preguiçoso pra escrever mesmo kkkkkkkk. Acho que para melhorar o pessoal tem que tomar mais iniciativa, pois temos muitas pessoas ja, so falta conteudo realmente. Ótimo post Carol e abraço a todos os Brs. Seu lindo!!! abraço irmão 👦
  5. My favorite game was the chartbet, but as he was retired and entered the limbo in place I vote in limbo, because the operation is the same. But the other games are good too, but limbo is my favorite.
  6. I really agree since the start of the telegram events I have not been able to participate in any of them because they work well during work schedules, but I hope that the staff of the stake review this, because I know that they always seek to do something so that everyone is well attended. Great post.
  7. in the beginning I really only played for the money, but over time it became a big time spent and ended up being fun too, I think for many it happened the same. Great post parabens.
  8. for sure the 5000x, I'll tell you the truth, I never liked plinko, and I always thought it was not worth so much effort for a payment of 1000x, but after the 5000x arrived I started to try and got that payment and valew much it was worth it, and I was looking for another, but ended up pulling out the 5000x and returning to payout 1000x, I was quite disappointed and I hope it returns with Stake 2.0. Thanks for the post, I thought it was great to talk about it.
  9. Thank you !! Now the way is after him again, is not it? I hope it leaves early, this came out with 45k rolls, I expected a lot more plays, but I was in a lucky moment. When I hit the next one, I expect to get even bigger profit. Good luck with you betting. It really is not easy, it needs a lot of patience, but I hope it will soon reach your 5000x, but I've already seen that there were lots of lucky people who also got it, and someone made over 6 btc with a 5000x on plinko, that's really it lucky man hahah
  10. PLINKO: 3,078,587,406 placed by wyj1306 on 18/02/2019 Wagered 1.00000000 Multiplier 5000x Profit 4999.00000000 Hello everybody, I finally found my first 5000x in plinko, sincerely plinko is a game that never appealed to me, because the probability of finding a 1000x was very small and I thought it did not compensate, so as soon as it changed to 5000x I decided to try, I know which was not an HR bet, but I already have a notion that it is worth trying. And have you received your first 5000x payment? Good luck to everyone on the hunt!
  11. our very beautiful this theme, I stayed some time away from the forum because I did not have time. I'm looking forward to Stake 2.0 too, I think it will be wonderful! Great job from Stake staff as always, Congrats!
  12. Hello welcome!! You can be sure that here you will feel at home, the community and the team of Stake are very welcoming staff, you will see this in time, so this is what you are lucky in the bets and profit enough!
  13. Hr is not my place hahaha I always bet low even, even when I have a good bank, I go up and my experiences in hrs from other sites did not bring me joy. Realemnet betting high is not for me.
  14. I'm looking forward to the launch of Stake 2.0, I was just sad for the absence of Chartbet, I loved this game and hopefully the new games will be as good as the others, let's wait !! Great job Stake.
  15. This is a dream that one day I want to realize, really a roll with this value is for few, but who knows someday we will not get there, shall we? The way is to keep hope. Hahaha Good luck to you.